Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's Rise and Fall-What is the key?

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Angelopeter said...

The “social liberals,” or I should say,“poor immoral souls” are deceived by every lie that is hatched by the Obamanation administration and spun by the high profile media (cnn,msnbc..) Reason being that their immoral lifestyle blinds them to the truth, and they will not to come to the light of the truth because this “light” will expose their evil. “He who sins becomes the slave of sin.” Immorality is a vile sedative that numbs the intellectual spirit of man and makes him easy prey for the “roaring lion,” who is Satan.

However many men, like President Obama, are not the victims of these lies, but rather the predators that willfully spin this web of lies in order to ensnare and enslave these poor immoral souls into state captivity, or as Mr. Keyes called it “soviet style communism.” Barak Obama IS NOT a young, inexperienced, left-wing Harvard law grad with a sincere socialist ideology that is leading the country down a dangerous path. The man has an agenda to destroy the United States and its currency in order to establish a new global currency and a global socialist gov. Sounds crazy? I know, I know but give it a year or so.

In the words of our Lord to the evil rulers of his day he said, “ Why do you not understand what I am saying? Because you cannot bear to hear my word of truth. You belong to you father the devil and you willingly carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies.” John8

I apologize for the length.

kyrie eleison.

gilbertabrett said...

cannot access the article (says it is an invalid page), but cannot wait to read it because Angelopeter sure hit the nail on the head. Just as I told all my black friends that voted for him - give it 6 months or less and you will see two things. You will be worse off AND you will be sorry you ever heard his name.

Alan Keyes said...

I'm not sure why the link isn't working for you. I've tried it in both Firefox and IE8 and it works for me. You can also reach it by going directly to the commentary section of
Alan Keyes

Angelopeter said...

Just to add, When the disciples asked Christ, “ Tell us, when will this happen? And what sign will there be of your coming, and of the end of the age?” and our Lord responded “When you see the desolating ABOMINATION spoken of through Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place, then those in Judea must flee.” Mat:24 (Daniel:8)

I followed Mr. Keyes’ “featured link” and indeed Barak Obama is now embracing and being embraced by the muslim world, and conveniently at a time where Israel is surrounded by 40 or so muslim nations. “For the days are coming upon you when your enemies will raise a palisade against you; they will encircle you and hem you in on all sides. They will smash you to the ground and your children within you.” Luk:19

The islamic faith is still awaiting their “imam” which is their messiah, who will come and force the world to submit to the teaching of Muhammad. One of the signs spoken of by the koran is that he will captivate the youth, and give to the poor. Well, I wonder who might this man be? Sounds crazy? Giv it a year or so.

God bless all readers

Kyrie eleison.

Anonymous said...

"They will assuage the resentment and anger cause by immoral U.S. policies of intervention, imperialism and exploitation internationally that are the real reason for terrorist threats and violence against us. "

"...and anger CAUSED by immoral U.S. policies..."

gilbertabrett said...

got it! Thank you Dr. Keyes, both for the post and the way to it!

Funny thing, I was talking with my Grandma (80 YO & traveled the world raising her children with my grandfather in the USAF) and Mom tonight about some of these very things. It is enlightening to hear her becuase she has SUCH a different knowledge given her years, education and travel. We are going to see my youngest cousin graduate tomorrow and wonder what kind of country is he going to mature in. Not the one I graduated in (you and President Reagan were in DC!) and certainly not the REAL HOPE andREAL CHANGE that was in the country then.

A Rev. Gregori (sp?) posts and asked a question about things happening as they are and honestly for me, from Scripture, I think I know what time it is. But as I asked my 'wait for GOD to chew the food for you" friends, do you lay down and let Satan take everything from you because you know GOD has everything in control, or do you fight the good fight and when all is said and done, like a pastor friend of mine said, employ faith after fighting.

I do not plan to sit on the sidelines nor do I intend to shut up OR give up. And after seeing what you went through at Notre Dame and how you responded to that man at the front gate, I believe I am correct in doing so evn more.

GOD bless America and GOD bless you brother. My prayer is that us Christians in America will get down on our knees and humble oursleves, search for GOD and turn AGAINST our evil ways, and receive the promise that HE so badly wants to give us.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have bothered criticizing the wording of a sentiment attributed to the useful idiots who buy into the Obamanation's agenda. That's just me, but it probably looks to a lot of people like you're either expressing agreement with the sentiment or being one of those nitpicky jerks.

You could have avoided such appearences by contacting Dr. Keyes privately with your concern about the ungrammatical construction in the attributed sentiment. I wouldn't have bothered, but then again the sentiment itself is more grotesque than its wording.

Anyway, I will point out one important thing that seems too lightly touched. 'Soviet-style' communism, well-dressed or not, has to be instituted through open revolt. And Obama is definitely engineering one (badly, as it turns out, since there will be a significantly anti-communist component and result to what he's brewing now). It may be, dupe and fool that he is, that he has no real idea what he's supposed to be doing, and is trying to 'improve' the program his masters have handed him. The man is clearly an empty suit, after all.

But whether or not Obama has any idea what he's doing, the program of creating a violent overthrow of America is deliberate and was carefully planned. Even if the plan is in shambles, the fundamental objective is the same. They know they can't control America, they intend to destroy it and erect a totalitarian state on the ashes.

Certainly, those without moral courage are probably going to be useless in the battle to stop the overthrow of America. And the majority of the Republican party 'leadership' is comprised of those who wanted European-style socialism through progressive 'restructuring' of American laws, regulatory agencies, and demographics. They don't really disagree with the destination, they only wanted to avoid the chaos (which was stupid for any number of practical reasons, but the point is their objectives, not their incompetence).

But while morality matters, this isn't about 'morality in politics' anymore. This is about national and personal survival in the face of a very real threat. But then...I suppose that it is still principles that decide which side people will choose.

Even so, I will make my plea to those without moral scruples. Make the smart choice. This communist revolution thing never works out anyway, not even when upgraded with fascist regulatory and propaganda schemes. And Obama has royally screwed up the whole timetable and provoked a counter-force. The fence is about to be torn down, so you'll be needing a new place to sit. You might even have to stand. Just don't stand with the commies, okay? I know it seems like they're 'the future' and all that, but that's all a bunch of propaganda. Learn from history. Or just ask yourself if you really want to be queuing up for bread and band-aids.

Angelopeter said...


Bread, bandaids and don’t forget toilet paper. However like yourself I once thought that Barak Obama is just a fool (in a certain moral sense he is) that takes commands from those “masters” in the higher circle of order so to speak. However I think I have come to the frightening conclusion that he is not a fool. I mean he is actually very clever (in a diabolical manner) I really don’t think he’s just a puppet, he’s actually in command of the wicked agenda that is about to break upon the world. Some men are ignorantly evil (Hugh hephner, Bernie Madoff, Ahmadinejad), BUT some men are EVIL (Walt Disney, Jay Z…) Some men consciously and with great perseverance and knowledge construct evil empires in order to purposely destroy the human spirit in order to grasp control over them in a pharaoh like madness. I honestly believe that the current president is one of these men. He is not just being swayed by the devil, he is consciously doing the work of the devil.

Kyrie eleison

kid said...

The people here that comment ARE TRAITORS.Barack get death threats daily thanks to your lies of socialism. If Hillary had won you would be saying the same thing.BTW, didn't World Net Daily said that Bush blew up the buildings on 9/11?Alan when will you apologize to Mr. Mandela for your complicity in apartheid.

gilbertabrett said...

Fortunately for all who post on this and every blog or website, we are free to do so. We are not selling secrets to foreign governments or going to foreign countries and playing pattycake with them.

I encourage all American citizens whose ancestors were slaves from Africa and voted for O'Drama, REAL B-L-A-C-K people, to wake up and stop putting color over American allegience. O'Drama is not an American citizen, and if in some hallucinagenic dream he was, he is a sorry excuse for a patriotic American.

People need to wake up and take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions and decisions. No conservative author or talk show host has made anyone do anything. "Liberals" on the other hand... registering people to vote for O'Drama 12 and 15 times, etc.

Please stop with the black pride when it overrides your pride of country. It will only be used against you by the sorry thing who sits in the Oval Office lying to you and pandering for your vote.

You will NEVER be proud of him once you see the truth, and as the WORD says, pride does go before the fall.

Terry Morris said...


You really ought to be more respectful of the host, and of your political opponents at this site and elsewhere.

While the majority of posters here certainly strongly disagree with your position on Hussein Obama, I haven't read anywhere yet that someone has called you a traitor because you support this imposter. No; most of us just think you're ignorant, but we don't equate ignorance with treason. Furthermore,...

