Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To honor veterans join the battle for liberty at

This is a day for remembering the men and women through all the generations who answered the call to defend liberty.  If we respect their sense of duty, we must work to restore and preserve it.
Because the crisis of liberty has come to a head, it is today being assaulted up and down the line.  A pervasive element of the assault is the abuse of the news and information media as a propaganda weapon to deceive and manipulate people so that they surrender government of, by and for the people without a fight.
From 3 PM until 11 PM today I will be joining Stan Solomon and others at to promote the new alternative media- of, by and for the people- through which they can develop and share accurate news and information that aids in the exercise of liberty, rather than being part of its destruction.
Please stop by.  Use the live call-in or chat room features to join in the discussion.  The Conservative Political Network is a place where people loyal to liberty can gather their strength for its defense on the battlegrounds of opinion and debate that are deciding its fate today as surely as ever it was decided on the battlefields of conventional war.  Will you volunteer for service?
I'll be among those recruiting folks to the cause today starting at 3 PM at  Come by to say hello and have your say.   


Ted said...

It would appear that Judge Carter has four options:

1. Summarily Deny in its entirety Orly's Motion for Reconsideration without comment or decision.

2. Deny in its entitety Orly's Motion for Reconsideration with an explanatory decision addressing Orly's argument(s).

3. Grant Orly's Motion for Reconsideration, at least in part, with or without an explanatory decision.

4. Bypass Orly's Motion for Reconsideration and simply grant Orly leave to file a second amended complaint against Obama, as requested by Orly in the alternative.

Any takers on which course and why?

Terry Morris said...

I caught about the last hour of the show. Interesting concept.

Derek P. said...

It was an echo chamber.

Anonymous said...

I was asleep, most likely. Were there any interesting themes?

Derek P. said...

You didn't miss anything.

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