Monday, June 22, 2009

Congress Should Apologize Alright- for Imposing Slavery ON US.

Once again the Obama faction insults the historical heritage of the United States, and once again present day so-called Republicans (unworthy of the name) not only let them get away with it, they cravenly join in.

The Senate has now joined the House of Representatives in a vote purporting to apologize for slavery. Apparently, the current generation of sorry politicos is too ignorant, too stupidly self-righteous or too blatantly manipulative to remember the little episode in American history called the Civil War. As far as they are concerned Lincoln spoke in vain at Gettysburg when he honored the sacrifice of those who gave their lives during the war that ended law enforced slavery in the U.S.:

Now we are engaged in a great civil war…We are met here on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of it as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But in a larger sense we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but can never forget what they did here.

With these profound words of truth literally carved in stone upon the record of our history, how can the soulless, self-serving and treacherous politicians in Congress today presume to do what Lincoln knew he could not: better the deeds- more sincerely eloquent than any hollow legislative resolution-of those who acted on the truth that there are rights worth fighting and dying for. Like Abel's in the first age of this fallen world, their lifeblood still cries out from the ground of every scene of Civil War battle. It reproves the nation conceived in liberty for the long persisted sin that betrayed the self-evident moral truths that made its conception possible. But it also proclaims the proof of ultimate repentance which merits God's forgiveness even while it renders superfluous every word and gesture of succeeding generations except those intended to prevent any repetition of that betrayal.

Yet this supposed apology comes from a Congress controlled by a Party ruthlessly committed to the evil practice of child murder, a more surely fatal betrayal of America's moral principles than slavery ever was. It comes from political spendthrifts who have bankrupted the nation and fastened upon future generations a burden of enslaving debt more inescapably onerous than physical chains. It comes from a Congress enacting socialist policies in every sphere that will make Government owned slaves of all Americans except favored politicians, bureaucrats and corporate moguls. They mean to make themselves the new masters and overseers not of one race only, but of all humanity.

Like the breakthrough election of one who only purports to be the first "African-American" President, this mimicry of repentance masks the restoration of the very evils it pretends to decry. We can only hope that Americans with common sense and some memory of our history will apply the lesson these treacherous destroyers of our liberty want us to forget: their actions speak so forcefully that their words serve no purpose- except to distract and to deceive.

The present Congress would do better to apologize for the slavery they are busily imposing upon us, with the one gesture that would be truthful and effective: resign en masse. Since they won't do it now, we should apologize for them in 2010.


Old Bob said...

Great essay, well said and much needed. Thank you!

pbunyon said...

Something tells me that an apology will never suffice just as a man who claims to be black when it is convenient has not sufficed race baters.

I wish someone would go ahead and spell out exactly what it will take or what is expected to close out this insatiable leftist crutch. I believe it can't be done.

Anonymous said...

"Generally indeed the ruling power carries its point, the revenues of princes constantly increasing, and we see that they are never satisfied, but always in want of more. The more the people are discontented with the oppression of taxes; the greater need the prince has of money to distribute among his partizans and pay the troops that are to suppress all resistance, and enable him to plunder at pleasure.

There is scarce a king in an hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharoah, get first all the people's money, then all their lands, and then make them and their children servants for ever."
- Benjamin Franklin at the constitutional debates

And this was the type of government the Founding Fathers attempted to avoid, yet here we are in the thick of it, attempting to divert what they are doing to us by drawing attention to the same crime done in the past, of which over 600,000 Americans gave their life to free, as if somehow, their deaths were not an apology.

Perhaps the Senate should read George Washington's Last Will & Testament. The Jeffersonian pro-slavery ilk that pervades this administration should be the ones to apologize, beginning with Claire McCaskill, a proud Jeffersonian herself, one of Obama's noted Vice-Presidential picks.