Saying that Obama receives daily death threats because of our "lies" about him betrays a real lack of basic knowledge and understanding. You think it's unusual for presidents to receive death threats, do you? Unfortunately it seems to go along with the territory. But there's another problem with it too; it's the same mindset that blames Islam's hatred of and violence against Jews and Christians on Jews and Christians, and not on the teachings of the religion of Islam. In other words, the people that make threats against Mr. Obama's life certainly don't need anything we have to say about him to provoke them to do it. But you probably have no clue what I'm talking about, so what really is the point, right? Right.

kid said...

gilbertabrett, millions of blacks didn't vote for Keyes. J Kenneth Blackwell ran for Governor of Ohio and we picked the white guy.People don't trust Keyes because he was Ambassador to South Africa during apartheid. and he's anti-black.This site is racist. People saying anti-Islamic statement. Do you know that people in the middle east can read English ? Now al Qaeda could use the statements here as a recruitment tool.Have anyone thought of that. People in the middle east might now want to translate correctly if they detect bigotry.BTW, if you have evidence of voter fraud call the FBI.Now FOX was trying to attempt voter fraud in Ohio.

Terry Morris said...

This site is racist. People saying anti-Islamic statement. Do you know that people in the middle east can read English ? Now al Qaeda could use the statements here as a recruitment tool.Have anyone thought of that.

Kid, you seem to have completely missed my earlier point. Let's think about this...

If what I said above about the problem with Islam being Islam can be used as an effective recruitment tool by Al Quaeda et al, and to justify more attacks against the U.S. and commission of mass murder of U.S. citizens, then what exactly does this say about the people doing the recruiting, and the people successfully being recruited to commit these atrocities? You seriously think that simply pointing out what Muslims already know about the teachings of their holy book and the hadiths gives them reason they didn't have before to wage holy jihad?


kid said...

TerryMorris no it's not unusual for Presidents to get death threats. It is unusual for the media to MAKE death threats.Glenn Beck, Liz Trotta and other right wings journalist re doing this.People here are calling the President the Devil.People are saying bad thing about Islam.That's a threat to our national security.We're trying to get allies over there.How many Muslim -American soldiers died in Iraq ?Being childish and making the President's middle name a object of scorn won't help us.

Terry Morris said...

(1) Glenn Beck has made death threats against Hussein Obama? Give me a break.

(2) Telling the truth about the teachings of Islam is not a threat to our national security. The real threat to our national security is concealing that truth.

(3) One of the problems with our foreign policy is that we're trying to make "allies" out of our mortal enemies. Do you make friends with people you know will stab you in the back at the first opportunity? Me either.

(4) How many "Muslim-American" soldiers have died in Iraq? I don't know. Why don't you enlighten me.

(5) I'm not making his middle name an object of scorn. I simply want it to sink in real good his intimate connections with our mortal enemies. And it is his middle name afterall.

kid said...

You're being disingenuous. Beck says this stuff every day.BTW, Ronald Reagan help started al Qaeda.Now a Catholic white racist blew up Oklahoma City , so do we lock up Catholic white racist ? They been pretty busy lately blowing cops away.You call Muslim mortal enemies, you want them all exterminated ?Since you like saying Arabic name what about General Omar Bradley ? The presidents middle name could save our buts.

...And on the June 12 edition of Fox News' Glenn Beck, Beck said of Krugman's column: "[H]e's linked conservatives now to conspiracy theorists. In other words, this isn't about me. It's not about Bill O'Reilly. This is about you. You -- you're crazy. You're a conservative? Oh my -- they're watching you, aren't they? Is that that black helicopter there? I mean, they're just trying to make you feel like a crazy person. Why? To silence you." As Media Matters documented, during his June 12 radio program, Beck "demand[ed] a retraction" for Krugman's assertion in the column that Beck had "warned viewers that the Federal Emergency Management Agency might be building concentration camps as part of the Obama administration's 'totalitarian' agenda (although he eventually conceded that nothing of the kind was happening)." But Beck had previously said that he couldn't "debunk" the FEMA conspiracy theory.

gilbertabrett said...

Dear Mr. Kid et al,

I don't pay too much attention to the media because their 'reporting' skills are slim to none; if these people have said to kill O'Drama, then I would not know but am sure they are being watched so don't lose no sleep there. If a man will pay millions of YOUR tax dollars to hide his total identity then imagine how much those rich old WHITE billionaires who put him in office are making sure you pay to keep his sorry behind alive... To me the news is basically like reading the National Enquirer - you are getting opinions and they try to make you think a certain way. I do not feel sorry for O'Drama because he knew what he was getting into AND when someone is as dishonest as he is, they cannot expect to be liked except by those who fall into their trap. Honestly I would be more worried about those of you that voted FOR him when you find out what YOU did...

I don't know anyone here, but I am not racist. I do not think Dr. Keyes is either. I have read and listened to him intently for YEARS and find two things about him: he is passionate and his love for GOD, family and country are without question. IF he was somehow against the end of apartheid I am sure his point was valid. I was only in high school then and would have to go and do some reading, but I am sure that as with most Democrats and 'liberals,' there is something quite twisted in your testimony. Honestly, besides Cameroon, I do not know of an African nation that has been prosperous and governed their people righteously for a long, long time.

My first girlfriend was Iranian, so yes, I am well aware that the people in the Mideast are highly intelligent when it comes to language and EXTREMELY abusive when it comes to civil rights. Remember 9/11 my fellow American.

As for voter fraud, I do not call it that because that is the term others like to use. You know as well as I do that Democrats and 'liberals' love to register dead folks, felons, people with Alzheimer, illegal aliens and pay for people to register more than 10/15 times. It's not as if it is something new and to me, the way we have let this country get out of hand by electing these sickening people into office, it is just part of the game.

The thing is, people who voted for O'Drama think they were doing something to be part of history when in fact they were ending it as we know it. They did not think about their children or their grandchildren, they just wanted to get on the bus and ride. But when the bus runs out of gas, who do you think is gonna have to pay to fill up the bus? Certainly not someone who cannot even be honest about something as simple as a birth certificate.

You know, I LOVE to read Thomas Sowell. He is an absolute TRIP!!! A lot of black people can't stand him. And Walter Williams. But it is not because THEY are racist. It is because it is the nature of those who are offended to be that way because of their PRIDE issues. They do not LIKE to be told the truth because that would mean they were WRONG. The only thing wrong with being wrong is when you can't realize it and won't turn away. Hence, the Democrats have made mince meat out of the black population in this country since the 60's and will continue to do so as long as they can get a fake the funk 'black' person (like O'Drama) to be there token man.

Mark my words... the MAJORITY of black people in this country will soon see EXACTLY which side of his heritage he serves and they will be sorry they ever heard his name. It is already starting to happen... The white people that voted for him could care less because most of them would love to be Europeanesque (like my word?)

I gave it six months after he was put into office so soon we will see...

Terry Morris said...

Mark my words... the MAJORITY of black people in this country will soon see EXACTLY which side of his heritage he serves and they will be sorry they ever heard his name.

I'm sorry, but you're dead wrong about that. The majority of blacks isn't all of a sudden going to come to the light about this imposter. No matter what he does.

Kid, I'd like for you to explain to me how you think my acknowledging the clear teachings of Islam means that I want to exterminate all Muslims. I don't want to exterminate them, I want to have no dealings with them beyond what is absolutely necessary, period.


Where did Beck make any threat towards the president's life?

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. Morris, I respect your right to your opinion, but I will politely disagree with you and stand by mine. One thing I can say from living with black folks for half of my life, when they get tired of someone and something like what we are talking about here, you will hear it. Of course, you may be right in that many would not ACKNOWLEDGE being wrong (the pride issue), but in their heart is another story. I just know that most of my black friends cannot stand to be taken advantage of by a 'brother.' Where I live, you see the consequences everyday by the teddy bears, tee shirts and candles on the news every night.

Terry Morris said...


The presidents middle name could save our buts.

Please do explain how you mean. **Can you say ... dhimmi

Terry Morris said...

Gilbert, Fair enough. We shall see in due time. :-)

kid said...

Terry I wonder how many troops died because of your prejudice.Dhimmi and secret Muslim that is childish.That's why the President has to reach out to the Muslim world. That intolerance will get our troops killed.You are a bigot.

gilbertabrett said...

Where I live, you see the consequences everyday by the teddy bears, tee shirts and candles on the news every night.

That's what happens when one group of people control the wealth of a country for more than 400 years,AND DON'T SHARE.The only difference between a black republican and a dope dealer is the dope dealer does less damage to the community.What a black republican does is permanent.People like Thomas Sowell,Walter Williams, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson are the real poverty pimps.They get millions of dollars to keep black people poor.When black people are in trouble they don't call Keyes, they call Jesse Jackson.I never seen Keyes in the community helping black people.When Mandela was in jail HE WAS HELPING TO KEEP HIM THERE!Jesse Jackson visited Mandela.

