Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 9-12 March- the power elites don't count people because to them the people don't count

On September 12, 2009 a very large crowd gathered from all parts of the country to manifest grassroots anger against the Washington politicians who are betraying the liberty of the American people. In my lifetime I have never known such a large manifestation of public feeling to pass with so little notice or discussion in the so-called "mainstream" media outlets. This absence of coverage obviously tells us very little about the event that took place. However, it tells us all we need to know about the people who control the so-called "mainstream" media. They believe the people of this country no longer matter.

The confusion over how many people attended what its organizers called the 9-12 March indicates that, at least since 1995, the supposed representatives of the people in Congress have shared this belief. That's when they allowed the National Park Service to forgo any effort objectively to estimate attendance at events along and around the Capitol Mall. If the people in Congress still respected the authority of the people, then when people around the country care enough to converge on Washington in large numbers, their representatives would care enough to assure accurate information about how many they are. Today's Washington pols obviously don't. It doesn't matter whether people are accurately counted, because the people don't count. (Counting them might also interfere with the elitist agenda these supposed representatives of the people now actually serve.)

This lack of interest in accurately counting people has disturbing implications. Anyone who really cared for the sovereignty of the American people would care deeply that their gatherings be accurately assessed.

After all, the Constitutional liberty of the American people depends on periodic elections. What are elections? They are gatherings at which people cast their votes. The vote itself resolves into gatherings of the people around this or that proposal or candidate for office. Though only the gatherings carefully organized to respect the requirements of the Constitution officially express the authority of the people, it was once the case that prudence obliged actual or aspiring political leaders to show some respect for unofficial gatherings as well. This was especially true when the gatherings were large, and represented heartfelt views. Whether the feelings were for or against the views and prospects of such leaders, they mattered because the actions of the people still mattered (and might actually affect those views and prospects.)

What has changed? What leads Washington politicos to shrug off gatherings of the people as effortlessly as they do their own camera smiles? In this regard the fate of the 9-12 march is revealing. Uncounted thousands made a determined effort to attend. Instead of going to the Little League game, visiting the mall or watching some sporting event on TV, they preferred to exercise their citizen rights. But to the self-worshipping political and media elites, they did not exist. Their heartfelt efforts were of no significance. Their choice to demonstrate concern for their liberty and their country was beneath contempt.

These elites count on the assertion that has become a mantra of their power: Perception is Reality. The so-called "mainstream" media governs perception. Since they ignored the event, it wasn't real. It didn't exist.

People who resent this arrogant dismissal of their actions and feelings need to face a hard reality. As things stand right now in this country, the dismissive, self-worshipping, haughty elites have every reason to conclude that their attitude is justified by the facts. Many of the people who attended the 9-12 March couldn't wait to get to a television set to see whether the so-called "mainstream" media covered the event. Many couldn't help feeling diminished and crestfallen when they looked in the media mirror and found no reflection of the reality they had experienced. Consciously or not, they doubted what their eyes had seen, what their ears heard, what their hearts felt. Even now they wonder. Even now they hesitate to give full credence to what they know from firsthand experience.

Too many people have fallen prey to the mental illness that presently impairs the public's consciousness of people and events. They neurotically refuse to believe an event is real until they see it on TV, even when they themselves have been involved in it. They feel discouraged and crestfallen when something that deeply affects and moves them isn't validated by the brightly lit images projected onto the walls of their electronic caves.

The effect this has on the confidence and morale of people suffering from it reminds me of the effect certain voodoo charms and rituals are said to have on those who expose their minds to its power. Will and physical energy can be influenced, for better or worse, simply because people assign the voodoo priests and priestesses an indispensable role in shaping their perception of reality.

Americans are addicted to the voodoo media personalities who inform their public consciousness, much as voodoo followers are addicted to the priests or priestesses who inform their private hopes and dreams. Contemporary power elites believe they can control people by manipulating the media witch doctors, much the way tyrants and rulers manipulated the oracles and soothsayers of the ancient world. One important effect of this manipulation is to discourage people from believing in the power of their own preferences and inclinations. People whose faith and convictions depart from the path that serves the power elites are made to feel isolated and alone. Even when they gather by the thousands or many tens of thousands, they look into a media mirror that says the crowd did not exist.

