Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birther or Deather- which would you rather be?

A Meditation Especially for Fellow Christians (and those willing to think so.)

Much of my thought and writing in recent days has, not surprisingly, focused on the events and issues involved in the current battle over the national, socialist takeover of the health care sector being engineered by the Obama faction. Though a discussion of health should focus on how best to strengthen and preserve life, I am struck by the deep preoccupation with killing and death the Obama faction's proposals have forced upon us.

For all his hollow rhetoric of hope and compassion, the inescapable essence of Obama's actions reveals that killing and death are the foundation stones of his political vision. To reduce health care costs he proposes to establish institutions and practices that pressure the elderly and infirm toward self-abnegation and self-harvesting. To advance his political ambition he promotes as rightful action the killing of innocent children in the earliest stages of life. To gratify the demands of the licentious elite that has made him their idol of self-worship, he works to clear the way for those who seek to legitimize an understanding of human sexuality that encourages individuals to turn away from the responsibilities of natural procreation. Thus he extends the shadow of death through self-extinction to the whole human race.

Pope John Paul the Great roused Christians to recognize and reject the culture of death. Today there can be no doubt that Barack Obama is its great High Priest. The platform of the Presidency offers him unparalleled opportunities to promote it, and to draw the American people ever deeper into complicity with its rejection of the Creator's authority and intention. Ironically, those who demand an investigation into the inadequate credentials Obama has offered as proof of his Constitutional eligibility to wield the power of the Presidency, have been derided as 'birthers' by detractors who openly or covertly adhere to the cult of death he represents.

Though intended for derision, the term may aptly apply to people like me. After all, we fight to vindicate the right of birth for every child conceived in the mind of the Creator, God. We fight to preserve society's obligation by law to respect the natural family that is the first belonging and birthright of every human being. We fight to defend respect for the understanding of right and justice that requires all legitimate government to secure the unalienable rights inherent in the Creator's conception of our humanity.

Why do the deriders think we should cringe and be ashamed when they call us by an epithet that brings to mind our faithful allegiance to the truths upheld in America's great Declaration of Independence? I would rather be an advocate of life and birth, than a cultist of child murder and self-inflicted death. I would rather be held up for ridicule as a 'birther' than identified with the 'deathers' who idolize Obama at the expense of truth and reason, offering themselves as the vanguard of the future of tyranny and human self-immolation he represents.

The term 'deather' is not original with me, of course. I have seen or heard it elsewhere. But I am more and more taken with the aptness of the term. The specter and promotion of death lurks somewhere in every element of the Obama faction's agenda. I remember in particular the pro-abortion women who were demonstrating at Notre Dame. They sought to drown out the words and witness of people gathered to decry the homage being done to the idol of death by university administrators falsely identifying themselves with faith in the Tree of Life that is Jesus Christ. "Without abortion rights, women cannot be free," they chanted. This mantra truly epitomizes the principle Obama means to substitute for the self-evident truths on which America bases its understanding of freedom, beginning with the unalienable right to life. It clearly outlines the real import of the choice Americans face.

Which are we: a people that defines its freedom in terms of our obligation to respect the right to life, and the natural responsibility for procreation and self-government it entails; or a people that defines its freedom in terms of the right to murder our offspring, thereby rejecting the natural obligation of parents to love and care for their children and of children to respect and care for the lives of their aging parents?

Are we 'birthers' looking before and after to the origin of life in God's goodwill; or 'deathers' who assault the living image of God that represents His goodwill toward our humanity, so as to revel momentarily in the false similitude with God that appears seductively (to us as to Eve, the mother of us all) in the choice to transgress its provisions?

Deathers shall be delivered ( first in the throes of seeming pleasure and proud self-approval, but then forever grieving) from the body of this death to the inconsolable similitude of dying without end. Who cares to join them, while the Tree of Life still beckons, while Christ is standing nigh? I pray God it is not you or I.


Call Me Mom said...

I am relieved to see that I am not alone in coming to the conclusion that Mr. Obama's motives and those of his supporters are pro-death.

Anonymous said...