Terry Morris said...

"Jesse Jackson visited Mandela."

Yeah; that ought to tell you something about both of their characters. But look, I don't care what color you are, anyone that follows the "leadership" of a scumbag like Jesse Jackson, while rejecting the far superior moral and intellectual leadership of an Alan Keyes, ridiculing him like he's somehow the enemy of blacks and the cause of their poverty, deserves what he's got coming to him.

Terry Morris said...

P.S. "I wonder how many troops died because of your prejudice."

Don't you realize how stupid that sounds? Don't you realize I could easily turn the question back on you? Why don't I? Because it's not your fault that Americans die at the hands of jihadists anymore than it's my fault. As I said, the problem with Islam is Islam. End of story.

Educate thyself!

kid said...

June 14, 2009 3:01 AM
Terry Morris said...

"Jesse Jackson visited Mandela."

Yeah; that ought to tell you something about both of their characters.

It sure does . Keyes supported a government that basically supported slavery.In Ronald Reagans name he SUPPORTED SLAVERY. Black South Africans DIED ! The new government of South Africa at Reagans funeral SHOWED MORE CLASS THAN REAGAN SHOWED THEM. Reagan was a avowed racist and Keyes did his bidding.HE OWES NELSON MANDELA A APOLOGY.The man spent almost half his life in Prison for a cause. Hundreds of South Africans died because of Keyes and Reagan policies.That show his character alright.HE'S PRO RACISM.

Terry Morris said...

The anger and resentment in your heart (fueled by self-serving scoundrels like Jesse Jackson, et al) is going to relegate you to a lifetime of poverty and unhappiness. But it's your life.

Best wishes to you.

Terry Morris said...

Gilbert wrote:

...if these people have said to kill O'Drama, then I would not know but am sure they are being watched so don't lose no sleep there.

If any one of them had made death threats toward the president as kid dogmatically asserted above, the only people that would be watching them right now are the prison guards at the federal holding jail. Which is the reason I knew it was a lie to start with.

Gilbert, I must have missed this earlier because it shocked me as I ran across it reading back through the thread. I'd like to suggest, with respect, that you not even entertain such ridiculous notions, as if to say that what Kid has said concerning Beck, et al, has any plausible basis in fact. It doesn't. It didn't when he said it the first time, and it doesn't now. It is nothing more or less than the raw emotion of a deeply troubled soul coming out in the form of a smear and blatant lie against someone whose politics he despises; a complete and utter distortion of the truth as evidenced by the report he posted as authority for his claim.

Kid has lost all credibility with his over-the-top, chock-full-of-lies-and-distortions-of-the-truth posts. Nothing he says can at this point be believed, unless, of course, he retracts all of these smears, lies and purposeful distortions. Which isn't going to happen.

kid said...

Keyes is the scroundrel. He has blood on his hands.I can sleep at night. I didn't get any Black South Africans KILLED.Another you don't know me.what makes you thing that I'll live in poverty ? People like Keyes makes his money making sure blacks are poor and whites advance further up the ladder.Alan Keyes wouldn't be able to sell the black man out to white people if Jesse Jackson didn't march with Martin Luther King to get his rights.Like I said when I'm in trouble I don't call Alan Keyes. He helps white people.HE TAKES MONEY FROM BLACK PEOPLE. He's the original poverty pimp.HE FOUGHT FOR APARTHEID. He persona non grata in the black community.HE STILL OWES MANDELA AND THE SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE A APOLOGY.He sided with racist.He hasn't helped one black person but himself.

Terry Morris said...

I know the type, kid. You've provided me all I need to go on. And I know what the results of this anger and resentment in your heart will be for you over the long haul. I've seen it too many times before. But like I said above, it's your life, wallow in it.

kid said...

Terry you want proof ? The Southern Poverty Law Center is monitoring it.Gretawire has several instances of threats on their blog.YOU CHOSE NOT TO SEE IT. Newshounds documents it every day.The Klan and Aryan nation recruit openly at tea parties.Stormfront post it all the time.You still believe that a caucasian woman gave birth to a black baby in Kenya during the Mau-Mau rebellion, and lived.It's not logical. It's impossible.

Terry Morris said...

Ha ha!

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a "hate" obsessed, hate-filled site that constantly runs smear campaigns against anything and anyone slightly right of a jackass.

Once again, these nutjobs that are making death threats toward the president (and again, it just comes with the territory) don't need any input from Beck or anyone else. They're nutjobs, hence they act like nutjobs.

And have I said once that I believe that Obama was born in Kenya? One time? You're attributing to me what others have said. I never said any such thing. It doesn't mean, however, that I don't have my doubts about his eligibility to be president under Article II. But let me say it one more time -- I don't make that argument, never have, never will, unless evidence surfaces to support it.

kid said...

The SPLC aren't racist.They go out and stop racists.When a Fox News anchor, reacting to his own network’s surging e-mail traffic, warns urgently on-camera of a rise in hate-filled, "amped up" Americans who are "taking the extra step and getting the gun out," maybe we should listen. He has better sources in that underground than most.

Terry Morris said...

Something you can't possibly comprehend, but that I'll say anyway, is that Hussein is his own worst enemy. If he would show the slightest hint of moderation on anything he does he wouldn't give people (particularly these crazies making death threats) near as much cause for alarm. As it is everything he does seems to be intended to provoke them. But something else you can't possibly understand is that the existence of such people, though they be radicals, generally serves a useful purpose. But I won't get into all of that because I already know you can't understand it.

gilbertabrett said...

Did you hear about O'Drama firing the IG for AmeriCorps VISTA? He is using that campaign promise of being transparent again. HA!!!!!!!

Anyone who thinks that "Rev." Al Sharpton or "Rev." Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan are for black people will live chasing a fantasy until death. Harriet Tubman would roll in her grave if she could see the self-defeating stupidity that those who follow these race baiters rely on to make decisions for their and their children's future.

I would be ashamed if I even believed something so crazy to say it without having a gallon of vodka on my breath.

The Black Republicans and Independents encourage independent thought and PERSONAL responsibility. It is time to pull up your head and get on with life! Stop looking for a handout or letting some other man do what only GOD has given YOU the ability to do. Black people who are poor are just like any other race in America who are poor - they CHOOSE to be so. Funny to me Diana Ross was born poor and worked her butt off and now look at her.

Not the BEST example, but you get the point of working hard and steady??????????????? She did not sit around crying about someone treating her wrong. Last time I checked that was a TYPICAL human trait only overcome by a relationship with JESUS.

Besides, being wealthy does not solve problems and JESUS says to build your bank account in Heaven!

So I am supposed to really think about this huh? That I would now think that Dr. Keyes is a racist? Funny to me but it was the tribe that O'Drama's sire came from that killed their own brothers and sold others into slavery. O'Drama's ONLY ties to slavery was on the money making end AND STILL ARE. As long as he can keep all the black people corralled together and 'keep the "dream" alive,' he will be alright.

And this has gone on in Africa for THOUSANDS of years. Still to this day. And it is the MUSLIMS who burn Christians in their churches and rape and murder and enslave their neighbors in Africa... not white people in America or Alan Keyes.

If you go back and study slightly about the white people in the North who were so ready to 'free' slaves, they made ABSOLUTELY NO PREPARATION just as they do now. ALL TALK to get a vote. Some even believe that the travesty brought upon this nation by mother Great Britain was used as political tool to win an election. Just as Massa O'Drama has done.

I feel sorry for the majority of black folks in America because they could do so much with what GOD has blessed them with, but they keep looking for a man to lead them and that is exactly what they have received. The question for them now to answer is where are they being led...

gilbertabrett said...

Oh, & Mr. Kid, on a quick note to you from someone who lived in drug addiction for 20 years, you know what you said about drug dealers in the black commuities was really wrong, huh? Please say you were just angry when you said that and don't say it was George Bush's daddy or Ronald Reagan who started selling crack in the projects to kill black folks... please????

kid said...

How many black people has Keyes helped ? One himself.BTW, calling black people lazy , that's played out. White people weren't picking cotton.Whites weren't being chased by attack dogs. They weren't being firehosed. They weren't cheated out of their money by laws that benefited the white and rich.There's a lot of lazy people in West Virginia and Kentucky that are on welfare.To you someone is a racist when they don't kiss white peoples posterior.Whites racist are going out killing people for no reason at all.They want to keep that racisl advantage of white skin priveledge.

kid said...

gilbertabrett said...

Oh, & Mr. Kid, on a quick note to you from someone who lived in drug addiction for 20 years, you know what you said about drug dealers in the black commuities was really wrong, huh? Please say you were just angry when you said that and don't say it was George Bush's daddy or Ronald Reagan who started selling crack in the projects to kill black folks... please????

