Monday, April 12, 2010

Palin drops the other shoe

Recently I ran across a video interview in which Sarah Palin enthusiastically declares "I support Michael Steele…I think he's doing a great job. Michael Steele is an outsider. The machine, I think, is tough to penetrate--I think it's been good to have an independent outsider trying to create some change in the Republican Party."

Michael Steele has from the first day of his tenure been a spokesman for the RINO, pro-abortion, amoral, 'money is god' elite minority that presently controls the Republican Party. The statement that Steele is an outsider is an outright lie. He has for some years now made himself the tool of the elite RINO clique. There's only one sense in which Steele is an outsider. He's outside the purview of the conservative views of the pro-life, God-fearing grassroots' majority of the GOP's voting base.

Last week Steele went so far as to validate Obama's ugly abuse of the racism charge. To cover what he himself admits to be his "mistakes" he paired himself with Obama as a black being judged by a higher standard than whites. Obama has lied, broken every election promise, hidden all aspects of his background and never been called to account. No politician in American history has been held to a lower standard of accountability. So what is Steele talking about? Just like Obama and his verbal terrorists, Steele brandishes the charge of racism in order to intimidate his critics, and distract from the fact that their criticisms have a solid basis in fact. This gives aid and comfort to some of the worst elements of the Obama faction's media and political thugs. Will Steele stop at nothing in the effort to protect himself and silence his critics? How then does he differ from the arrogant Obama intimidators that as RNC Chairman he purports to oppose?

He imitates the Obama faction verbal terrorists, and Sarah Palin's response is to praise him for doing a good job. How can people who claim to be conservative go on blinding themselves to the truth about Sarah Palin? Just as they did when she was governor of Alaska, her actions belie her superficially constructed conservative image. In the critical area of her personnel choices she blithely promotes the wrong people, as she did when, as Governor, she boasted about putting a pro-abortion Planned Parenthood leader on the Alaska Supreme Court. Now she backs McCain, and heaps prevaricating praise on Michael Steele, though the words and actions of both men confirm their deficiency in anything that more than superficially resembles sincere, consistent conservative principle.

If Sarah Palin was authentically committed to the restoration of political integrity Tea Party people long for, she would be calling for Steele's resignation, not trying to use her popularity to shield him. I'm sure my words will merit shushing and the usual rotten tomatoes from people once again determined to hand the RINO GOP leadership another triumph of hope over experience.  Do Sarah Palin's supporters want people to treat her the way the Obama's media claque treats him? Are we to be mesmerized by her words, but by no means analyze her actions? This kind of mentality herded people into supporting the betrayal of conservatism that characterized the locust eaten years of the Bush faction's preeminence. It's what created the void that Obama stepped into. The last thing America needs is more of the same, sweetened with a change of gender.

Sarah Palin's actions more and more confirm that she is pure and simply a 'Judas goat'. Her assignment is to gain some credibility with the disaffected conservatives in the GOP's grassroots base, then lead them over to RINOs like McCain and Steele (or Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney clones like Scott Brown.) She is a fabrication of the GOP's elite RINO leadership; a tool intended to help them survive what would otherwise be their certain political demise in the tidal wave of anger that is poised to sweep socialists, liberals, RINOs, CINOs (conservatives in name only) and other liberty threatening flotsam and jetsam out of their seats of power and influence. If this is the objective of the move to make Palin an icon of the Tea Party movement, many of the anguished, deeply sincere people who are pouring their hearts and hopes into the movement are simply being set up for another episode of heartbreak and betrayal, and this perhaps the last. If they truly wish to save America's liberty, they should first take care to save themselves this disappointment. It may be we have but one more shot at stopping the elitist juggernaut that means to overturn America's democratic republic. We must aim to make it count.


Sue said...

You quite accurately point out yet another hard to swallow truth about Sara Palin. Having recently experienced the same sort of sting regarding Johnson in Kentucky, it isn't easy to accept that so many who make the "conservative" sounds that we long to hear, are easily transformed into classic, self serving "politicians" before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

The fundamental problem with Sarah Palin is that she really is an authentic example of the ordinary patriotic American. She's looking for someone else to lead, she wants to believe the system can still work, she feels her love of freedom rather than thinking about it.

She can't accept the dimensions of the crisis, so her action is limited to incremental changes in favor of the "lesser evil".