Though the power elites act as if they believe this is a godlike power, they are mistaken, for they cannot conjure something out of nothing. But they can make large gatherings of the people disappear. They did it on 9-12. They do it periodically on some key dates in November as well. No, I don't mean that they somehow physically change vote totals. They don't have to erase votes at the ballot box when they have already erased candidates from the mind and will of manipulated and demoralized people. ("I'd vote for people who really represent my beliefs, but they can't win," they say. And they blink.)

If people who believe in American liberty are ever to see it reclaimed, they will have to do something many will find far more difficult than coming to a march in Washington. They will have to break their addiction to the voodoo media cult that is sapping their will to act on what they know is right for their country. The first step: turn off the voodoo media. Go cold turkey. Give up the pathetic belief that you'll miss something if you don't tune into the self-confessed 'story-telling' they pass off as news and information.

Those who are loyal to liberty and the Constitution should pick a day, let's say November 11. It is already set aside for remembering the extraordinary deeds of everyday Americans who helped to defeat threats to freedom in the twentieth century. What better way to honor them, than to do something to defeat the most insidious threat to freedom in this first decade of the twenty-first. We should pledge not to watch the voodoo media priests and priestesses; not to think about them; not to care even for a moment what they say or do. We should forget that they exist. We should lay down our remotes, as the combatants of WWI laid down their arms.

Instead of being absorbed by the fabricated public reality they use to manipulate us, we should gather in our Churches, our schools, our playing fields and other public venues, and let our remembrance of the citizen-soldiers who served freedom in our military remind us of the public reality we can forge with our own hands, and with the faith that founded and preserved this nation free. And instead of looking with pathetic hope to see if the voodoo media has acknowledged our existence, we should look to our own hearts. We should there seek confirmation that what we do has pleased the Creator God, who first informed our nature with its unalienable rights, even as His power shaped and informed the rules for all the universe.

Think about it: a day without the media; a media free day. It could be the first day of solid hope for American freedom we've seen in a long time. Once we get the hang of it, who knows? It might just become a habit, along with thinking, and voting, for ourselves.


Jason Knight said...

"And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed — if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'"
- George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 3

Substitute "Media" for "Party" and you've got the consumation of the prodominating media's modus operandi

Derek P. said...

Of course people do not matter to the 'government media military industrial complex'. If people did matter, more emphasis would be placed on 'informing' the people of something rather than 'selling' something to the people.

And who watches that much television? Oh certainly there are those who are dedicated to receiving their daily fill of mind-mush, but are they really that significant in numbers? Are their numbers sufficient to determine the direction that a particular issue is taken? If that were the case, then Senator McCain should have won last November because more people watch FOX news (according to FOX) than the other two 'mush-feeding' networks combined.

Mainstream media. It once was, but it will never be again. 'People'. We were once looked upon as 'people'. Now, we're mostly looked upon as 'consumers'. Folks who can be sold something. A thing. A belief. Sometimes, even the truth. Television. Radio. Internet. The instant information medium by which advertising space can be sold to be placed in front of...... the consumer.

Angelopeter said...

God bless you Mr. Keyes!

“Voodoo media?” Started with Walt Disney. Sorcery and witchcraft portrayed in a seductive, irritable fashion, who’s author is the “murder from the beginning,” “the father of lies.”

If men and woman who actually saw, smelled, heard the 912 rally, and then questioned its scale or even existence due to the fact that their “magic box,” did not show it. Then to call it voodoo is no stretch by any means. The only difference is that the voodoo doctor is not offering blood sacrifice to demons in the jungle of Congo, he is offering blood sacrifice in the 100th floor of the sears tower. God is spirit, and those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth. To come close to God is too mortify ones material nature so that the higher spiritual nature may be free. God wills us to be spiritual. Satan wills us to be material, and his scheme to do so is to force us to interact with material substance (television, telephone, laptop) rather than spiritual substance (God, angels, humans) Look at the youth of today all their senses must be stimulated by material technology constantly in order for them to be, relaxed or focused, or passionate …. To live!

I urge all readers of Dr. Keyes to watch closely the music videos and movies that these poor teenage souls drink in like smooth poison. Especially JayZ, Rihanna, Kanye West, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Eminem….. They are SATANIC, They know what they are doing! They want to destroy the minds of the youth and turn them into irrational beasts so they can be controlled. The lyrics are satanic, as are the images. Dr. Keyes is 100% right, forget television its Satan’s pipeline into the home. We need human interaction, so we can remain human in inhumane times.

I’m praying for you Mr. Keyes, to fight the good fight, to run the race to the end!