I don't have to YOU DID. Iran/Contra, MKUltra, COINTELPRO ,Tuskeegee, Willie Lynch,AND WE'RE STILL HERE !

WingletDriver said...

Not to spit on the Mandela's grave, but I always like to point out to those who will canonize him to look up the video of him singing "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer."

kid said...

How many Boer's did he kill ? NONE. Why are you a apologist for white violence and racism ? If they didn't deal with Mandela, there would be NO WHITES LEFT ALIVE. He sat in that cell for 27 years. He didn't get money like Keyes did for SELLING HIS RACE OUT. He thought about his people. The more whites attack moderate blacks the more militant you make the next group.You treat Jesse Jackson and Rev.Wright like dogs you invent a George Jackson or a Kwame Ture.Keep it up boys.Even right wing whites can see through the rights racism and bull.

kid said...

Do Alan's former V.P. still prays for the President to die. Yes Wiley Drake still does that.

WingletDriver said...


Yawn. You accuse right-leaning radio/tv hosts of being unpatriotic and trying to kill BHO, yet you excuse Mandela. Yawn.

Terry Morris said...

Kid, let the question be asked of you: Why are you an apologist for black violence and racism? As I pointed out to you in the other thread, turning a blind eye to all of the black-on-white crime that goes on all around you in this country while railing about white-on-black violence makes you, at very least, a tacit supporter of the former, which betrays a lack of spine. But then again, a lot of what you've said here betrays a lack of spine.

kid said...

So Terry,

What's your FINAL SOLUTION TO EXTERMINATE BLACKS? That's Alan's job. Now let's talk about crime. Most crimes are done BY SOMEONE THE VICTIM KNOWS.Blacks kill black, whites kill whites and so on. In sentencing for crimes blacks twice the time as whites.Whites get into expensive drug programs.

Dinesh D'souza a right wing writer said that the problem with American blacks is that we haven't had a successful slave revolt. This is a republican saying that.Blacks could legally vote only 43 years ago.44 years ago they got their civil rights laws. Under many republiklan administrations THEY WEREN'T ENFORCED. Garbage such as "reverse racism" have kept white racist in power.In the not so distant future minorities will outnumber whites.So being "fair" and sharing power will be moot.It will be so many of us they will have to watch what they say like my parents and grandparents had to do around whites , for fear of retaliation.Dominicians and sick of it, Chicanos are sick of it, Native Americans,Blacks and other minorities.Whites need to get by on more than their skin color.

kid said...

WingletDriver said...


Yawn. You accuse right-leaning radio/tv hosts of being unpatriotic and trying to kill BHO, yet you excuse Mandela. Yawn.

How many whites have Mandela killed,NONE ! Black leaders didn't go out and kill whites like whites killed blacks. There were more blacks in South Africa than whites.Every white South African should kiss Nelson Mandela's posterior for not KILLING ALL OF THEM. They let him rot in prison for 27 years. Keyes as well need to apologize to Mandela.

kid said...

Terry Morris said...

Kid, let the question be asked of you: Why are you an apologist for black violence and racism? As I pointed out to you in the other thread, turning a blind eye to all of the black-on-white crime that goes on all around you in this country while railing about white-on-black violence makes you, at very least, a tacit supporter of the former, which betrays a lack of spine. But then again, a lot of what you've said here betrays a lack of spine.

If black people have to apologize for "reverse racism" then Jews should apologize to Germany for "reverse racism." THERE IS NO SUCH THING ! Your analogy is foolish , racist, and discusting.We should apologize for our maltreatment ?

Terry Morris said...


If I were Dr. Keyes I'd ban you from participation at this site. But I ain't Dr. Keyes now am I.

Let this be my last post addressed to you,...

First of all, I never said anything about so-called "reverse discrimination/racism". It may surprise you that I agree with you -- it's an illegitimate concept; there's no such thing.

But the larger point is that you, following the exact illogical thought process that you have shown over and over again in your posts to be the governing process of your insignificant, irrational mind, extrapolated from what I said about black-on-white crime that I was somehow alluding to the illegitimate concept of "reverse racism." I wasn't alluding to "reverse racism," I was alluding to black racism.

But I get it, society and the entire educational apparatus has taught you since before you were old enough to talk (and you bought it, hook, line and sinker) that the only human beings capable of being racists are white people. But you, sir, are completely and utterly obsessed with race, thus you are, in the strictest sense of the term, a racist of the purest variety. Family, church, society -- they have all failed you. So I suppose you've been given reason enough to be hate-filled and angry. May your chains sit upon you lightly as due recompense for what liberalism has perpetrated on you.

Notwithstanding that, I think Chiu Chunling gave the best piece of advice that could be given you:

If you don't want a race war, don't start one.

Good luck to you.

gilbertabrett said...

Mr Kid,

All I can say is I feel sorry for you that you seem to believe what you write. I guess you are a Democrat or a "liberal?" You write as if you have anymore understanding of what slaves have been through than I. You could not unless you have been a slave. If you have been a slave, it was not in THIS country.

Whoever told you that white people never picked cotton has told you a lie. My daddy was the son of a sharecropper in NC and was pullin' tobacco when he was in elementary school. Don't act like you are any worse off than anyone else on this site. You are writing on a computer, so you must have a couple of dollars to spend...

Why you keep on trying to impugn Dr. Keyes' integrity as a servant to the United States government is sad as well, but I know Dr. Keyes does not need me to defend him. All I can say is I feel sorry for you AGAIN if you believe what you write.

If you really think that drug dealers are a better service to their communities than Republicans in general, please let me know and I will send you a formal invitation to come to Newport News, VA and take you to "the bottom." You will need a bulletproof vest and some tissue. You can figure out the vest, but the tissue will be after you talk to the mothers who have lost children THIS YEAR to such foolishness as what you wrote. If you really expect me to believe that YOU BELIEVE that, then you need some abilify or something my fellow American.

Speaking of being American... why the focus on Africa. Surely you do not expect me to believe you would be better off there. That would be an insult to GOD since HE is the one WHO put you here. And gave you a mind to do better for yourself than focusing on racism and hate.

When I go into a store and someone who does not know me treats me with disrespect because of my color and I am buying things that put food on THEIR table, they are being racist. I go in some places around town and cashiers do not even look me in the face while taking the money that eventually goes into their paycheck. But someone of their own race? They smile and are friendly with them. THAT is racism. Telling a race to stand up and take responsibility for their actions and stop looking for someone to do everything for them is not. It is what any good parent does for their children.

You, my American neighbor, should speak to JESUS about some of these things you purport to believe and then after HE does answer you, you will feel a lot better about your situation. I am sorry that you believe you are so bad off, but it is not because of the white people in America. And if it is, like I said before, you can go back to the Northerners from the Civil War era who made no logical preparation for freeing slaves.

I do wish you the best on your search of the TRUTH.

pbunyon said...

Kid.....what an appropriate name. You should give it up. Out of pure respect for Alan Keyes, a man who deals with far greater pressures than any of your idols, I will not begin to drown you in the mountains of statistics and personal experiences that would wash you out to sea. Please find another forum to be incoherent in, if I may suggest it.

Now then, the original post makes me want to go back to the beginning of this leftist mindset in the USA and the moment it raised its ugly head. Wasn't it the 1830s when children in MA were forced, many at gunpoint, to go to institutional schooling? Was that the first major left turn manifested?

How has power been manipulated ever since in such a way that ensures any power whatsoever in the hands of socialists? What about the changes in voter law? It may make me seem odd but I am really bothered by the idea that there is some apartment renter with no children, who may or may not have or want employment, who has no business,who owns no land, who may or may not pay taxes, whose life in not in danger, who has very little unerstanding of how the world works, and who then has very little to lose can vote basically against me. I work very hard with my business, employ others who do the same, pay huge taxes, have a large family, pay my way, and have MUCH to lose at any given moment yet the guy in the apartment cancels my vote per se. Now BHO is up there with all those types behind him and guys like me are going to pay for it all. This is due to the manipulation of the original form of government we once had. We got rid of some bad attributes such as slavery but have been throwing babies out with the bathwater ever since.

gilbertabrett said...

I agree with you Mr. PBunyon and am frustrated to no end that so many people believe that people like yourself should be penalized because you have the ability and finances to employ others. I do know that many in this country who speak about racism and hate seem to have a way made for them by those who would take your entire business from you without a care in the world. Let me clarify that I am NOT speaking of Mr. Kid, who I am sure is in bed now getting ready for a hard work week. Harder I am sure because he refuses to find out the truth for himself.

All this ‘share the wealth’ and ‘spread the wealth’ continues to lead towards exactly what Dr. Keyes wrote about in this post. And the morally self-righteousness attitude he spoke about is not only exemplified by O’Drama, but those that worship him as well.

As I wrote, those who got on the bus for the ride need to ask the driver where they are going because they will not be happy when they get there…

kid said...