Killing and death are also the foundations of Islam and are promoted in the Koran. We should remember that Obama instinctively bowed before Saudi Royalty and remained silent when the Iranian regime brutalized dissenters. Obama hates democracy in Israel, in this country and anywhere else it might exist. His motives are evil and in direct contradiction to the Judeo-Christian ethic on which Western Civilization is based.

seekyetruth said...

This is how we know beyond doubt that this is a spiritual battle. The Satanic and antichrist spirit leading this administration is all about death and destruction; there is nothing good in it!

seekyetruth said...

By the way, have others reading this heard of the "green" horse referring to the "pale" horse of Revelation? It seems the original word is "chloros" which in other places is translated as "green", but in Revelation was translated as "pale", perhaps because green didn't make sense to original translators as a color of a horse. At any rate, it seems clearer now that the green horse is indeed riding now. Green is the color of Islam, and of course, one can't ignore the "green" movement which is attempting to force us into a world community. Rev. 6:8 - And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd rather be a 'birther' than a 'deather', but...on to other subjects.

What is freedom other than the opportunity to affect one's destiny through autonomous actions? Personal responsibility for the consequences of one's actions is the implicit requirement of having the ability to substantively determine one's own fate.

Let us be clear, accountability isn't a matter of whether the consequences of our actions occur or are somehow averted. Choices have consequences, whether or not anyone recognizes or acknowledges them. Abortion doesn't just empty a woman's womb (already a terrible thought). It has effects that endure for generations (not even speaking of those generations which are denied immediate existence). And those effects are difficult to assess and predict, to some degree precisely because the activity which produces them is motivated by a desire to ignore basic causality.

Perhaps a...parable will serve. In my refrigerator there were many left-overs. And some of them were worth eating, and others good for nothing but feeding the compost bin (which I do not maintain, so I just throw them away). Now, I did not want to risk making the wrong decisions about which ones to eat and which to discard, so I decided to just leave them all in there for later.

What could possibly go wrong?

But in the course of time, I did perceive that my refrigerator had become a place more fit for the study of microbiology than for finding edible food. And I lamented that this should have come to pass, for the point of having a refrigerator is to preserve food rather than to culture pestilence.

Well, perhaps that wasn't precisely illuminating. The point is that refusing to accept the necessity of responsible choices doesn't leave anyone in the best position to select desirable outcomes. Making the decision earlier is better. A woman who doesn't love a man so much that she's eager to give birth to his children might be better off figuring that out before having sex with him.

That is real freedom, not just for women but for anyone. Not to squander life in the futile quest to evade the consequences of choices, but to make such choices as lead to a life one can embrace. As humans, you have no power to evade death. All you have is the chance to decide how to live.

Those who refuse to acknowledge the obvious results of their behavior can never take advantage of that chance, because it is only by choosing your actions with an eye to the likely consequences that you can exercise any control over the course of your life.

Does abortion serve a cult of death? Most likely. But, while I will not attempt to defend the morality of death cults, there is a much more important issue involved here. Promotion of easy access to abortion destroys the foundation of true personal (and reproductive) freedom for women. Young women are encouraged to believe that finding a happy and fulfilling relationship, perhaps leading to family and motherhood, has nothing to do with their own actions. It's just a matter of luck.

And by the time they have learned how fickle luck can be when one is wholly dependent on it, it is too painful to confront the evidence that they could have chosen a different fate through different actions.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the color "chloros" is intended to signify a ghastly pale green such as one might see in the face of a gravely ill Mediterranean person near (or soon after) death. It in no way signifies the forest green of Islam or the grass green popular with environmentalists. Insofar as both movements do seem to justify and even require the extermination of a significant fraction of the human population of the Earth, I think that a stronger connection can be drawn to the phrase "his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." And, you know, that part about killing the fourth part with sword and hunger and whatnot.

Then again, I'm not fully persuaded that either of those "green movements" would really make suitable mounts for Death. That's just me.

James said...


A man whose father was known to be from Kenya...

Who was so closely intwined with radical friends and communist mentors he could never receive a security clearance...

Who has spent enormous sums of money for lawyers to represent him in his fight to deny the court and the nation their right to see his actual birth certificate....