To my mind, one would have to be completely hypocritical to choose Jefferson as their party role-model. Slavery ended due to the Republican Party platform. The Democrats can take no credit in that - they opposed emancipation. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and well-rumored actual first black President. The apology is due poor Abe, for the Democrats blatantly nicknamed him, "Abraham Africanus the First".

Anonymous said...

"I wish someone would go ahead and spell out exactly what it will take or what is expected to close out this insatiable leftist crutch. I believe it can't be done."

Don't you see, Pbunyon? They aren't trying to give people of every color equality, they are dangling carrots over their heads and telling them that they deserve these gifts for free based on x,y,z arguments. The truth is, they have no intention of giving them a thing. This is called politics.

Lazy people of all colors thrive on these empty, political promises. The honest truth is that the only true equality is in having the free opportunity to be all you can be with no restrictions. This administration cannot provide true equality simply because they've created the restrictions and the unprecedented debt that is a return to slavery, just as Dr. Keyes has correctly observed.

Personally, I think the whole thing is nothing but a diversion so the ignorant continue not to see the truth in history as to which party was against emancipation. How they can get up their now and pound the table in self-righteous indignation, astounds me.

Laurence England said...

Dear Dr Alan

I am a huge fan of yours. The first time I heard of you, living here in Brighton, UK, I watched a youtube of you confronting Obama, who you rightly refuse to call President, on the issue of abortion and the Born Alive Infants Act.

I wish that the US had elected you as the first Black president instead of Barack Obama. You, as a man who defends life, would have made your country proud. The man who now presides in the Oval Office represents no interests other than Planned Parenthood and Wall Street.

Fight the good fight, Alan, for you do it well. Remain vocal. You are a hero to Catholics and Christians worldwide. I will light a candle for you at St Mary Magdalen's Church, Brighton.

Here is my blog address should you wish to view it.


p.s I am poor, but anything I can do to help just say.

gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes, when I went to the first link in your post (the Washington Post article) I was thinking as I read it that what was the Civil War? If the lives that were lost were not some kind of reparation for slavery, then there will never be anything else that can make up for that. You cannot put a price on a life.

When I went back to your post and began to read the rest of it, I saw that you wrote about the Civil War, so I know I am not alone in thinking all those lives lost had to have meant something.

I also did not know about President Lincoln being called Abraham Africanus the First - thank you Zapem!

In reading books this year to refresh my mind on US History, I read that it was Great Britain who, when the USA was not even a country, determined that the colonies WOULD take slaves. And as I have read Thomas Sowell's "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" I realize that it is a lot easier to think we understand those times by applying our knowledge to those times. BUT we were NOT there and have no idea what it was like to be born into slavery OR born into being a slave owner.

I asked my mom last week, when I heard about this crazy waste of our taxpayer $$$$, what if a Christian man was left 100 slaves by his rich and powerful daddy. Does he give them their freedom, knowing that they would probably not make it very far, or does he keep them and treat them the best that he can? Does that mean he is evil or considers them less than himself? And was it not also made unlawful to free your slaves up until a certain period in US History?

I do not agree with slavery, but I have never met a slave except those who are in spiritual bondage AND (what I consider modern day US slaves) most people who live in the projects and the ghetto; no matter what color. I see many go on to improve their lives financially, but even then they carry that mentality of someone has done them wrong - that includes WHITE people. They have been herded together like animals and are given just the bare amounts of sustenance to give them strength to get out of bed and go to work, but that is all. They are prayed upon by evil betrayers of Christ (Judases) like "Rev." Al Sharpton et al, and are told that their entire miserable existence is because of the white man. Now if that ain't a modern day slave in the US, besides the sex slaves and the hidden slaves 'adopted' by rich people (of all colors), I don't know what is... besides those of us who have no will to fight against what you have written of in your post.

Anonymous said...

Why should America apologize for slavery anyway?

Is slavery really so wrong, given the alternative (which was pervasive on both continents of the New World before Europeans arrived and imposed their own values)?

Do the descendants of American slaves really think they would be better off today living in Africa?