Under Ronald Reagan EEOC laws WERE NOT ENFORCED. Clarence Thomas made sure of that. Meanwhile while people black, white, Indian , and colored were getting MURDERED in South Africa Keyes help contribute to it.Your idea of racism is if it hurts whites THEN ITS RACISM. Right wing racist are going out and killing people on the left and minorities FOR NO REASON AT ALL. What will happen July 4th at the tea parties ? More Klan and Aryan Nation recruiting ?Minorities are SICK of white racist hiding behind the law to keep racism alive. Black have worked hard for our little bit of nothing. Racism is having the power to enforce the laws . Bill Oreilly had Dr. Boyce Watkins fired for his politics. Sean Klanniity, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson , and Niger and Roy Innis help a racist that cursed a little girl out get his job back.Dog the Bigot Bounty Hunter got his job back.Don Imus curse out a team of black women, he gets his job back.WE ARE GETTING TIRED OF YOUR BULL ! You call us racist and were getting shot each week by white bigots.People in other countries couldn't believe how racist America is.Racist even have their own network FOX. On the hour , every hour minorities are insulted.blacks can't get a racist fired for racism, but racist can get blacks fired.People on this blog keep saying that I want a handout, I want to be left alone. MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON WELFARE ARE WHITE !The world can see how petty ,bitter and racist white Americans are.Keyes is a JOKE. He paid to harm , hurt, and make blacks poor AND GET PAID FOR IT!Hero's in Black History book are Toussaint L'overture, Nat Turner,Franz Fanon,Malcolm X,Nelson Mandela, Robert Smalls, Barack Obama,Martin Luther King. They all have one thing in common,they are not sellouts like Keyes, Ward Connerlly,Jesse Lee Peterson (who thank white people for slavery)Lincoln Perry,Shelby Steele.

kid said...

gilbertabrett said...

I agree with you Mr. PBunyon and am frustrated to no end that so many people believe that people like yourself should be penalized because you have the ability and finances to employ others.

As if all whites are rich financiers. Some are crooks that take advantage of the poor.The way capitalism works is by the poor getting robbed by the rich and kept in perpetually poverty.Someone has to get their house ripped off from them, just make sure the people are ALWAYS BLACK.

kid said...

Communism and Socialism is way better than racism.

Terry Morris said...


Well said. Had you not a higher responsibility to your employees I would be of a mind to suggest that you begin taking actions toward the John Galt option, depriving the current socialist government and the leeches it is supporting by confiscation of your wealth, of a significant portion of your particular contribution to its illegitimate and destructive pursuits. But if B. Hussein Obama and the socialist Congress have their way about it, you may be forced to take the John Galt option against both your will, and the will of your employees in any event.

kid said...

Terry Morris said...


Well said. Had you not a higher responsibility to your employees I would be of a mind to suggest that you begin taking actions toward the John Galt option

Promoting violence hun ? Like people aren't aware of Atlas Strugged. John von Brunn read that book.He killed the officer in Washington.So you all want to go Galt, i.e. KILL.

Terry Morris said...

Kinda makes ya appreciate the Silent Consensus, don't it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...It kinda does. I have no idea why anybody even bothered to respond after about the tenth post by kid. Sc was funny...I feel bad for saying that, though.

This little kid is just that, a not very educated child who may or may not grow up.

On the subject of death threats...humans are mortal. They die. Get over it. I have.

Not that anyone should be happy about that....

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. Kid,

I am starting to see you just like confrontation. No one would take the time to write the intellectually insulting comments you have for this amount of time unless they just liked arguing and seeing people's responses.

You throw up all these points that anyone can find 'proof' of in either direction if they Google hard enough, but you can't say you were angry when you wrote that nonsense about drug dealers.

You are funny when it comes to race as well. How many nations have contributed to the gene pool of this wonderful country? Yet you focus on blacks. Why not the ones that promote positivity then? Why not the ones who work for a living instead of stir the toliet bowl of racism to make millions off of poor, uninformed or careless black people.

As I said before, don't act as if you are worse off than any of the rest of us here. If you are, then you are CHOSING to be that way.

Maybe you need to step out of your comfort zone. Go hang out with some white people (church folk) or start volunteering at a shelter or something, because your focus on hatred and racism is going to make you a bitter old man. You deserve better.

pbunyon said...

I am of the opinion that folks like that are sent. It may be by their own doing too but I still say their minds are not their own let alone The Lord's. I usually feel pity at first but when the incoherent rage, victim play, and prejudiced stance taken by folks like him/her I feel no pity. It's like dealing with a physically large and aggressive child who can only say "mine". While it does showcase much of the leftists' mentality for all to see it also wastes a lot of time and space where much more constructive things can be discussed. I hope Dr. Keyes or his help can moderate Kid and his type or put those kinds of hate filled responses in a separate area so we can enjoy the circus now and then.

gilbertabrett said...

My mom has always said that I try to help people too much. I just feel sorry for people who have so much resentment towards a race of people. I work in a church and watch the little children playing together, oblivious to each other's color. I wonder while watching them when it will kick in and they will forget they were friends...

kid said...

gilbertabrett said...

Maybe you need to step out of your comfort zone. Go hang out with some white people (church folk) or start volunteering at a shelter or something, because your focus on hatred and racism is going to make you a bitter old man. You deserve better.

I didn't know that in your twisted world that the only people that can be "church folk" are "white folk."

You assume that you know me. You don't know what charities or organizations I work with.You need to stop reading that crackpot Ayn Rand and read Sartre or Fanon.Fanon's book "La Damnes de la Terra" translates as "The Wretched of The Earth." In most cultures in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas BLACK is the most despised.So when people in other countries seen that a black man can be President it gave them hope for the world.He reached out to other cultures. That is what's helping the Iranian people to revolt. Not Bush, Reagan, or money, the hope that America is fair. But we know that's not true. People here use "Bell Curve" psychology that only the strong survives and blacks are naturally inferior.Maybe Keyes believes that , but I don't.I'm not a lacky or a slave.People who agree with Keyes philosophy like Jesse Lee Peterson believe that blacks had it better in the 50's.You can lie to yourselves all you want you're as culpable of racism as someone with a hood, only worst.

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. Kid,

Now you know you need to quit actin' crazy. You know what you just wrote did not make a bit of sense. How can you say I don't know you and then write two sentences later like you are in my bed? You can call me all the names you want; I don't know how y'all roll in Ohio, but here in VA I am used to all kinda names. That just makes me sit here and laugh a little...

Now back to my original question Mr. Kid, if I can stop laughing long enough to write it AGAIN. I just wish you did know how funny that is to me. I have probably lived with more black people than you know personally in your life. You are too funny. Me in a hood... anyway... have you got a moment to stop dodging the drug dealer question? You have to be a "liberal" democrat because they always run from the answer to the question by name callin' and TRYING to change the topic. It don't work with me - I am not gonna let go.

What I meant when I suggested hangin' out with some white people and putting church folk in parenthesis was to suggest maybe that you stay away from the types of white people you already seem to be very familiar with, that's all. Sorry my sentence structure was not clear enough. Please believe me I did not mean to offend you, but I do apologize for laughing at your perception of my suggestion. It's just that if you knew me you would really get a kick out of what you thought yourself.

Now don't forget this time to get back to me about the drug dealer issue, okay?

Oh, and just to let you know, I read the Bible and factual history along with current news papers, websites, blogs and CBN, which is right around the corner from me. I am not much into fiction or reading things that other people are thinking about what was meant by occurrences in history. I do love Thomas Sowell and Ann Coulter though. Mr. Sowell is too smart and Miss Coulter makes me laugh because she can always make a democrat stick their ENTIRE foot up to their hip joint in their mouth in two sentences or less.

PS - PLEASE don't forget to respond to what you said about the drug dealers, okay?

gilbertabrett said...

Oh, and before I tell a semi-lie, I read fiction if you consider Joel Rosenberg fiction. Cannot put his books down! I remembered while I was reading Michelle Malkin and looking at her link to youtube which featured the welcome Nancy Pelosio received in Texas. You should check it out...

kid said...

Jay-Z and 50 cent had to stop dealing drugs to see the damage it did to the community.They later learned how it exploited people in other countries.They started clothing companies to help the community they exploited. Oliver North , Ronald Reagan, and black republiklans haven't . THEY ARE STILL EXPLOITING THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND NOT GIVING BACK. People like Larry Hoover, and someone that helped Iran/Contra "Freeway" Ross wish they could give back.They're in Federal. They were the "pawns" that were involved in the CIA new triangle trade.A dope dealer don't know until too late that he's destroying the community. A black republiklan knows in the beginning and don't care.Republiklans put more crack on the street of America than the bloods and crips combined,AND YOU KNOW IT !Matter of fact who do you think help build up the crips and the bloods?Republiklans had to do something to keep the Panthers from reforming.

