Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loyal to Liberty's first anniversary

It was just a little over a year ago that I posted the first article on this website.  I would have overlooked that fact, but in the past few days I've gotten anniversary notices that I can't ignore, reminding me that I have to renew some of the basic services (domain names, web forwarding, post office box, etc.) that support the site.
Since it now looks like the site is good for the long haul, renewing the services for more than one year would result in significant savings.
I have tried to keep fund raising requests to a minimum.  But birthdays are always an acceptable occasion for gift giving, so I hope all of you would consider making a donation to the effort.  Besides helping to defray the cost of service renewals, a good result would also let me do some advertising-something I've had to suspend for some time now due to resource limitations.  I am also working on a major revision of the site to make it more user friendly, and to take advantage of some of the great features an up-to-date redesign can incorporate.
So please consider expressing your good wishes for this site's continued good health as we enter a year that will surely be among the most critical the American republic has ever faced.  It would be a good way to let me know that you think the articles here, and the discussion they provoke, make a worthwhile contribution to the work that needs to be done to restore and preserve our liberty.
Just click the donation button below, or go to the"Support this site" notice in the left hand column (The info there includes the address for sending something by mail.) No contribution is too small, and of course more generous help will be well used and greatly appreciated.
In addition to whatever monetary help you can give, I ask as well for your prayers.  Moral renewal is the key to restoring our liberty, but spiritual revival is the key to that renewal.  Prayers are what we need to unlock the truly indispensable resource, which is the gracious help God offers us in Christ. 
Alan Keyes


gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I did not realize it had been that long - and the long legged mack daddy is STILL in OUR White House! BUT many people are still working to justify that, thanks to your insight and education. Thank you.

I am unemployed at the moment, but would be willing to help out the cause, praying that GOD would bless the amount I send to do abundant work and educate many more as to why we are in the position we are in, in this country.

I read your link to the left here at the "MOMMY" blog. I read several of her posts and the comments and saw once again why our forefathers thought it prudent to not have every idiot voting. Not to sway elections per se, but because everyone does not really have a stake in our country. Not even some of its citizens.

It is better for stupid people to just be blissful in their stupidity. They need not have the right to destroy what others have worked so hard to build. The image of an one armed person with only a left arm being given an oar and told to row a boat on their right side comes to mind. It' s possible, but they would most likely move to the side they FEEL more comfortable with.

Of course, that is just a wild comparison, probably not as descriptive as it could be, but I see most of us voters as having oars. WE are the ones who make this country work. I guess maybe it is healthy to have people on both sides of the boat - it has worked for hundreds of years, but seems as though while the captain is sleeping (we don't really HAVE a captain right now, do we?) that many are pretending to be on one side of the boat, but are really not rowing. They are in the middle trying to see what the left is doing and how they can row like them.

I am not impressed with Senator Ron Paul because to me he is just another Obama. He wants to CHANGE America into HIS image. And from the little I have read of his son, he sounds like he is not as vocal and out there as his dad, but a little slicker with his words (or rather those of his handlers) and well versed in political maneuvering (telling lies) to win elections.

If we do not get a handle on the fact that these people will lie, cheat, steal and kill to get to and hold on to these positions of power they so lustfully desire, we are going to keep suffering in this country. Just like the lie they put out today that unemployment has gone down. Yeah... right...

We need to get it together and fast. Once this election cycle is over in November, we will be STUCK in whatever happens for TWO MORE YEARS. Can we afford that morally OR financially? Is it worth the pride and arrogance I hear and read from the arguments of "people on the right" to put our children's future at risk? We are more interested in our perceptions than the reality of who we are voting for? THIS IS NOT AMERICAN IDOL PEOPLE.

Dovid said...

This is a video of bringing back G-d into public schools. A background, the Lubabitcher Rebbe,Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheerson of blessed memory (who was one of the greatest Jewish leaders of the 20th century, and his teaching are is the basis of so many Jewish outreach centers all over the globe) he has a mission for public schools to have a moment of silence for prayer. I share this because I believe those like Dr.Keyes, who are G-d fearing people and a true friend of Jews, can share in how all people understanding the importance of thinking about G-d, and starting the day with a prayer.

pbunyon said...

Congradulations Dr. Keyes. I came in here shortly after this blog was started but had no clue how "young" it was. Right away I was impressed with the strength and scope of topics and arguments. I have spread the word as much as possible and I pray that the message continues to grow in this increasingly desparate society.

I look forward to being enlightened every time I come in here. Thank you for your devotion to the truth.


gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes, I hope you see this. I just got home and while driving, I was listening to "The Savage Nation." I am sure by now that you are aware that our country has been threatened by the 'supreme leader' of Iran. IT IS NOT ON THE "NEWS" ANYWHERE!

I have family out of the country on vacation. I have a grandmother that lives out in the country by herself. I am not too comfortable that our 'supreme leader' has not even turned his teleprompter on - not that I EXPECTED anything more. He probably has helped them plan whatever they are trying to pull off.

I do not know if this IS serious, but anytime a maniacal WORLD leader (he leads MORE than the people in Iran) makes a threat against another country WITH A SPECIFIC DATE (like President G.W. Bush did to Iraq), there is something going on.

Maybe Obama & Rahm Emanuel called him and asked him to brew up something so they could have a crisis and do some more dirt to us while no one is looking (like ANYONE HAS been looking anyway!!!), I don't know, but I would not be able to sit around and act as if someone had sent me an early Valentine!

Dr. Savage was outraged and so am I. I am so sick of this pretentious, self-indulgent loony tune that is in OUR White House. And his faked out wife who is running around the country trying to tell people how to eat. We are being threatened and she is on the "news" telling people how to eat??????????

Oh, if JESUS were to raise George Washington for ONE WEEK!

pbunyon said...

To put this simply think interest groups on a global scale. It seems that these group always have the magnifying glass on the USA as this may be the most effective place to get fires going. The information you get, the improper word usage ((language/argument control) Carl Marx/John Dewey), overt and covert lies, and the laws that bind you into that web are all there for very specific reasons.

To sum it up, yes indeed, something IS going on. That thing going on has everything to do with why Dr. Keyes is continuously denied a proper platform for the masses to have a fair opportunity at hearing an honest debate. That sort of thing might be too costly to the interests of those power centralized groups.


gilbertabrett said...

I couldn't agree with you more PBunyon, it is just very frustrating that in a case like this, very few of our citizens seem to be even slightly bothered - the few I have talked to did not even know. They sure were in that superbowl though...

From keeping up with Joel Rosenberg's blog too, I know that people across the world are alarmed, but it seems as if everything that happens to us - well, we are too aloof. I do not know what happened to this country after 9/11, but I am SURE that after Pearl Harbor... well, I will suffice it to say that people are STILL affected by that attack on our country.

I still would that JESUS would raise George Washington - just for a week - but then again, nah. It is our turn to stand up for OUR children's sake AND no one would pay him any mind anyway...

Just like you said about Dr. Keyes and how Dr. Manning has been treated, Dr. Taitz and many others that are sounding SERIOUS alarms.

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