Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loyal to Liberty-Beta

As I indicated in my last posting, I am at work on a redesigned version of Loyal to Liberty.  Since I first started this effort I've been determined to maintain it personally.  Since I had only rudimentary design and programming skills, I chose a platform that didn't require much expertise. 
Though I address current events and issues, the site is also intended to create an accessible archive of thoughts on a range of topics.  I had it in mind to respond to the interest of many people who have approached me after hearing a speech or seeing a TV appearance, asking where they could find a more complete written exposition of a presentation or argument  I had made.  I have also used it to invite reaction and comment on works (such as The Strategy of Right) that I hope to publish as books at some point.
It made sense to concentrate in the first instance on producing a good sized body of work.  Despite much travel and other calls on my time, I think I've managed to do that during this first year. A little while ago I decided that the time had come to organize and present the result more effectively.  Maintaining the entirely hands-on character of the blog (which I am still determined to do) meant taking the time to acquire some new skills and assemble some additional tools and expertise.
In all respects the redesign is still a work-in-progress, but I think the result has reached a stage that will benefit from the views and advice of people who have been reading this site, and participating in the discussions here. With this in mind,  Alan Keyes is Loyal to Liberty-Beta is now available for perusal.  The site is not yet fully active or discoverable through search engines and such, but it is open to visitors.  I'd welcome any comments or suggestions.  You can append them to the welcome post presently first up on the main page.  Keep in mind that the redesign isn't about new content, but a new way of presenting and accessing what is already available on the LTL site.   Of cours, the redesign will affect what I produce in the future.  For example, it  lends itself to more frequent use of video and audio material and I hope to take good advantage of that in the weeks ahead.  I will also be able to develop pages devoted to particular activities (like sharing my thoughts about the criteria for candidates for office who will truly serve the cause of liberty, and about specific candidates who fit the bill.)
I regret that the redesign has cut into the time I have for new writing.  I hope to have it ready to begin the transition by the end of the week.  Thanks for your patience, and any ideas you are moved to share.


Mark said...

I love your posts - but please...lose the orange - it's just hard to read. Black text on white is easiest on the eyes.

gilbertabrett said...

WOW! How concise that site is! I cannot wait until you get that video page full. I wish you could put the video on there where you spoke at Reclaiming America For Christ. That was a great speech.

Are you going to include links to the websites you recommend?

PS - Glad to see you kept the name Alan Keyes and did not change it to Alan Keye's or Alan Keyes'?

MaryAnnH said...

Actually, Mark, black text with white background is the hardest for me to read because of my chronic, frequent migraines and extreme sensitivity to light, whether light bulbs, sunlight, or white pages. I don't mind the light orange of the beta site. In fact, I find it very easy on MY eyes. However Alan sets up the new and improved website, I will still come to read, absorb, and interact as I always do.

Dawg_em said...

Unfortunately for me, when I take my break at work, I can't access the Beta site. The new site is shown as not authorized, whereas I have never had any problems with this one. I hope I don't have to wait til I get home to visit.

Parrfection said...

Dr. Keyes,
A great idea, this site! I, also, would suggest the aforementioned background change to black (possibly in the style and font of "Masters of the Dream?). Also, I was first inspired by you via a collection of videos organized by topic called: Alan Keyes: On The Issues," or the like. I think a great addition to the site would be a quick summation, either in video or written format, of your views on various broad issues (tax policy, national defense, states' rights, etc.) to help site visitors get acquainted with the host. Not only would this allow for a "One Stop Alan Keyes Extravaganza" catering to all your Keyes needs, but it would also allow for ease of site visitor's reference when some clarification may be needed on a particular blog post of yours (this might also save some of your time, in the end), i.e. "... for a better explanation of my views on this subject, see 'Gun Control' under 'Views' heading," or the like.
Looking forward to the site!

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