Speaking of gangs the 700 club is like one, THE ARYAN NATION. Rat Robertson was involved in blood diamonds in Liberia and the Congo.Charles Taylor and Lumumba murderer Joseph Mobutu worked with him.Rat Robertson said God told him to run for President. I'm glad God made sure he lost.Pat said that South Africans shouldn't have freedom because they will turn communist.So far South Africa is still capitalist. Pat also complains about religious freedom. HE WANTS THE FREEDOM TO CALL THE PRESIDENT THE ANTI-CHRIST.I don't think that Pat talks to God . He didn't think the anti-Christ was comming when Satan Pagan...oops Sarah Palin was running. God didn't tell him that Barack was going to win ? Pat's daddy Senator Robertson was king of something called 'The Southern Strategy" . Nixon and Reagan used it to get elected. Some call it racism.

Anonymous said...

Okay, kid is kinda amusing, but only in a 'hah hah we spiked the Gatorade and now none of the little soccer tykes can run straight' way.

You know, the last post is interesting in its implicit assumption that it is somehow difficult to see the harm that drugs do. Which sorta squares with the impression kid gives of being under the influence of mind-altering chemicals. I wonder exactly how that works. I mean, of course junkies enjoy the feeling of being high, and dislike the feeling of not being high. This makes it difficult for them to accept that drugs are not really a positive influence, etc.

The part I don't understand it how anyone could possibly enjoy being in such an impaired mental state in the first place. I mean...really? You like being that stupid? So much that you base your entire worldview on "insights" that are obviously the result of chemical abuse? Like Republicans being to blame for...well, pretty much everything?

SC, it was fun to respond because at least he wasn't obviously wasted, no matter how screwy his opinions were.

gilbertabrett said...

I smoked reefa for 20 years like cigarettes, drank heavily, smoked cocaine and sometimes crack, and for the last three years before GOD saved me from that miserable life, I snorted cocaine all day long. Never once did I think that Al Gore would have made a better president than George Bush, nor did I ever think that I was doing my community a service by selling drugs. Those types of statements come from an individual that is indoctrinated because he WANTS to be involved with a group that makes it easier to not have to deal with his own problems. Even the response to the absurdity of the statement he made about drug dealers being community heroes was disingenuous and taken from a 'liberal' handbook on "How to not take responsibility for lies, manipulation and extortion."

Faults are made on each side, but until what I saw the Republicans do to Dr. Keyes in 2000, I would not have put them in the league of such debased thinking as Democrats. And certainly not Ronald Reagan. There were rappers using Reaganomics to sale millions and who do you think spent their last dollar to buy those records?

People like Mr. Kid say they work hard and at the end of the day are miserable because of white people. Sounds like insanity. Try something new I would. Move or do something, but to live in mental anguish everyday because some man like Al Sharpton tells me my problems all stem from white people? I don't see the point. Certainly I would consider doing something so that at least my children would have a chance.

Honestly, I think the human mentality of being miserable to have something to complain about prevails in this type of thinking. The Apostle Paul was in prison and knew he was getting ready to die and he was happy. In LOVE with GOD! I see no reason that anyone of any color has to be so hateful in this country unless they subscribe to the pack mentality.

Mr. Kid should really talk to JESUS and stop listening to all of these poor examples of leaders he uses in his arguments. When half your life has been spent being miserable, you should come to the point where you decide to make a change. PRAISE GOD I DID!

Terry Morris said...

"Mr. Kid should really talk to JESUS and stop listening to all of these poor examples of leaders he uses in his arguments."

Promoting racism again, huh? Jesus said don't cast your pearls before swine, and I think we ALL know who the "swine" are he was talking about - BLACK PEOPLE. What did Jesus ever do for Nelson Mandela? Did he visit him in prison? NO! Jesse Jackson visited Nelson Mandela in prison. Jesus never did anything for black people, because he hates black people and he wants to KILL black people. And YOU want to KILL black people.

P.S. Socialism and Communism are a lot better than Racism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the only way to be free from the FRAUD and HOAX that is Christian OPPRESSION is to embrace ISLAM (or Fascism), which has a long history of FREEing BLACK people from SLAVERY.

On a side note, did you all know that Rev. Wright got started as a Nation of Islam activist? So what I wonder is...was he ever a Christian himself before leading Obama into the fold?

gilbertabrett said...

I thought I was having a flashback. You two should be ashamed...

I did not know about "Rev." Wright, but figured as much since he loves honoring Farrakhan. I have heard people say they do not see any difference in his "church" and those under the Nation of Islam.

I cannot get over you two...

pbunyon said...

I have poste this information before in this blog and in others. Back in the 80s I was in a church service where a guest speaker presented the fact that the muslim world was sending young men to the Bible colleges and into the Christian churches to intentionally lead them away from Christianity. It seemed obsurd but two decades later is seems obvious. Our (Christian) complacency is costing us all. Islam specifically targeted the black churches. Guess who else did that back in the late 1800s and early 1900s and who STILL is doing just that. It's the leftist, socialist, communist movements in America pushing the leftists agenda which was and to a great extent is centered on abortion.

For those few who do not know who Margaret Sanger is, a socialist, you should read her writings such as "The Pivot of Civilization". In it she calls for the extermination of black people. The black church leaders believed her lies of less children meant more properity.

Margaret Sanger was a leftist democrat. Black folks at the turn of the century were smarter than that for the most part. Ther were nearly all on the right. They supported the republicans. When the democrats figured out that attempted genocide or blatant eugenics would not subdue them they tried socialist/communist/victim indoctrination tactics to bring them over and it worked. Now the left literally owns those like kid and an awful lot of white folks too. The right wing of the country freed you demonstrably once and several other times. The left wing has enslaved you demonstrably twice and many more ways since. It will take the right wing to free you again.

Alan Keyes is a free black man just as many black men were before the emancipation. I cannot speak for him but I have to assume he believe there is only one race, human. When people bring their own personal skin color into the argument then they are practicing racism. Barry Soetoro has practiced racism many times and it has worked in his favor. His supporters like racism because it works for them too.

My point is that socialism/communism IS racism in its grandest form. The leftist movement has used it all along. Even in the USSR it was a main tactic as well as in China today. Barry Soetoro is a puppet of this ideology. One must move out of their microcosm, which is formed by self loathing and pity, to realize that even in the worst circumstances, even in death, there is only way to be set free.

Terry Morris said...

You two should be ashamed...

Well, I am ... sort of ashamed. One really shouldn't make light of a fellow human being's self-inflicted, drug enhanced paranoid schizophrenic condition I suppose.

Concerning Jeremiah Wright's connections to the Nation of Islam, if this is true, I'm shocked, SHOCKED! ;-)

gilbertabrett said...

And I thought tonight's episode of Law & Order was shocking...

I wish our church would have been more into informing us of Islamic activity in the 80's. I remember watching terrorists shoot a woman in the head and throw her off the plane when I was young. What a horrible image to keep in one's head through life. Then to hear our 'leaders' talk like this war since 9/11 just started in 2001. It has been going on my entire life and they have their man in our White House. What a shame these ignorant Americans have put on our country by believing the lie of hope and change.

gilbertabrett said...

Forgive me Dr. Keyes. I am watching the 'news' and O'Drama just killed a bug that was on his hand. I thought I would share that since it was so newsworthy. WHERE OH WHERE AM I LIVING??????????????

kid said...

Ken Mehlman and Ed Gillespie came to Cleveland in 2004 with Don King. It was to look for "value voters".The guys from the RNC met with local religious leaders,AND THE NATION OF ISLAM.The photos were in Cleveland media and on the networks.There's photos of them in the Cleveland Call and Post newspapers.THAT'S RIGHT BUSH ASK FOR VOTES FROM THE NATION OF ISLAM.So keep trying to smear Rev. Wright and the President all you want.

Below is something from Mehlman's wiki page. IT'S WHAT BILL MAHER SAID NOT ME.

CNN transcript controversy

Comedian Bill Maher referred to Mehlman as a closeted gay man in a November 8, 2006, appearance on CNN's Larry King Live. It became a controversy when CNN edited out Maher’s comments in later taped editions of the appearance and removed the reference to Mehlman's sexuality from the transcript of the show. Faced with prior rumors of his sexuality, Mehlman denied that he was gay in May 2006. “I’m not gay,” Mehlman told the New York Daily News, “but those stories did a number on my dating life for six months.”[15] Mehlman announced he would step down from his Chairman post the day after Maher's appearance (although reports said that his resignation had been expected for some time).[16]

gilbertabrett said...


I had friends who were pages when I was in middle school. I learned then that not only DC but many of our countries leaders (state & local) have sexual improprieties. Sad but true. At least we don't say it is legal to beat women for being raped in the middle of the street with the whole village watching.