And his supporters who are either so ignorant or so disdainful of the Constitution that they would laugh and mock those who would simply require the man to prove he is a natural born citizen by taking two minutes to show his birth certificate..

These are the type of mindless people we are dealing with and when there becomes more of them than there are of people who can reason and who are willing to fight for the Constitution and rule of law then America will descend into chaos, and I'm worried that this is where we are headed now.

Anonymous said...

birther! we serve the God of the living! Poetically we would ask, womber or tomber? let us choose life!
if these deathers realized they have a soul, they might fear God with trembling. (as the devils do)
our documentation that our souls existed before the flesh is in Jeremiah 1:5. We also see in Romans 9:13 as it is written,Jacob I have Loved,but Esau I have hated. Yet God allows Esau's soul to enter flesh to hopefully find Salvation. For it is God who gives us "choice" to not only life, but eternal life in Jesus Christ! Who is creation to not allow a soul to mature to the Creator of it? It is the second death, the death of the soul, which is found outside the Blood of our Risen Paschal Lamb.

jephfree el

Call Me Mom said...

I notice that while Mr. Obama dsclined to join in the national Day of Prayer, he has no trouble wishing the Islamic world a Happy Ramadan.

gilbertabrett said...

It is certainly hard to pray for that man! I pray he gets saved...

And this end of life counseling they talk about in the "health" "care" agenda.. Has anyone ever had to make that decision for someone they loved and then listen to the idiot doctors come in and try and tell you, AS A BELIEVER, that death is like a boat going out to sea... I HAVE! And if it were permissible to slap a woman, I would have double slapped both of them. They called it palatable care. It made me want to puke. A bunch of psycho-babble nonsense... They then proceeded to pump so much morphine into my loved one that his heart just stopped. I call it murder... I pray I NEVER have to make that choice for anyone AND that I never have to see that happen to someone in my family again!

I also pray that the American people do not forget what they have seen and heard when it comes time to vote again. Are we tired of listening to EVERYTHING we are told is truth yet??????

Derek P. said...

"Has anyone ever had to make that decision for someone they loved and then listen to the idiot doctors come in and try and tell you, AS A BELIEVER, that death is like a boat going out to sea... I HAVE!" (gilbertabrett)

Several years ago I was witness to a very similar occurence. A younger cousin of mine had been diagnosed with a cancer in its final stages and her mom (my aunt) had to go through exactly what you described. IT WAS BS, to say the least. The best medical insurance that money could buy. And profit was ultimately the deciding factor. "Back pain? Here's some prescriptions for pain killers." For a couple of years that went on, and all the while a cancer was growing in her back placing increasing pressure on her spine. One day my cousin was simply unable to get up and walk. The cancer was subsequently diagnosed as being in its final stages. WTF!!! A couple of months later I am looking at my 36 year old cousin in a vegetative state lying in a hospital bed. I believe that her death was preventable. But, at the point when she received an definitive diagnosis, her prognosis was set in stone.

"Birthers." "Deathers." Meaningless terms used by meaningless people. If I have used either of those terms, then consider me meaningless as well.

gilbertabrett said...

I agree with Dr. Keyes' use of the term birther as it gives it life. Birther used by the adolescent minded "liberals," who think of themselves as enlightened, rather reminds me of middle school when some thought that by coming up with "cool" words or names they were somehow better than other people. It was stupid then and it is even more stupid watching and listening to children trapped in adult bodies who think they run OUR country. They are puppets...

The person I spoke of in the previous post was my father. He will be passed a year in another month. I still remember how it felt to watch my dad die before my eyes. Although my father had made his wishes clear concerning life support should he suffer another stroke, he was only on a feeding tube. The palatable care doctors said that his body was shutting down (although they never offered any proof or test results of this "fact") and that they would give him medicine to make him breathe easier and relax him as they removed the feeding tube. They made me sick because of their pride in their knowledge and their pity on me because I believed in GOD and was willing to give HIM a chance to heal, help or take my dad as HE chose, but my mom had to make the decision and abide by his wishes. He never said he wanted to be pumped full of morphine AND they never told my mom that was what they were going to do. After only one week, the insurance was pushing them to make a decision.

