Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Embassy: Keyes and Obama (Part One)

Here is the first part of a video featuring an interview I did some time ago explaining the thinking behind my participation in a lawsuit seeking the evidence needed to resolve the issue of Obama's constitutional eligibility for the Presidency.


Anonymous said...

Talk about the resist to the question about Obama's eligibility, the myspace thread forum under US Politics titled "Why isn't Obama providing his Birth Certificate? Where was he born? with over 11,400 replies - not including thousands of deletions (topic started by myself back in November 2008) was completely deleted by myspace supposedly by mistake. I activated a second version but it is not the same since I think the deletion put participants off from freely voicing their views and opinions. I hasten to add that the moderators were pro-Obama and actively made discouraging comments within the thread. I respect you for your commitment and dedication. Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to push the eligibility issue, Dr. Keyes. The new Don Fredrick book "The Obama Timeline" critically explores Obama's life and is extremely well documented (see (. You might cionsidere recommending it to your readers.

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