People who worship Mohamed have to vote too (I guess?) so why not ask for their support? It is not the same as honoring their cruel and repressive behavior.

The "Rev." and O'Drama do enough to make fools of themselves. One has only to observe and report.

kid said...

gilbertabrett said...

At least we don't say it is legal to beat women for being raped in the middle of the street with the whole village watching.

People who worship Mohamed have to vote too (I guess?) so why not ask for their support? It is not the same as honoring their cruel and repressive behavior.

You guess that Muslims should vote too,THAT'S MIGHTY WHITE OF YOU.BTW, in many countries YOU CAN BEAT A GAY TO DEATH. I'm talking Christian countries.Up until the mid 50'S and early 60's black women were raped by white men , AND NO ONE BATTED A EYE. In this country just like in Iran, GAYS CAN BE KILLED !

So your "final solution" is to stop Muslims and Blacks from voting ?

kid said...

Since the religious right use abortion to get people to vote against civil rights, human rights, and female rights, let's see what it say about abortion.

More from the bible

From the Skeptics Annotated Bible

What the Bible says about Abortion

Abortion is not murder. A fetus is not considered a human life.

If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life. -- Exodus 21:22-23

The Bible places no value on fetuses or infants less than one month old.

And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver. -- Leviticus 27:6

Fetuses and infants less than one month old are not considered persons.

Number the children of Levi after the house of their fathers, by their families: every male from a month old and upward shalt thou number them. And Moses numbered them according to the word of the LORD. -- Numbers 3:15-16

God sometimes approves of killing fetuses.

And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? ... Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. -- Numbers 31:15-17

(Some of the non-virgin women must have been pregnant. They would have been killed along with their unborn fetuses.)

Give them, O LORD: what wilt thou give? give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. -- Hosea 9:14

Yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb. -- Hosea 9:16

Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up. -- Hosea 13:16

God sometimes kills newborn babies to punish their parents.

Because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die. -- 2 Samuel 12:14

God sometimes causes abortions by cursing unfaithful wives.

The priest shall say unto the woman, The LORD make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the LORD doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell. And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen. ...

And when he hath made her to drink the water, then it shall come to pass, that, if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse among her people. And if the woman be not defiled, but be clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed. -- Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28

God's law sometimes requires the execution (by burning to death) of pregnant women.

Tamar thy daughter in law hath played the harlot; and also, behold, she is with child by whoredom. And Judah said, Bring her forth, and let her be burnt. -- Genesis 38:24

PS:One thing gilbertabrett,Muslims pray to God (Allah) not Muhammed. You probably don't remember when I said that translators for the troops can READ ENGLISH. They might not want to be so charitable is their religion is thought of as the devils religion.Troops could get kill.That's no joke.

pbunyon said...

Undeterred by the third ring and its unbelievable contortionists I set about crawling across the desert to adorn my heart with sacrosanct and caress rocks. The moon guides me in the night like a god leading me. All who do not follow I will spite with every imaginable lie and also with the sword. If I must be lost then I must not be lost and alone. The whole world will pay.

I think that sums up the feelings of at least one poor soul here. Yet again the victim of society and the religion of eternity. It must be tough being incredibly wrong about everything and almost knowing it.

Glad I am not up all night trying to prove anything. I have to go out there again today and put it all on the line and pay huge taxes so folks can have easy gubment jobs that foster idle minds and its destructive results. With such a great imagination that poor soul and his cohorts could write an epic book.

gilbertabrett said...

Scripture interprets scripture. Not man. Man cannot take GOD's WORD and distort to make other men slaves of ANY kind - mental, physical or spiritual - unless they let them do so. You forget that (I guess you are interpreting from being a Muhammedan?) you are talking to Christians? We know we were knit together by the HAND of GOD in our mother's womb. We know that HE, and only HE, has the right to determine our life from conception on. We know that HE does not mind being questioned because HE made us curious, but we also know our place and do not have the right to tell HIM about HIS decisions. Although we do and HE forgives us. Nowhere does it say that a whore has a choice to murder her child because it will keep her from going out to the club and being a tramp in a few months. Most abortions in this country stem from this, not a woman's life being at risk.

"Muslims" do not worship Allah because there is no such thing. They worship Muhammed and the black rock they circle around tranced out once a year.

War is hell and people die, including "civilians." Democrats, 'liberals' and many uneducated people who believe everything they say think war is a dance. No matter what anyone says, does or concedes too in THIS COUNTRY or any other, it is the goal of those people to destroy ALL others who do not subscribe to their ways. Not just Israel & USA. I am very PROUD of our military members and know from talking with some that they know EXACTLY what they are up against. Including the fact that they serve under a man who refuses to prove he is an American.

Muslims do not care what we say OR how we say it. The ones over here do not even wish to become Americans. They want to turn us into them or kill us, period. There is no moderate and those who have the 'sit on the fence' mentality are always put to making a choice sooner or later. That's life.

gilbertabrett said...

So your "final solution" is to stop Muslims and Blacks from voting ?


I have taught reading comprehension for adult ed, so if you need help brother... and please don't pretend to guess my race by using some old tired quote... I could care less about color and am certainly not impressed by too many other physical attributes either. Stupid is just like your famed drug dealer comments - it has no sight.

Anonymous said...

"the Skeptics Annotated Bible"[sic]


Yes, I could easily contest every interpretation provided. Or I could provide my own list of Biblical "laws", like "If they wife be raped to death, kick her a couple of times to make sure she isn't faking, then cut her in pieces and send one to everyone you know" or "Only those who defraud their employers shall be saved at the Last Day" or "Worship the Lord with kinky orgies in the groves and ritual sacrifice of your children"...I could go on, but I won't.

Those who actually read the Bible don't have much difficulty discovering what it really teaches. Yes, a significant part of what it teaches is that humans are...not worthy, to put it mildly. But a far more significant part of what it teaches is that God does provide a way to redeem His people, even though they don't really deserve it. Every trustworty history of human activity (along with most art and literature) teaches us the former, after all. That hardly renders it trite, but it does make the other part more interesting by comparision.

Of course, any reasonable person could gain a fair idea of what the Bible teaches by seeing how those who believe it behave, compared with those who do not. It is better for people to go directly to the source, but I'll admit that it's a pretty thick book.

Angelopeter said...

The great baptist preacher Adrain Rogers always used to say, concerning undersatnding the bible.... ' If you cant undersatnd more of the bible, its because you havnt obeyed the part you already know.'

Angelopeter said...

and another thing, no intended disrespect to any of the islamic faith, but Muhammad never performed one miracle (as all muslims no). Also He didn’t win converts by his preaching or rational explanation of islam (because it is completely irrational) He converted people by giving them death as the only alternative to submission to his "revelations" which were not from the angel Gabriel but by the fallen angel Lucifer. Maybe this is what caused him to marry his 9-year-old stepdaughter and head a militia that slaughtered by the thousands.

The islamic faith has Satan as its founder (I honestly do not intend to disrespect any muslim, only to speak the truth) God cannot forgive sin without justice being served, and a debt to an infinite almighty God can only be "paid for" by an infinite Almighty God. This is why God needed to become man so sins can be forgiven.

Us Christians kid, we don’t have a God that forgives iniquity by pushing a button from his throne in heaven, we have a God who is so just and so righteous that he could not forgive one lie without severe punishment being served. And he is so loving and wise that he willed to pay the price of all the sin of mankind, because only God can pay a debt to God.

kyrie eleison

gilbertabrett said...

Well put Angelopeter. I was encouraged by reading your post, especially what Pastor Rogers said. I have never heard that but will put it into my memory bank.

When I was in prison, I read a book on Muhammad. Not only was he a pedophile, but he also would vomit, convulse or foam at the mouth when he 'received visions.' No prophet in the Bible ever did that...

When I was working at Teen Challenge, men used to get offended all the time when someone would tell them the truth, much like the people who voted for the man that is constantly on TV in OUR White House. BUT... it was that painful truth that gave them the opportunity to see it is not so bad to be wrong if you learn and grow from your wrong choices or beliefs. That is what I find wonderful about being a human and serving a LIVING and LOVING, ALMIGHTY & FORGIVING GOD through HIS SON and our LORD & SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

Angelopeter said...

Thx Gilbert for your kind words, I myself am roman catholic, however I was brought back to Christ by Adrian Rogers, which may seem quite unusual but I have never heard anyone preach like him. Everything that man said sticks in my head, like…. “The worst form of badness is human goodness, when human goodness becomes a substitute for the new birth,” I believe that seems to be one of the signs that the Holy Spirit is at work in his preaching. I also heard on Glenn Beck that islam is the fastest growing religion within the prison system, and the fastest outside the prison system is witchcraft!

