Sunday, August 16, 2009

Town Hall Uprisings-Busting the Political Con?

One thing is becoming increasingly clear: the forces seeking to destroy constitutional self-government and impose socialism on the people of the United States appear to have underestimated the intelligence and will of the American people. The town hall uprisings have roused an arrogant, angry reaction from the Obama faction's political and media hacks. It reeks of surprised indignation. 'How dare these people prove more intelligent and feisty than we expected?' they seem to say. Their surprise more and more appears to be the only thing about them that is not insincere; that and their hunger for power.

It appears that many successful public figures in America have a quiet but deep contempt for the people whose support and adulation makes their apparent success possible. People who reach for fame and public applause often seem to suffer from a stubborn sense of vulnerable inferiority. They need public attention as an antidote to their own feelings of worthlessness. But as they receive the attention they crave, those feelings lead them to regard their own lives as a skillfully executed con game, in which they have sold hapless suckers stock in what they themselves feel to be a worthless enterprise. This leads them to conclude that people fool enough to be manipulated into supporting and admiring them will fall for anything.

A manipulative mentality dominates the competition for public power that today we mistakenly refer to as 'politics'. It affirms and feeds this contempt for 'the public'. Fortunes are made selling wealthy elites on the notion that, using the right polls and focus groups, expert consultants can figure out the goads and spurs of public reaction. Then they can package malleable individuals into candidates who will achieve the desired electoral response. The package may be empty, or its contents diametrically opposed to any real public good. But in this scheme of things, the outward appearance is all that matters, though it be entirely fictional.

So far the political result suggests that the consultants have delivered on their promises. People at the town meetings may raise chants intended to remind officeholders that "You work for us." But given the way politics works these days that makes no more sense than it would for the clay to tell the pottery "We made you what you are." In contemporary politics, the money powers, and the media they manipulate are the hands that mold the body politic until it accepts an image of leadership that no more serves the people than the pottery serves the clay.

In order to escape the domination of these manipulative forces, people will have to rediscover the resources that allow them to fashion- of, by, and for themselves- a political leadership that serves their common good. But what resources exist that allow people to resist the manipulation of their apparent desires and remember instead the goods that correspond to their true selves? The answer: resources that lie beyond manipulation because they reflect a standard of good that does not depend on malleable passion; resources that arise in connection with our respect for truths that confirm a source of meaning for our existence that subsists beyond the perishing satisfactions of the moment, but not beyond the reach of our conscience or goodwill. Content to judge leaders by the empty rhetoric they use to titillate our selfish passions, we will end up being judged, by those very passions, as fit only for slavery. But if we judge instead in light of the standard established by the Creator God who fashioned us for liberty, the discipline we accept in the judgment will help to keep us truly free; that and the faith that makes it possible.


Anonymous said...

spurious president obama is a type of spurious messiah who is to show up soon. This type began with nimrod, the founder of babylon.
Josephus says, "nimrod persuaded mankind not to ascribe their happiness to God, but to think that his own excellency was the source of it. And he soon changed things into a tyranny, thinking there was no other way to wean men from the fear of God, than by making them rely upon his own power."
I Am Sam. Government is the solution is the biggest of cons. There has been others through our history who have attempted to raise up a human universal ruler of men, but all have failed. Satan will prevail in the person of antichrist.
Let the Word of God be our foundation to keep us from the flood of lies of the end times.

God Bless you and yours,


gilbertabrett said...

He's spurious alright. But I cannot seem to call him president, as I do not believe he is. I don't care WHAT kind of oath he took, he is not proven to even be a citizen of this country. I had a black friend who hid in a room one time at his white friend's induction into the KKK. My black friend took the oath (silently, of course), but I am sure he is not a member of the KKK. Sounds funny, but it goes to show that just because someone runs their mouth, it doesn't mean much more than the HOT AIR it takes to produce the words. Talk is cheap. It is about action. King Hussein is no more the president of this country than my friend is a member of the KKK...

I am hoping and praying that the citizens who are starting to see what the rest of us HAVE KNOW (for over TWO years now) will not lose heart over the summer and into the next election of congress. A lot is going to happen to and in this country, but we should not forget the lies we have had to live with since January 2009. I still say vote the ENTIRE congress OUT in 2010!

NorthPal Communications Corp. said...

Alan that offensive Pocket Obama is still advertised on

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You should look at this it is very disturbing and revealing.
When I show this to friends they are astonished.

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Then state - this our our blue book Mr. Obama or whatever your name is,
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And maybe carry a stock of pocket constitutions
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who have never read the constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Too many especially the young and new Americans
do not know what they are losing.
I believe if they did, then we can turn this thing around.

It's time to get down brother.
Good luck
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gilbertabrett said...

I wonder will they force that junk on the students all over the country this fall:<

Anonymous said...

"In order to escape the domination of these manipulative forces, people will have to rediscover the resources that allow them to fashion- of, by, and for themselves- a political leadership that serves their common good."


All that you have lost, will yet be rebuilt.

The only question is whether you will be among those who do so. If you have the faith and courage to follow God's ways rather than mortal wisdom, a way will be provided.

dan said...

Usurper Obama should have tried this in Kenya or some other country. He is now finding out we are not stupid or do we bow to a narcissist Marxist dictator that is a legend in his own mind. The MSM state run propagandist lost all their credibility. We are now forming watchdog groups in masses to nullify ACORN by breathing down their necks, exposing their illegal actions, and halting their voter fraud. They are losing power ever minute and we are not letting up. We will prevail.

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