And after all, what if I'm wrong? I won't blame anyone for balking at committing to my views and their consequences if reasonable doubt can be entertained as to the correctness of them. I'm hard pressed to find reason to doubt what is happening, but then again I've known what was coming for a long time now.

Daniel said...

Sadly Chiu, I agree. We're in a bit of a bind I think. The pretenders among us are multiplying. I don't know if Palin is really one of em or not. I want so very badly to believe she isn't but, endorsing McCain was bad Ju Ju. I'm so irritated to listen to republicians like Hatch always talking about their "friend" on the other side of the isle. I don't think they realize just what those "friends" would like to do to them. Same for McCain. The nut jobs across the isle like suppression of free speech. They also cuddle up to dictators who imprison their political rivals. What part of ENEMY do these folks not understand?

Dawg_em said...

I had not read of her endorsement of Steele, but after her support of Amnesty McCain, it doesn't surprise me. There is no doubt the Establishment GOP is going all out to ruin the Tea Party, too.

Sunday night, the first speaker from the Tea Party Express III mentioned her investigation into verification of a candidate's qualifications is no where to be found in either Illinois election law or in any of the other 49 states. This, she said, includes the Federal government. On the bright side, she did say it was a shame. Another usurper attempting to accept the election of BHO as a forgone conclusion.

Notwithstanding their claim to accept Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents, this is nothing but smoke. They'll even accept a Kenyan; but not Constitutionalists.

In my humble opinion, the Tea Party movement, in order to maintain its independence and viability, should ban any and all speakers who are registered Democrats or Republicans. They are the perpetrators of the great assault upon our Republic and should be treated like the enemes they are.

Dawg_em said...

THEY ARE THE ENEMY! And they do understand who THEIR enemy is; it's us. Pro-lifers, Ron Paul supporters, people who believe in the 2nd Amendment. Just look at the MIAC report. Even returning veterans are potential terrorists.

They are intithetical to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We stand in their way. Since they consider us the enemy, should we not return the distinction? Then and only then can we be about the business of recovering our freedoms.

Mary Ann said...

Sadly, Daniel, Chiu, and Dr. Keyes are ALL right. Sarah Palin is, in my humble opinion, operating with the RINOs at the top of the GOP trying to disarm the tea party movement. She has two objectives--disarm (convince people she is a REAL conservative) and regroup (bring conservatives back to the republican fold). Make no mistake, the GOP knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have lost their conservative base. A loss made just that much worse by the recent scandal with Michael Steele. The GOP wants her to be the tea party sweetheart, and when the time comes in 2012, to bring all of her followers into the fold.

Dawg_em said...

Perfect! Sarah Palin IS a 'Judas goat'. The question is: will Christian conservative "wannabes" awake from their slumber in time to ditch the establishment? The sheople better wake up soon. If they think the rhetoric is harsh or offensive now, they should realize it is nothing compared to marshal law and civil war. Enough people believe there are some things worth dying for.

The shame of it all is, it doesn't have to be that way.

MarkyMark said...


Sarah Palin is a RINO. She was endorsed by the LA chapter of NOW. She PRAISED Hillary Clinton for shattering the 'glass ceiling'! She's in favor of Title IX. IOW, she puts a pretty face on feminism. Sorry, but that's how I see it.

At least with the ball buster feminazis of years gone by (Molly Yard and company come to mind), you KNEW where you stood; you knew that they were the enemy! With Sarah Palin, you don't know that unless you examine her rhetoric and actions more closely. Unfortunately, Mrs. Palin says the right things, and all the 'conservative' pundits (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, et al) go gaga over her; they're leading us to the slaughter again, just like they did with G.W. Bush...


Anonymous said...

MarkyMark, you are correct. I think that's what I was trying to say, except that I didn't say it with as much decisiveness as you did. :D

I also think Sarah Palin is MORE dangerous than all the "feminazis" of the past (to borrow a phrase from Limbaugh). By the time the tea party movement realizes it has been poisoned by Palin and the GOP RINO ilk, it will be too late. Perhaps some smart person will have discovered an antidote by that time. :D

Anonymous said...

Mr. Alan Keyes, I have always admired your truthfulness. Upon closer examination of the facts presented, I would have to step back and re-evaluate Sarah Palin. I have always wondered, why did she get back with John McCain. He is definitely a RINO and CINO. But the latest with Michael Steele did it for me. Bye, bye Sarah.

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