The very frightening thing that most people do not realize is that Barak Obama is not ignorant of the consequences of his socialist policies, he is using the message of peace to destroy; like it says in Dan:8 speaking of the antichrist “ he shall destroy many by spreading peace.” He (and his fellow freemasons who sit in power across the west) are purposely creating chaos in the world in order to grasp control. I know that sounds nutz, but to force the sheep into the pen you need to scare them into captivity with shouting, ringing bells and a couple mean dogs; (911, financial crisis, global warming) then when they are in the cage you can stamp them and give them a number so they can be easily monitored, “ and he forced all, rich and poor, small and great to receive a mark on their hand or forehead and without this mark they could not buy or sell.” (rev)

But this only means! As lightening flashes in the sky from east to west, so will the coming of our Lord be. Oh! The horror of the wicked when they hear the angel Michael shout! And see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven leading armies of heaven. They will weep, gnash their teeth and beat their breasts when they see this Righteous One with a robe dipped in blood, a face brighter than the sun, shouting with a voice as 1000 rushing waters, bearing holes in his hands and feet coming to take vengeance on the wicked who spit in the face of truth and rejected the mercy of his blood during their short trial on this earth. Like St. Paul said may we run this race of life to the very end with patient endurance, I honestly believe men and women of God are about to come face to face with the gates of hell, May we be steadfast in hope and continue to advance in holiness so as to be worthy to suffer death for the name of Jesus Christ, so as to enter the eternal rest promised.

gilbertabrett said...

I have been looking up for some years now - basically since 9/11. I was still getting high and drunk then (SO GLAD TO BE SAVED NOW!), but GOD would not let me go and showed me things I could not just ignore. I believe we are going to see some things our grandparents heard about in church years ago. I heard some things in church back in the 80's that I have lived to see happen WITH MY OWN EYES.

It is kinda scary, but like I told my granny last weekend when she was so upset at my cousins graduation (it was like some kind of communist nightmare the way we were told how to dress, what we could say and when, and the metal detectors and searching EVERYONE'S bags) at least JESUS TOLD us what to look for and what to do when we see it happening.

I feel so sorry for some that post on this site, but then I have to remember what my mom has always told me. Some people EMBRACE Satan, death, hate, lies, murder, etc. It is what they WANT to do. As I grow older I know it is sad, but true. No matter what you do or how you pray, they do not care. But then again, I am wrong about prayer because GOD has a funny way of communicating with all HIS creation. I am proof of that...

Angelopeter said...

I was the same, liquor, drugs, crime,witchcraft, all in the comfort of catholic school, believe it or not, and lots of us students were better than the teachers!!

Like Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen always said……. “if you want your child to defend the faith send them to public school, if you want them to loose the faith send them to a catholic school,” that’s comin from the former bishop of New York, and probably one of the greatest of our era.

Mr. Keyes forgive me for leaving a link on your blog, however I think it will be a great light of truth to many. I came across the website of an independent film maker by the name of Lenon Honor at Now I must say he is not christian, but he has put together some amazing films that expose the absolutely diabolic, satanic subliminal messaging in Disney, pop music, pop films ect…

The reason I saying this is because we all see and know that the youth of today is completely immoral, and every year seems worse than the last, but they are being targeted by actual satanists that run the entirety pop culture media, news, banks and now perhaps the United states congress and military?

Kyrie eleison

gilbertabrett said...

Yes, they are everywhere. Burning Bibles in the military in Afghanistan because "they don't want to offend anyone" when the truth is Satan cannot have the GOSPEL spread. Teaching homosexuality in school to children who do not have the adult understanding to process such things. Yes, they know the words, and unfortunately perform the actions, but they do not have the knowledge. I have had way too many friends die from AIDS, suicide, drug abuse, murder, etc. by relationships stemming from or directly involved in homosexuality. AND YOU CAN'T HAVE NO KIDS THAT WAY. THAT is Satan's plan there... And government wants it to be "safe & legal" to murder innocent babies in the first homes they ever know. That is 40 years worth of government sanctified murder on Satan's altar, not to mention for the idiot secularists, A LOT LESS SOCIAL SECURITY $$$$$...

I talked to a friend tonight who is very upset because her children are being taught "principles" of homosexuality in school. Even though they are being raised in a Christian home, they think they see fun, which most things to children are when their emotions are heightened, but they are not shown people dying of AIDS, or what happens when you live your life cross dressing, or what happens when you think you are in love with someone of the same sex and they are just like you - sleeping around or always looking for someone who can excite them because your relationship (which is based on sexual satisfaction) has become stale. The government does not EDUCATE anymore, they INDOCTRINATE.

We better wake up and start taking our country back or we will be the first THIRD WORLD country in history to speak Spanish and worship Muhammad.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that position has already been taken by some nation or other. At least insofar as America is ever likely to qualify for any of those three criteria. The Caliphates did conquer a significant number of Spanish speaking countries back in the day, after all.

Not that having precidents makes the possibility any more palatable.

gilbertabrett said...

Yeah, you got that right! I should have added the fact that we would be the only superpower in history, huh?

kid said...

chiu_chunling said...

I'm pretty sure that position has already been taken by some nation or other. At least insofar as America is ever likely to qualify for any of those three criteria. The Caliphates did conquer a significant number of Spanish speaking countries back in the day, after all.

No they just conquered one SPAIN. There was only ONE Spanish speaking country at the time.

People here hate Spanish speakers,Muslims, and blacks.What don't you bigots hate ?

kid said...

I'm going to let you in on something, you're not too smart. Let say that Muslim can read English,WHICH THEY CAN. Why blog that you hate them and think their religion is of the devil.You let your so called enemy know that you're going to kill him, but want them to translate for you? That's dumb.What idiot tell their enemy what they're going to do in advance ? You have to be really dumb to telegraph information to the so called enemy.

Oh yea I forgot , Bush gave al Qaeda a two month head start.He told them a few days after 9/11 in N.Y. that he was coming for the. Never heard of sneak attack.So keep with the racist Muslim jokes THEY CAN READ IT !How many of our troops you want to die ?Keep your opinions (and they are racist and bigoted)to yourself.

gilbertabrett said...

I already told you I would help you with reading comprehension Mr. Kid. It is alright that you do not understand, but it is not alright that you continue to put words down from your heart on this blog and pretend to yourself that others have written or implied them. This suggests you need more than Adult Education... You should pray about your lack of attentiveness and lack of control. GOD can heal your mind...

Anonymous said...

Huh. Well, jumping right to the crux...are we really supposed to believe that the Islamic street doesn't already accuse us of hating Muslims?

You might note that you are pretty much the only one here who has said that we hate Muslims. But let's put that aside. No matter what Americans do or say, Islamists will accuse us of hatred for Muslims. The last several decades pretty clearly demonstrate that. I won't bother to get into why this is, since pointing out the basic failures of Islam isn't going to soothe the feelings of the Islamic street.

But let's look at the other side of the argument. Is there anyone out there, more numerous and far more potentially dangerous, who we might want to avoid antagonizing (who it might actually be possible to avoid antagonizing)?

Why yes, it seems there is. And who here seems determined to antagonize the large and well armed population which might otherwise rise up and kill all us non-whites? Is it me? Am I the one trying to pick a fight with the most potentially dangerous people on the planet? The ones who already have thousands of nuclear weapons (and even invented the things in the first place)?

You impugn my intelligence for "antagonizing" Muslims (which makes zero difference in their determination to try and kill everyone else), and then spit vitriol and hatred at the people who already possess the power to turn every other nation into radioactive ashes in under an hour (but have somehow refrained from doing so far)?

So, is it that you believe so utterly in the infinite patience and forbearing of all those 'racist, hate-mongering bigots', or what?

I don't share your faith in white people. I know that many of them are indeed nearly suicidally tolerant and unwilling to destroy even the most vicious vermin. But that doesn't describe all, or even a majority of them.

Of course, you're personally a lot more likely to be killed by blacks than by whites. Funny how that works.

Conservative Poet Tom Zart said...


Honor, morality, faith and integrity
Are the glue which holds society in place.
Pornography, hate, jealousy and greed
Cause man to be plagued by disgrace.

Night and day we’re informed by headlines
Which seem to give evil added time.
Always at war killing one another
In our world full of violence and crime.

Be thankful for the upright among us
Who desire to obey God’s laws.
Repentant when wrong they change their ways
Serving the rest of us despite our flaws.

Honor, morality, faith and integrity
Are what life’s heroes are made of.
Defending what’s right; confronting what’s wrong
Propelled by achievement, and love.

By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
On The Web

Dawood Mamedoff said...

Louis Farrakhan: "If you look at Barack Obama’s [diverse] audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed from what they were. This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be a better place."

Here I've tried to collect all notable tributes paid to Barack Obama by peers:

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