The main evil of slavery, as moralists have long known, is not that the slave suffers (though this does happen) but that the master faces an overwhelming temptation to abuse the slave. Americans, believing in the justice of God, overthrew and abolished the practice for the sake of their own souls. This was well done.

The fact of God's justice has always been an inconvenient fact, but a long acknowledged one because any alternative hypothesis is logically untenable. Societies which forget or deny the justice of God cannot long prosper.

Do Americans yet remember that God is just?

As for racism...what is with the white fascination with racial equality? I don't particularly like the idea of pervasive or institutional racial discrimination, but I'm not embarrassed or apologetic about the fact that most Chinese people are deeply and reflexively racist (like other Asians and all other non-white ethnicities). Why do the large majority of non-racist whites feel defensive about the small minority of white racists who they generally despise? The tiny minorities of non-racists of other ethnic groups never feel that way about the large majorities of racists which compose (and even define) their own ethnicities. As long as there isn't rampant ethnically motivated crime as a result, what is the point of feeling guilty about how some other members of your race feel about other races?

Of course, when there is rampant racist crime, one must denounce it or forsake all claims on the protection of laws. Or do both. But crimes can be motivated by many other considerations, most of them not worthy of condemnation in their own right. Recently, in an effort to artistically highlight the ecological sensitivity of Pacific island habitats, some fool decided to swathe the coastlines of several such islands with miles of pink cloth and take pictures. Insofar as I condemn this senseless activity, I do so because I share the motivating impulse, a concern for the fragile ecology of such islands.

The motive doesn't justify the crime, nor does the crime impugn the motive. One need not endorse crime to admit that racism is natural and not inherently evil. When I consider what benefits might flow from fighting Asian racism...I'm hard pressed to see any. When I consider the sad state of America after its long war with white racism, I'm forced to conclude that it was a misbegotten notion from the beginning.

pbunyon said...

Just for the heck of it, let's take a look at where slavery is actively and often openly happening today. After viewing that it is happening to the greatest extend in Africa and the Arab world, let's then go back to how it was that Africa was nearly, but not completely, singled out as a good source for this type of labor for the New World. There are some incredible coincidences to be realized if one obliges curious justification.

pbunyon said...

Mr. Gilbert,

Your question to your mother is almost too reasonable. My mother's side of the family has somewhere in its history a very small stake in slave ownership. I understand it to be only one maid though it doesn't make me any more proud. There are some letters written from the days surrounding emancipation which outline the actions taken by owners and slaves. I will try to dig those up and email to you what these state if I can find them. I think they would reflect a very different story from the bad medicine that is shoved down everyone's throats. I also know that these would only be a small sample of letters written during those times not to mention that many slaves themselves wrote letters.

In a side note there was a man named Robert R. Church who was born in 1839 in Mississippi and who by 1860 was a successful businessman in Memphis. He turned out to be the first black man to become a millionaire in the south. As a black man he was once targeted during the war but held strong to become arguably the most prolific philanthropist of his time in the USA. How was this possible? I am guessing no one here ever knew about this man other than Dr. Keyes. The public education system avoids these examples like the plague. I am not sure about posting a link so you should google or scroogle scrape his information. It is a great read as is the book "Red Hills and Cotton" published by The University of South Carolina Press. There is much more insight into the reality of life when you get it from the source.

tjmarz said...

(Notre Dame, May 8th 2009)

on this holy
a black man
in shackles
a rosary
dangles free
2 handcuffs

-tj marz

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. PBunyon, I would be interested in what your family letters said and always find it refreshing to read private thoughts from our past. Thank you for your willingness to share something so precious - something not enough of us value in this country - the wisdom of our ancestors.

Speaking of which, I just watched a report on the 700Club about Broke O'Drama's stance towards Israel; more specifically the settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Pat Robertson, along with an emerging few, are beginning to warn Americans of the repercussions of dividing GOD's land - OR TRYING TO.

