Monday, March 16, 2009

First ‘Loyal to Liberty’ Seminars Set to Begin March 30

Readers who explore the offerings displayed on the Loyal to Liberty (LTL) sidebar have probably noticed the poll gauging interest in LTL sponsored, online, interactive seminars dealing with topics discussed on this site. I'm pleased to report that positive expressions of interest have accumulated rather faster than I expected, so we've come quickly to the next stage. On March 30 beginning at 9:30 PM (ET) I will host a pilot session on the topic "Preserving the Constitution." Thereafter I will host a session every Monday at 9:30 PM (ET) through June 29. Anyone wishing to participate in the first session may register to do so ( Registration fee: $25) by clicking on the link for Session 1 provided under the heading, Live, Interactive Seminars. A second link (Subscription) allows those who are interested in subscribing to all fourteen sessions to register for the full seminar course. (Registration fee:$150) After the first session, the subscription fee will be prorated to reflect the remaining number of sessions, so that while multiple sessions remain, a subscription can be purchased at any time (i.e. all remaining sessions can be purchased as a package for half the regular cost per single session.)

At each session I will make an introductory presentation, followed by a Q&A period. Then I'll open the floor for a guided discussion that will give participants the opportunity to share and develop their own ideas and understanding in what I expect to be an energetic exchange. I will try to be as provocative as necessary to assure that it is.

To get the most out of each session, participants should prepare by reading the relevant articles here on the site. From time to time I will also suggest additional materials, readily available on the internet, that will provide helpful background for our discussions. Since the purpose of my efforts through this site is to encourage action that restores and strengthens the free republic we are supposed to have in the United States, these sessions will not be academic exercises. As the root of the word seminar suggests, I will aim to plant seeds of activism. I will be seeking to help participants develop a confident understanding of the requirements and challenges of maintaining liberty, and a desire to put that understanding into practice as the citizen leaders we Americans are supposed to be. This will of course require at every turn serious consideration of the substantial role of faith in the formation and preservation of our free way of life. Skeptics are welcome, but they will have to leave any coddled, "politically correct" sensibilities behind. The only thing liberal in these sessions is likely to be the use of the "G" word ( and I do mean God) in discussions of just principle, policy and politics. They will take place, however, under the twin aegis of civility and reasonableness, with strict enforcement of the intellectual golden rule (speak unto others as you would have others speak unto you.) The only other request I make of all participants is the one Socrates asked of his interlocutors: that they agree to answer his questions honestly, as he answered theirs.

For further information or comments, please contact me via email at this address, (You can also use this email address to arrange registration and payment by mail, if the web based automated registration service doesn't suit your needs. To homeschoolers: In times like these, I know budgets can be tight. If that's a prohibitive constraint, but you have a student who would benefit from one or more of the sessions, or wish to make participation in all of them part of his/her studies, you can use to let me know. I will respond promptly. Thanks to some generous friends of this site, limited funds are available, so don't delay.)

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nail-in-the-wall said...

Now, unashamedly I can call you – a “Master” or “Teacher”-

Knowingly the root of that word is;

master (n.)
O.E. mægester "one having control or authority," from L. magister "chief, head, director, teacher" (cf. O.Fr. maistre, Fr. maître, It. maestro, Ger. Meister), infl. in M.E. by O.Fr. maistre, from L. magister, contrastive adj. from magis (adv.) "more," itself a comp. of magnus "great." Meaning "original of a recording" is from 1904. In academic senses (from M.L. magister) it is attested from 1380s, originally a degree conveying authority to teach in the universities. The verb is attested from c.1225.

O.E. tæcan (past tense and pp. tæhte) "to show, point out," also "to give instruction," from P.Gmc. *taikijanan (cf. O.H.G. zihan, Ger. zeihen "to accuse," Goth. ga-teihan "to announce"), from PIE *deik- "to show, point out" (see diction). Related to O.E. tacen, tacn "sign, mark" (see token). O.E. tæcan had more usually a sense of "show, declare, warn, persuade" (cf. Ger. zeigen "to show," from the same root); while the O.E. word for "to teach, instruct, guide" was more commonly læran, source of modern learn and lore. Teacher "one who teaches" emerged c.1300; it was used earlier in a sense of "index finger" (c.1290).

Count "me in"

Gods speed,.. to lift us up

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