Monday, March 29, 2010

O’Reilly lambasts Obamacare with cotton candy shtick

The Obama faction grabs control of the sector that deals in life and death decisions affecting everyone in America. It passes legislation that makes everyone guilty of malfeasance until they purchase health insurance. It authorizes commissioning a new horde of IRS enforcers to herd them toward bankruptcy until they do. It vastly expands the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for the murder of nascent children, forcing all Americans into complicity with the moral atrocity of abortion. It kicks open the door to a future in which politicians and bureaucrats, dancing to the tune of a little clique of Party leaders, decide who gets health care; who provides it and what they are paid when they do. And faced with this wholesale leap toward Soviet style Party dictatorship Bill O'Reilly scorches the Pelosi-Reid Obamanation with the charge that they are "turning the U.S. into a "nanny state."

That'll show 'em. Nanny is one of those words that conjure truly frightful visions. Fussy old biddies making sure your socks are clean and you're not wet behind the ears. Pretty young scolds with clipped British accents or Swedish good looks and the annoying habit of insisting that you eat a gourmet breakfast before being bundled off to school. I guess I missed the episode of "Nanny and the Professor" where Nanny decided Granma was so old it didn't pay to let her to see the doc. Or the one where she threatened to tax the Professor's house away if he didn't get on the government's payroll. They forgot to tell us that Nanny was a commissar, hired and fired by the Party central committee, with a special mandate to force her neighbors to pony-up to pay for someone else's choice to murder their offspring.

The Obama faction dons the iron glove of life and death control with which they mean to smash what little remains of the constitutional sovereignty of the American people. If O'Reilly still inhabits the 'no-spin' zone how has he managed to come up with this cotton candy version of outrage as the shtick to beat them with? Truth to tell, his use of a word like "nanny" is the mother of all media spins. While posing as criticism, it's meant to domesticate and trivialize the threat; to mollify the anger and apprehension Americans rightly feel as they wait for the grip of this new and intimately pervasive form of totalitarian tyranny to take hold.

According to O'Reilly, the Obama dictators just want to make sure we're taken care of, from cradle to grave. Apparently he didn't get the rewrites. You know, with the scenes in which Nanny gets delusions of godhood. She decides that nannies must be forced on everyone in the neighborhood. They'll be empowered to decide, among other things, who's to enjoy the 'right' to be subject to a free post natal abortion, funded by forcibly procured, voluntary contributions from their fellow residents. After stealing the family fortune, Nanny hires some local muscle, and gets down to the benevolent work of forcing people to accept her care.

The Obama faction's health sector takeover isn't about taking care of people. It's about taking power over them. With cool purpose, O'Reilly pretends to understand what Obama is all about. "…they're not malicious people and it serves no purpose to attack them personally. Instead, critics should focus on the president's policies." This slyly implies that anyone who sees malice is engaged in personal attack. In fact, critics have focused on Obama's malicious policies, calling them malicious because they badly damage the nation's economic strength. They badly damage its national security. They badly damage the authority and integrity of its Constitution. They badly damage and corrupt its conscience, and with that they badly damage the moral capacity of the people to govern themselves. O'Reilly pretends to agree that the policies are misguided, but he means to deny that they are the result of a deliberate intent to do harm. Agreeing with him requires that we ignore what all the facts suggest: that Obama and his cronies are thoroughly committed to the Saul Alinsky strategy for imposing socialist tyranny. They believe in tunneling from within to destroy the strength of the society they are bidding to control. They believe by inducing and exploiting crises, they create the conditions that will allow them to dominate.

This strategic commitment means that the damage they inflict is the result of a cold-blooded, purposeful and comprehensive calculation. Why does O'Reilly want to distract us from this fact? By the repeated and consistent pattern of their actions, the Obama faction has convinced a majority of the people that they are moving with malice aforethought to complete the destruction of our way of life. There are unmistakable signs of their mounting, grim determination to defeat the Obama faction's malicious intention. Is this why O'Reilly chooses now to use language intended to defuse and mollify them? Is the pretended enemy of spin and propaganda in fact the cunning master of both? Does he mean now to spin a web of nice delusions about Obama and his cohorts, delusions intended to confuse and restrain the American people until liberty itself is nothing more than a delusion? And if this is his intention, whose interests does he serve by it?



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