Kyrie eleison.

Droopy said...

When justice is organized by law-that is, by force-this excludes the idea of using law (force) to organize any human activity whatever, whether it be labor, charity, agriculture, commerce, industry, education, art, or religion. The organizing by law of any one of these would inevitably destroy the essential organization-justice. For truly, how can we imagine force being used against the liberty of citizens without it also being used against justice, and thus acting against its proper purpose?
F Bastiat

IONU said...

Yes, the 912 crowd was ignored by the Obamamedia, but better ignored than massacred Tiananmen style. The only ones who ignored the event are ignoramuses and Oborters. Hopefully the sleeping silent majority giant has been awakened.

ENOUGH infanticide!!
ENOUGH corrupt pols!!
ENOUGH lies!!
ENOUGH allowing an ineligible POTUS to destroy the U.S.!!

The 912 protest is a good start. True patriots know what transpired on 912. Marvelous idea, Dr. Keyes! On Nov. 11, Veteran's Day, let us raise our voices in unison, let our outrage be heard with deafening clarity throughout the land. Let us all become Paul Reveres alerting the unknowing that Communists are in our midst and control our Republic.

On 11/11 EVERY U.S. citizen must do SOMETHING whether it be more tea parties, boycotting the media, making YouTube videos, camping out in front of the Capitol or White House, emailing everyone you know. Don't just put a flag in your window, go out to the street and embrace a veteran. The best way to thank our veterans past and present is to help save the Republic they fought and died so valiantly for.

Isn't it frightening to ponder that we now face a greater, more pervasive evil than the colonists who fought British rule?

WingletDriver said...

Do you notice how the media is quick accept that racial profiling is a civil rights violation but the police and all conservatives are guilty of this politically incorrect sin? Yet liberals racially profile everyone who was at the 9/12 rallies as a bunch of backwards, anti-Black hatemongers. Adherence to the Constitution, concern for undermining our political and economic stability and honest, respectful demonstration are not even considered; just the racial profile that liberals have ingrained in their very souls will suffice.

If you're a Southern politician, you cannot criticize Barack Obama because that is obviously (to the main stream media) a byproduct of his racially segregated past. Honest disagreement is not even considered; Joe Wilson must be a racist because he is from the South.

If you're a White cop in a town with a Black mayor in a state with a Black governor that voted overwhelmingly for a Black president, you must be guilty of racism if you arrest a Black man who is uncooperative after breaking into his own home because of the obviously anti-Black sentiment in New England. A cop cannot even respond to a tip without being racially profiled.

As bad as the mainstream media and liberal elites like to bash racial profiling, they seem to engage in an awful lot of it.

Larry Walker Jr said...

Funny, I had the same thought today, and I have already started. I think I can make it from today through November 11th easily.

Marshwiggle said...

Dr. Keyes, this is a truly difficult situation...

The so-called main-stream media has an obvious agenda... but many people refuse to follow conservative news sources like Fox, or conservative radio for fear they are not getting a "balanced" view there either. Many of my friends and family members are this way... and many are continuing to carry the ax against conservatives for the Bush Presidency.

The sad part is, that without the conservative news sources, or indeed any news sources, some people have no idea what is happening. It is amazing how many people I have frantically told about current events, and they look at me stunned, and say they had not even heard these things. Even when some things were reported, during the election campaign for example, I sat and scratched my head in disbelief that so many people were willing to disregard and dismiss Obama’s ties to radicals and radical thinking, because in their mind it was just a game of “politics” during a political campaign.

Worse than that, others will take the information shared in an effort to spread the truth, as an invitation to argue, and in the end, dismiss, as “conspiracy” or propaganda spread by the right wing because they can't imagine such important news like the Acorn scandal, being true, if a mainstream media station like NBC didn't carry it. The so-called mainstream media discredits anyone who speaks the truth, just by their mere silence.

Then, if we gather together as on 9/12, we are painted as racists, or disgruntled whackos who can’t get over the fact that we lost the election.

Even Fox has failed to carry certain stories, I suppose for fear of what I mentioned above. They too are trying to straddle the line, and even attempt to become “mainstream”… Bill O’Reilly had a show the other night about the 9/12 March where he showed the signs of the most extreme protestors and pointed out that there were few people of color present at the March. And there is no coverage on Fox at all about Obama’s constitutional eligibility to hold the office of President, I imagine because of fear that they will do to Fox, what they have attempted to do to Lou Dobbs. Even many citizens are fearful of spreading the truth... Obama's little "information gathering campaign on the WH web site, though short-lived, was enough to intimidate many Americans, and chill freedom of speech.

