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The first session of the Loyal to Liberty Seminars convenes tomorrow at 9:30 pm (ET). Though more than enough people have expressed interest in the seminars to get them off to a good start, so far actual registration is lagging well behind the expressions of interest. Given the ongoing destruction of constitutional self-government, it's clear that people see the need to get a better understanding of what 's involved, so that we can do something about it. But the economic crisis (one of the tools of the destroyers) puts many people under constraints that make it difficult to allocate resources to the task of refreshing the capacities that support our effective citizenship. Yet what material good will have a more lasting impact on our future and that of our children than an effort to refresh our understanding of the principles and logic that support our claims to liberty? What understanding will do more to help us recognize and combat the measures being planned and implemented to destroy it?
Lincoln rightly defined the substance of the republican form of government when he called it "government of the people, by the people and for the people." Though some of us think the answer we need will come from some leader with simple, clear answers to the crisis we are in, this expectation is false to the idea of republican self-government. Unless the answer comes from the people themselves, and is implemented by a politics that restores their active role in the formation of good leadership for the nation, it will not restore the integrity and strength of our liberty. "Those who would be free, themselves must strike the blow." The people themselves are the matter and makes of their liberty. Except we think through and act upon a right understanding of the politics required to restore and sustain it, there is no hope.
Visiting and reading the material presented on this site, and others like it, is obviously on part of the work of clarifying such an understanding. But in order to restore the community based upon it, we need to practice the art of developing and articulating it as a communal endeavor. I hope the Loyal to Liberty seminars will provide an opportunity for such good practice.
Does it sound worthwhile? Then why not do what you must to lend a hand. Sign-up for the first session or Subscribe to the 14 session series today.

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Shark Girl said...

$25? $150? Are you forgetting how BROKE people are? I'll take my chances of being and American without having to pay to have someone tell me how to preserve the Constitution. That's the problem. People want to cash in on their knowledge...just like Christians. God supposedly "gives them a word" and instead of freely sharing it, they charge for it.

If you want to organize Americans to preserve the Constitution, then show them how to do it for free and don't cash in on the horrible things already being done to us.

I lost all my money. I lost my home. I am fighting corruption ALONE in five courts, because people didn't have guts to stand up to the corruption in our government. When things got tough, they abandoned me to keep their contracts, but I keep fighting at my own expense to help others.

I just don't get politics. It's not what you can do for "we the people" but what politicians can get out of us.

Bet you don't let this comment stay. I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm not living in a tent. I'm living in a camper. I used to have a 13 acres and a nice home, with the American dream job at an Air Force Base. I had to choose. Corrupt politics or lose everything. Guess you know what I chose.

Alan Keyes said...

Shark girl:
I share my time and such insight as I can freely on this site, and in other ways, including the the AIP Electronic Town Halls we host every Tuesday and Thursday night at 9 PM ET. If you would like to join in, visit for full information. Participation in that freely available forum can be had for the price of a phone call.
However, not everything in this life can or ever will be free, since the challenge of livelihood confronts all those who have to work for a living. The seminars, though I hope they will make a positive contribution to the revival of real citizen led politics in our country, are not a political activity. The doctorate I hold is, among other things, a professional degree. I am simply using the technology available to practice my profession. Such free enterprise is exactly what I and others are working to preserve in this country, and I make no apology for doing that which I so strenuously believe we all should have the right to do. In this I am also mindful of the advice I take most seriously: "...for the workman is worthy of his meat."(Matthew 10:10) and "...the labourer is worthy of his hire."(Luke 10:7) It's a strange encouragement indeed that seeks to starve those who work for freedom and the restoration of Godly principle while a possibly usurped authority is being used to provide billions in public money to the architects and construction workers of socialist tyranny. I suspect, though that encouragement was not your intention. In which case, let those who see benefit in my work make their choice to support it or not, without benefit of your ill tempered aspersions.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I would like to contribute to this work and have the available funds to do so ($150 is not a grand sum to support the cause of freedom), but am at this time unauthorized to make any material contribution to the survival of the American nation.

I probably wish in vain that anyone would believe that this restriction does cause me personal distress and sometimes anguish. But the roles in which I am authorized to use my resources, including financial ones, to interfere with current developments are quite limited. My own analysis indicates that the development of a community committed to the renewal of Constitutional principles of government does represent the best hope of survival for both the nation and many millions of its citizens, and I do feel an immediate impulse for the preservation of both.

But if America is indeed to be preserved, it must be by the people themselves, without any external assistance, however slight. The original founding suffered from such a taint, and the nation paid a heavy price for it. So I am willing to suffer the restriction laid on what I may do in promoting the cause of your nation's survival. Even though I do claim an interest in America, I will abide my role as it has been defined.

Still, I pray that your efforts may find a measure of success equal to the vision and courage you have brought to the struggle to preserve liberty in that nation which first served to demonstrate the great vitality of the principles of freedom. May God grant His blessings upon you, and may your hope and love for America receive a just reward. Amen.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, today, March 30, 2009, Obama announced that the government will guarantee your GM warranty. With that pronouncement Obama just nationalized the automotive industry Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anonymous said...

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