Not too many people I have talked to believe there is something to what happened after President Bush went to Israel to promote giving Gaza to the 'palestinians.' It was called Katrina. Many rabbis wrote articles about the correlations of these two events. Ariel Sharone has never woke up from his coma either that I can find.

To me, this is just another form of slavery. This contemptible man who asserts himself into Israeli governing will not speak up on behalf of the Iranians who are being jailed and killed for what we in the USA are guaranteed by our Constitution, yet he pretends that terrorists with no particular citizenship to ANY country are afforded protections by OUR Constitution that WE cannot even get. Now we know what he would do for us. The Bible says your true heart is shown by what you do for those you do not really like, not the ones you love. With this coward, it is all about the next election. How did we get into this mess???

gilbertabrett said...

PS - Just read Roger Hedgecock's article about Democrats and slavery on WND AND TJ Marz's post. BOTH excellent reads!

gilbertabrett said...

Just wanted to say that today I have been feeling frustrated by the slavery issue here in VA. One of the citizens living in downtown Newport News called Michael Vick a hero... I guess she is the spokeswoman for that area of town? Newport News has always been segregated for the majority of folks, and this is where most black folk live.

Anyway, it boggles my mind that ever since I moved back to this area in January, this dog murderer has been put on some pedestal because of his agility with a piece of cowhide. He is looked at as an icon, as well as several other prominent 'athletes' that have come from this area; despite them being (respectively, of course) women beaters, drunks, addicts, etc. - things you would think a DECENT person would not WANT their child to become, no matter HOW much $$$$ they make.

We have raised an entire generation in this country to worship money! SLAVES to the system! And they are not only HAPPY with it, but also encourage their children to embrace it instead of fighting it.

People like him are put in front of our children and because they throw some chump change around for a tax write off, people seem to imagine that they are worthy to be praised. Then we wonder why our country is in the mess it is in.

We do not want to talk about morals because morals don't pay the bills. O'Drama does though. I do not think anyone can get their job done by being on TV all day EVERY day. He must be in hair, makeup and wardrobe for hours...

It is so sad to think of my family members who have passed on and all of yours, knowing that everything they fought for, for us to have, we have squandered away in the empty 'hopes' and destructive 'changes' that this lying, thieving, illegal alien has brought to this country.

And to think the MAJORITY of the Senate, House and Supreme Court members are TOTALLY complicit with this happening. Yes, we have been enslaved and I am SICK about it...

GOD help us...

Derek P. said...

"How did we get into this mess???" (gilbertabrett)

By promoting it.

gilbertabrett said...

I certainly did not promote that nasty rascal!

BUT... I do realize as a country, WE DID promote him and still do. We do not have cause enough yet to not. But me??? Nah... I know a crook when I see one; even if he does spend the majority of his day doing hair and nails...

Derek P. said...

There's no time like the present to provide some much needed attention to what you stand for and believe in as opposed to providing undeserved attention to that which you do not stand for and do not believe in.

Bad attention?!? There's no such thing.

gilbertabrett said...

What little bit I know about our history as a nation, the founders did not sit around minding their manners...

I wish Eric Holder would hear more conversations like I had back in August in a McDonald's in PA. I know I am not alone. I went to breakfast with two friends - one of African descent & the other from mixed heritage (Dominican Republic and African). I spoke my heart on the matter of O'Drama's 'heritage' which I never thought was a TRUE black heritage as I understand it growing up in the USA. I was not a coward... Needless to say my thoughts were not appreciated by one of my friends (my roommate) who said I was prejudiced. Of course after he remembered he was black and we were roommates because I ASKED him to move in, he thought maybe he overreacted on my simple opinion.

I still continue to do so and it is weird the way people react, as if they are appalled that I would DARE to say anything negative about him. But people talked about President Bush from the moment he WON the election until this very second.

I don't consider telling the truth negative. If is sounds bad, then change. That is my way of thinking though...

pbunyon said...