In recent days, Obama himself, has become more aggressive and militant about his policies, ignoring the voice of America by discrediting the motives behind the voice. Some of his most recent speeches show that he intends to treat this as a war on those of us who seek to expose the truth. He has made this a right vs. left issue, rather than right vs. WRONG, and more and more it is becoming an issue of “race”. And not that I care about anything Jimmy Carter has to say, but he has recently come out with a statement saying the Obama opposition stems from the fact that Americans just don’t believe a black man is competent to run the country. What a slap in the face!

There are days when I am truly discouraged and disheartened… if not for people like you Dr. Keyes, I would give up hope altogether. I continue to pray for your efforts.

Alan Keyes said...

If we focus on what the 'voodoo' media (in which, by the way, I include Fox news) is or isn't doing, we will be discouraged. That's my point. By looking to them for anything, we give them power to lift up our spirits or cast them down. In former times when people asked for a favor they said "I pray" that you grant me this or that. We should stop looking to the 'voodoo' media personalities for wisdom, stop empowering them. Stop praying to such false gods, and take confidence from our faith in the true one. What should we do then?
The people are on the move. This is encouraging not discouraging. Technology offers us ways to get and spread news and information without relying on the 'voodoo' media. We're doing so right now as we communicate on this blogsite). This offers great hope, but only if we have the courage to give up our addiction to the 'voodoo' media 'storytellers' and hunt for the truth. We must be doers of the word, not hearers only, people who take action, not passive consumers. This is in fact what Americans have always been known for. We just need to rediscover (especially in the political context) our identity.

Marshwiggle said...

Thank you Dr. Keyes for your encouragement. You are right, and that is why I come here and read daily.

I had hoped that watching the news, that we would see these things coming to light, but the media doesn’t seem interested in the truth.

And I understand your "voodoo" reference, because I would watch sometimes and think "my gosh, maybe we are the minority... maybe I am not seeing clearly"... because that is what they are trying to make us think. They are trying to create a perception.

But I am reminded of a story, one of my favorite "Narnia" works, The Silver Chair, by C.S.Lewis, one of my favorite authors (the series of books has Christian undertones and Lewis, was a great Christian Apologist). In the book, the witch casts a spell to bewitch them all into forgetting who they are and where they are from. She had come to a little ark set in the wall not far from the fireplace, she opened it, and took out first a handful of a green powder. This she threw on the fire. It did not blaze much, but a very sweet and drowsy smell came from it. Secondly, she took out a musical instrument rather like a mandolin. She began to play it with her fingers — a steady, monotonous thrumming that you didn't notice after a few minutes. But the less you noticed it, the more it got into your brain and your blood. This also made it hard to think. She then began speaking in a sweet, quiet voice.

"Narnia?" she said. "Narnia? I have often heard your Lordship utter that name in your ravings. Dear Prince, you are very sick. There is no land called Narnia."

A character in the story, Puddleglum, has the presence of mind to stamp out the fire so that the magic powder ceases to rule their wits.

Puddleglum, is a creature called a marshwiggle, which is where my online name comes from :)

I will ignore the “thrumming” and stand ready to stamp out the fire, and speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

The rallies, or marchs that occured on 9/12 evaporated into the ether, and already knowing the media would not cover it or if it did, diminish it, I thought at least the Dallas newpaper would give a number of those attending there in the rain. The crowd was huge, but the next day I checked the Dallas newspaper online, and it was like it never happened. When the media can convince the public that something didn't happen that did, what is left? Has someone in the White House said, "Let them eat cake". In my mind I picture hoards descending on Washington, pitchforks and torches in hand, and informing the King and Queen that their time has passed. But I would never condone or suggest that, but what is left for the invisible of us?

Anonymous said...

They will come to you, soon enough. After all, we're talking about a purported government, not a private gentleman's club. The outrage is not for what they do or say amongst themselves, but what they threaten to impose upon the body of the people.

Refuse to obey their unlawful demands, and soon enough they will descend on you in your homes and communities. Do keep those pitchforks (or other reasonably suitable tools) handy...you'll need them.

Prepare to defend yourselves, defend your homes, defend your family and friends. Judiciously, prudently, responsibly...but prepare.

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