Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will GOP amnesty sellout cushion Democrats fall?

On March 16, in the post entitled "Why GOP leadership doesn't ring true" I alluded to the likely next step in the elite assault on the sovereignty of the American people: "…once the health care takeover establishes control over the life and death resources of the health system they will move to call in the demographic re-enforcements with whose aid they hope once and for all to defeat the potentially saving remnant of Americans still loyal to liberty and the constitution."

"Those re-enforcements will take the form of newly minted citizens drawn from the ranks of illegal immigrants. Both their current circumstances and the situation in the lands from which they come prepare them to play the role of manipulated masses in the stage play that legitimizes elite tyranny."

I was obviously encouraged today by WND's report that Rush Limbaugh shares this view of the next phase of the battle for American liberty. "The next big push will be amnesty for…millions of illegal immigrants who are here," he said on his radio program. Obama's gonna need their votes in 2012. The Democrats are going to need their votes in the election from now on- if we have elections, and I'm not joking."

If this view is correct, the challenge now is to think through its implications for the ever more critical midterm elections coming up in November. Even if some amnesty legislation is passed, its provisions are unlikely to contain a path to citizenship short enough to put a significant number of newly minted citizens on the voters' rolls this year. However, that doesn't mean that successful passage of an amnesty bill will have no effect on the elections.

Right now, the boiling outrage over the unscrupulous and unconstitutional maneuvers the Obama faction used to rubber stamp the health takeover legislation has confirmed their tyrannical mentality and solidified opposition to their grab for totalitarian power. If the midterms were held today, the angry tidal wave would sweep them out of office. Though they are would-be tyrants, they aren't fools. So over the next several months they will look for every means at their disposal to confuse and divide the opposition.

By pushing for an amnesty bill they push against an area that lies along one of the major fault lines in what ought to be the GOP's base of support. Both the old Republican base, and the potential new blood that may flow into it from the ranks of the Tea Party patriots, consists of people who want U.S. border security restored and strengthened, and passionately oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. But the a significant number of highly visible GOP leaders work in the interest of elitist corporate forces who benefit from the cheaper, more malleable labor pool illegals constitute. Like Dick Armey, they ridicule and seek to repress voices that defend the geographic and political sovereignty of the American people. People like them serve in both the House and the Senate. Who can doubt that they will find their way into the back rooms where Obama and his factional cronies will ply them with political and budgetary cocktails that play upon their already tenuous allegiance to the defense of our physical sovereignty as a people? Who can doubt that, like the Scottish nobles in 'Braveheart', more than enough of them will betray that allegiance in order to pad their political fiefdoms?

This would mean that by the time the November elections roll around, grassroots anger over the Democrats' assault on the constitutional sovereignty of the American people will have a counterpart in grassroots confusion, anger and disaffection over the GOP betrayal of our physical sovereignty. The latter won't be sufficient to prevent Democrat losses in the Congress. But it will certainly help to mitigate the storm that would otherwise carry their house away. Right now they seem like insects, swirling in the flush of victory right down the toilet bowl. Think of amnesty legislation as the surf board that could turn a destructive tidal wave of opposition into the sort of heavy swell that makes for an exhilarating ride to the beach- or in this case the expanding beachhead of post-constitutional party dictatorship.

If the GOP leaders could be governed by common sense, they'd be sending amnesty touts like Dick Armey to the rear and working to make sure McCain is pressed out of service in the upcoming Arizona primary. Unfortunately, they are governed instead by the elitist money interests that put and keep them where they are- squarely in the way of real republicans trying to save our liberty.


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