People do not seem to realize that no matter what, the government is not going to do right by us with the insurance companies AND they are most assuredly NOT going to do a better job at paying for ANYTHING. They destroy everything they touch.

IF you love your life and those of your family and friends, you will not embrace this evil attempt of the government to impose more control over our lives. If people really wanted to do something, they would force the insurance companies to cough up the money and pay for what people pay premiums for!

For the most part, personally I have had good dealings with health insurance companies, but I have been healthy as well. My loved ones who have been sick have been used as guinea pigs and sacrificed so some ultra rich crook can live in the lap of luxury. My only comfort is in knowing these people better enjoy what they have stolen from so many or get saved because what is waiting on THEM on the other side is NOT pretty...

Anonymous said...

That is, after all, the rub.

That mortal life is temporary, no one can dispute. That individuals might bear responsibility for their own actions...few will endure.

I have come to...terms, of a sort, with my guilt. Being myself evil, I cannot proffer moral judgment. If I have desired what was good, it was only because it enticed me. If I have rejected wickedness, it was only because I found it distasteful. I do not really understand the desire to be "good", or even to seem good.

But birth, and death, and all that lies between, is but a morning dew. It has been some time since I felt it, but I remember it fondly.

Alan Keyes said...


"O taste and see that the LORD is good..." (Psalm 34:8)

"For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed" John 6:55

"And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger..." John 6:35

"Whoso eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life..." John 6:54

Sometimes it is a matter of taste. When the Lord entices, I think it may be impossible for us to understand the resulting desire. What's important is that we give in to it.

Dawg_em said...

"Birther" or "Deather". Succinctly put. That's the nuts and bolts of it isn't it? Our journey here and now is our opportunity. It is set before us. Choose wisely.

Those two words are "black and white". Right and wrong. Gray areas? Nuances? Sure. But if we are confused, the elimination of distractions, coupled with biblical education and reason, will help to enlighten our minds. Afterall, some things, most things, are self evident. It is our pride that leads us to rebellion. Or, at the very least leaves us open to temptation by the Father of Pride.

How else to explain 95% of African-Americans voting for the Usurper-in-Chief? I have witnessed Spirit-filled praise and worship that seemed so genuine as to be personally uplifting. An apparent love for the Lord that I would never suggest it was not genuine.

Then there is Notre Dame. (No disrespect intended, my Lady) Henceforth referred to as Notre Shame, Home of the Fawning Irish. Kudos to all who gave witness to the truth at that once Catholic institution. When (Mr) Jenkins arrogantly refused to resind the invitation and proceeded to 'honor' one of the most rabidly pro-infanticide individuals in this country, my soul was pierced. One edge was sharpened with the whet stone of shame. The other, rage.

As for those who desire to find "common ground" on the "issue" of life: what was it the Lord said? "Be ye hot or be ye cold. But if thou be lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth". Does that sound warm and fuzzy to you? I hope not.

Regardless. The Light overcomes the dark. Let us shine the Light of the world so that we may see; and be saved.

Rachael M said...

Since I was in high school, which was about 7 years ago, I became convinced that America was like Rome before it was finally fell. What once was a culture that celebrated life by art, music, architecture, and other became something else entirely when it collapsed. In a way, it lost what had once made it great and something worth treasuring. We, as Americans, are at that same point and must, if we are to thrive as a country, must remember what made us great.

Katy said...

Maybe you should focus on understanding socialism.

Katy said...

"Promotion of easy access to abortion destroys the foundation of true personal (and reproductive) freedom for women."

Amongst other things, that hardly makes any sense. Opening access to an alternative or a choice does not promote it in and of itself. I prefer to use pencils rather than pens, but I could just as easily buy pens if I so choose. Cigarettes are readily available for me as a person over the age of eighteen, but there existence does not require my submission.

You cannot make a case for personal choice while outlining that personal choice should be regulated so that YOU are pleased with an outcome. But this is not a pro-choice/pro-life battle.

I don't understand your correlation between a girl's desire to find her prince charming and the ability to remove a fetus. Perhaps you can clarify?

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