Sunday, September 13, 2009


George Tiller spent his days systematically slaughtering helpless children in the womb. His murderous practice focused especially on those near birth, and included techniques that required literally tearing them limb from limb. Like Shakespeare's homicidal tyrant, Macbeth, he was unafraid of what he himself did make, "strange images of death."

On Sunday, May 31, 2009 an assailant killed Tiller as he took time off from his professional endeavors to attend church services.

Jim Pouillon spent his days sitting in a lawn chair holding up signs that contrasted images of living babies with the gut-wrenching images of dead babies, like the victims of Tiller's handiwork.

On Friday, September 11, 2009 an assailant murdered Pouillon as he practiced his vocation in front of Owosso High School in Michigan.

Tiller died while trying, through a false show of piety, to distract people from his perpetration of a crime the Bible tells us God hates (The taking of innocent life is an abomination.)

Pouillon died while trying, in true piety, to rouse the just heart of people around him to the ugliness of that crime, and their duty to respect the children whom God has told us He especially loves.

After Tiller's death, those who praise and protect his murderous profession blamed peaceful pro-life witnesses like Jim Pouillon for the killing, (with headlines like this one Why the Right Shoots Abortion Doctors not Child Traffickers from They demanded that pro-life leaders condemn the killing. Their footmen in the Obama faction rushed "US Marshalls to protect abortion clinic [sic] and doctors around the country."

In the wake of Jim Pouillon's murder, these footmen of the culture of death have little to say. They, and their servile so-called "mainstream media" claque try to hide or downplay the unrighteous hatred that was the motive for the murder. Their agents in power, far from offering protection to peaceful witnesses for life around the country, can barely conceal the encouragement they gave to such murders when they officially proclaimed the lie that law enforcement officers should regard pro-life witnesses as terrorists in waiting.

Some pro-life leaders have called on the cult of death's prominent acolytes to condemn Jim Pouillon's murder. I say that people of conscience should not care what these death cultists condemn. They are wily advocates of the specious 'right' to murder children in the womb. Their condemnation of murder is worth about as much as George Tiller's piety. It means nothing because their hands are full of blood.

They purposefully harden the human heart against the just claims of innocent human life, whether it sleeps in the womb or sits in a lawn chair, bearing prayerful witness that invokes God's authority in support of those claims. (The force of that authority is revealed in the discomfiting jolt of repugnance most people feel when they see images of babies like those that died at George Tiller's hands.) They deny the intrinsic worth of human life in its beginnings. Therefore, they devalue human beings whatever their stage of life. They purposefully open the way to bureaucratic abuse of the elderly and infirm through health care rationing. They purposefully blunt the righteous hatred of terrorist acts, such as those that claimed the lives of thousands on that other September 11 in 2001.

I care not for their silence, nor for that of all the world. I care only for the blood of Jim Pouillon. Like the blood of Abel it cries out from the ground. Though human ears are deaf; though human lips are silent; God hears. God speaks.

He speaks with the voice of millions, children crying out for joy, As the gates of heaven open, as the angels' songs deploy.

O, to hear that chorus singing, trumpet voices clear and strong, Rousing heaven's host to witness as Christ brings Jim Pouillon home.


garykatzusa said...

Alan should be President today.

Angelopeter said...

The incredibly sad thing is that these aborted children die without receiving baptism,
God bless you Mr. Keyes!

although we must trust in the mercy of the Most High, I've heard a story of Padre Pio, that frightened me to my soul.

A woman came to confessional, and before she could speak, Padre Pio chased her out, screaming "MURDERER! MURDERER!" "IVE SEEN THE SOULS OF YOUR 3 CHILDREN, AND BECAUSE OF YOU THEY ARE LOCKED IN HELL."

The most frightening thing is that it is not only the bodies of these infants that is being destroyed, their souls are also at risk. It is a terrible thought to know that we hold the salvation of our human brethren within our hands. The Eternal One will ask us to account for this. Woe to the murderer's of infants, but Woe to those who stand far-off and keep silent.

To love the world is war with God, and to refuse speak out against abortion, and pray for its demise, is to love this world. But those of the world will perish with the world when the elements are destroyed by fire with a roar from the Word of God.

The terrible Day of the Lord is fast approaching, may we labor diligently in good works so when our Master returns we may be found steadfast in truth, and abiding in his love. Until then the only way to further the righteous defense of life we must struggle on our knee's and on the streets.

Kyrie elision.

God bless you Mr. Keyes, you would be a great president but the prince of this world will never allow it. Besides, I believe, his son will, and now is the last president the world will know.

gilbertabrett said...
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tsiya said...

Well said, Dr. Keyes, thank you for your faith and courage.

WingletDriver said...

What is truly galling is that within a couple of hours of Tiller's murder Barack Obama had already forcefully commented on it; days later, absolutely nothing for Mr. Pouillon. And nothing on the national news with the exception of Drudge.

We live in a sad time where evil is considered good and vice versa. I lifted this quote from (they cite an AP article):

"I can see someone spitting on him or punching him, but shooting him is pretty stupid. It's not something you expect in Owosso," said 16-year-old Curtis Wisterman.

"There ain't no use in being in school when you can't concentrate," he said.

That's the next generation speaking. This is the spiritual formation of kids in public school.

Derek P. said...

And what is to be said about those who willingly offer their helpless children up for slaughter? Their participation is just as significant (if not more so) as the other components in the act.

Janelle said...

The attitude and actions of the "leaders" in our country remind me of what the prophet Jeremiah weeped about - their greed, whether it be for power, money, has overtaken them, and polluted this great nation of ours.
Jesus said WOE to them who call evil good, and good evil...
There WILL be a judgment, not only for the individuals who condone such practices, but for our nation, who has embraced it as well...

gilbertabrett said...

You may have removed my comment, but what I said was true. Beware the things you hold to be truth. They just may be the undoing of you... Seems as though whoever decided to remove my comment may suffer from the same thing that the mass media in this country does. What I said was not obscene, scurrilous or disrespectful. Why was it then removed? I know why...

Alan Keyes said...

I felt obliged to remove your post because one phrase in it (a reference to King Hussein)might, in the context under discussion, be construed as implying some threat of violent action. I know this was not your intent,and I would not construe it in this fashion. But for your own good, and that of the site, I thought it best to delete the post. If you wish to re-post it without that phrase, feel free to do so. My action was in no way intended to censor your views, only to avoid a potentially consequential misunderstanding.

gilbertabrett said...

My apologies, Dr. Keyes. WOW... I must have been really sleepy to not have checked what I wrote more carefully. My apologies also for taking you as someone who would not let me express my opinion about children and baptism. I should have known better. I have just returned from four days at Nags Head and the sea air must have made me sleepier than I thought. I certainly do not want this site to have that kind of reputation and I DO NOT advocate violence, although I do see a need for war in certain cases. Many people I know believe this country's punishment from GOD is Barack Obama and even though I wish he would go away or go to jail, I do not think his children deserve to go through life without their daddy. Please accept my apologies, Sincerely, Gilbert

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