Sunday, November 1, 2009

Congress Denying People's Right to Petition?

There was a time when what the people in this video experienced would have had liberty loving Americans manning the ramparts. Have the Congressional leaders of the Obama faction decided to deny "the right of the petition the government for a redress of grievances"? Obama promised "change", and as I predicted what we are getting is a regime change- from a free society to a totalitarian government dictatorship. The Constitution is being systematically shredded. At first it took a bit of thinking and discernment to notice it. Now they are openly behaving like the apparatchiks of a totalitarian government. Apparently they expect the people of this country to sit back and take it, as folks elsewhere have done.

On November 11 we will once again commemorate the brave souls who fought, risking and giving their lives, so that some hope for liberty would survive in Europe and elsewhere in the world. I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather die as they did than live in a country that has shamed and degraded their sacrifice by surrendering Constitutional liberty here at home. Are we really that anxious to be slaves on the national socialist plantation? Are we so pathetically desperate for the illusory benefits to be derived from government dictated lives? If so, I guess there are already no real Americans left?

[In my posting on September 15 I suggested making November 11 a day for declaring our freedom from the deceitful manipulators in the so-called main stream media. My friend Stan Solomon suggested that I spend Veterans Day with him on a web streamed program talking to people about the information crisis, and the new media that is developing in response to it.

But the crisis is clearly about more than how we inform our minds. It's quickly becoming a question of where we have put our American hearts, with the courage required to keep our nation truly free. With thoughts of the veterans who fought and died for it on our hearts, we must look for and find the resolve to imitate their courage now, in all that we do as citizens.

That's what I'll be talking about with Stan and other folks who visit with us on November 11. Join us at And please help spread the word using your network of contacts. Programming will go from 9am to 10pm. We'll invite your participation through chat rooms and live call-ins.] I visit with Stan at every Tuesday at 7:30 pm. Tune in this week as we discuss the details of this special event.]


Ted said...

Judge Carter granted dismissal of the cases not redressable there, but not final judgment because Alan Keyes still has a redressable claim for tort fraud damages against Candidate pre-President Obama (consistent with the trial still being on the docket).

editorll said...

Alan, please consider linking to The newest post Obama Takes Over the Hundred Acre Wood is worth a read.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd rather die too, but apparently that's not in the cards.

I think Patton was a bit of a jerk at times, but apparently that bit about winning war by making the other guy die instead is pretty solid. There might not be any way to pretty that one up, at least not to the level of laying down one's life for others, but I've pretty much given up on being admirable. I'll settle for useful...or at least employed.

So I'll go ahead and do my job, eventually...when I really can't put it off any longer. And heck, I'll even take joy in it. Privilege to serve and all that.

Dawg_em said...

Just wondering... who is the person who pulled up in the sedan (in the background) at 3:56 into the clip? It almost looks like he either changed his mind or was told not to approach the people with the camera. Paranoid? You tell me. How often do you see someone stop on the sidewalk while at the entrance to a parking lot(?), get out, then get right back into their vehicle?

Perhaps he forgot his line: "Your papers please." "Yawol".

No offense to my German brothers. But the Nazis are about to be outdone by the Amerikahns.

At this point I'm tempted to say "May God have mercy on us", but maybe that's not in His plans.

Anonymous said...

That was just somebody punching in their authorization code for the parking lot there. You didn't notice the security gate? There's a little keypad right there...apparently it was a little too far for him to reach easily.

Of course, the fact that these people are shooting their segment a couple of blocks away from the Capitol in a commercial area may indicate that they already were 'pressured' not to be filming on the Mall...which would be a gross violation of their rights but who's even counting at this point? It's much more likely that they all decided to meet up at that place to get a bit to eat.


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