Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To survive, America must reject Obama’s disarming policies

In a brief article entitled Disarmer-in Chief Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, aptly summarizes the effect of Barack Obama's Nuclear Posture Review.

According to today's New York Times, it took over a year and 150 meetings to translate Pres. Barack Obama's vision of a nuclear-weapons-free world into a policy prescription known as the Nuclear Posture Review. Evidently, it took that much time and that much bureaucratic thrashing to wear down opposition from within the Obama administration to the only practical effect such a vision can have: disarming the United States.
Most Americans will be horrified that President Obama is compromising our deterrent to chemical and biological attacks on this country. Our allies will also be troubled by his aspiration to eliminate U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. Foes and friends alike will be bemused by his assertion that such steps will, as the Times paraphrased it, "create incentives for countries to give up any nuclear ambitions." In fact, none — not one — of the other nuclear states or the obvious wannabes has evinced any interest in abandoning such "ambitions."
In every respect Barack Obama has repeatedly shown himself to be a fanatical ideologue. His words, policies and actions support the conclusion that he is the first anti-American occupant of the White House in U.S. history. Apparently the only power he does not want the Federal government to control is the power to defend the nation.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many people go on assuming that Obama seeks somehow to serve the nation's good. He has rejected the moral premises, criticized the principles and undermined the authority of the Constitution. He has pursued fiscal policies that promise to destroy the good faith and credit of the U.S. Government and bankrupt its Treasury. He has pursued military policies with no rational strategic context or purpose, fruitlessly eroding the strength and morale of our armed forces. Ignoring the unequivocal lessons of history, he has pursued economic and social policies that assault the private sector, curtail individual economic liberty and aim to compel the reluctant majority of the American people down the path of failed and discredited socialist party dictatorship.

On any assumption of goodwill toward America and its institutions, Obama's policies appear incoherent, disjointed, incompetent and self-destructive. On the assumption of hostility toward America's vital interests and its way of life, however, they resolve into the rational, coherent and indeed directly linear pursuit of its destruction.

In the context of feckless diplomacy likely to have guaranteed Iran's development of a nuclear weapons capability, the inevitably disarming effect of the nuclear posture Obama proposes for the United States only confirms the assumption of hostility. The ironclad certainty of a devastating American nuclear response might have been insufficient to deter Iranian leaders, who may be blinded by fanatical religious zeal and religious ambition. A posture that makes even the possibility of such a response uncertain will surely produce disdain for American power that no longer qualifies as miscalculation.

Obama and his faction now threaten the future of America on all fronts. Those who wish to preserve the nation must come together in the realization that we do not face a challenge on this issue or that. The challenge is total, and the stakes are no less than our survival as a viable, independent nation. It is no longer a matter of politics, but of allegiance- to our Constitution, our nation, our liberty. We must reject the moral, economic and military disarmament of America. We must reject Obama, and all his faction and all its works.


Dawg_em said...

Just as his policies leave absolutely no room for doubt as to his intentions, the fact he has been ushered into the presidency, and coddled to the extreme, is prima facie evidence there is a conspiracy of epic proportions being foisted upon us. The adulation of the MSM and aquiescence by all levels of the GOP, make it abundantly clear we are under assault.

For anyone to call this a "theory" flies in the face of common sense. Globalists and elitists must destroy the last bastion of human freedom in order to realize their goals. Sadly, America is a depraved nation in desperate need of a super-natural spanking. And boy is it going to hurt.

Fat Bastard said...

Let's be honest here. Steele and Keyes are a couple of trouble makers like the Crips and he Bloods. Palin is a woman who raised a very sleazy daughter. Keep the GOP pure and Christian!

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