Here again is another reason we home school our children. Even though I do have a small business I am by no means well off by today's standards. This is largely because my wife stays with the kids while I am out risking it all. She could use her masters degree to bring in the money and we could have many nice things. However that is nowhere near the kind of values I want my children to have. Many will say that they can't afford to but the truth is they are not willing to give up a few things to save their children from the altar of financial prosperity. For those who are single parents my heart goes out to the kids.

I said all that to say that my children scarcely know anything about pop culture figures. Who is M. Vick? would be the first question any of them would ask. They can tell you who Alan Keyes is though. The most important point is that they are very much critical thinkers. I believe that is a lost art on this generation. This generation just goes on with the "it feels right so it must be right" thought process. This generation depends way too much on what someone else does or says. It's disgusting. I live in a bit of discomfort knowing that I will always fall short of the way The Lord would have me raise my children but I make many efforts to follow Him.

I now make it a point not to follow "pro" sports or any other large institution to include any organized religion. In no way do we support or promote that chaos as it in no way represents self governing. There are many things we can free ourselves from ahead of gaining true liberty. We do what we can to instill liberty in the minds and hearts of our children so that they are free from the slavery that the masses so willingly give in to. On this earth freedom is our goal and then to share it with those who know how to use it. Indeed, Yahweh help us. We are not free.

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. PBunyon, I admire your family and the convictions you have in raising and supporting them. Although I only make $50 a week working in ministry (no, I am NOT lying) GOD sees to it that I have everything I need and more. It is that faith in HIM and not the system that gives me sanity in a world gone mad. May GOD continue to bless, encourage and enrich your family through these perilous times. I am glad we serve a GOD that not only told us what to expect, but gave us a way to STAY protected through it all.

I did watch the 700Club this AM and was encouraged to see a group of young girls that are traveling the world documenting the sex slave trade - which is another form of slavery in the US that no one in DC seems to be concerned about while they are discussing "hate crimes" which includes speaking against pedophiles, bestiality, & other sick and too disgusting to mention forms of "sexual" perversions. Just another attempt to get votes and keep the ignorant in their place...

Terry Morris said...


Thanks so much for your last post. You understand all too well the reason I personally could never allow my children to attend the public edu...indoctrination system in America.

Sadly, the whole educational apparatus in America has become thoroughly corrupted. By that term "educational apparatus" I mean (1) the family, (2) the local community and religious organizations, and (3) the public education system, which, by the way, I'm not against if it's confined within its proper sphere.

But anyway...

gilbertabrett said...

Ok... maybe I am a conspiracy freak, but if only one statement in these articles I just read are true (and I KNOW they are because I heard O'Drama say some of them), then we are in for a lot more than being slaves...

I went to because of looking for something on You Tube. When I went to their site, I started browsing and went to the resources tab and then prophecy in the news. There are two articles concerning O'Drama and they really made a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, just thought I'd share because this is stuff you do not hear on our "esteemed" versions of 'news.'

Anonymous said...

The problem with these fools is that they never learn from their own mistakes. In the thousands of years they've plied their manipulations, none of their schemes has ever amounted to anything other than ruin.

I am almost dismayed at the magnitude of their recent blunders, though. On the one hand, I'm delighted with the reaction against their schemes. On the other, I'm disgusted by the sheer idiocy which made them squander decades of careful advancement in this bizarre attempt to recreate the conditions which produced Nazism.

Slavery, eh? Don't be fooled, you can't trade liberty for life with those who can't secure either.

gilbertabrett said...

Don't know if anyone will read this, but I HAD to share...

Just reading through our newspaper and came across an editorial in which a man from SC said Michelle O'Drama's ancestor was probably an escaped gorilla from a zoo. Part of the state legislature wanted to officially beg forgiveness from the queen of DC, but the Republicans would not approve the measure.

Now I don't know about people aside from MY family and friends, but we think it is typical of Democrats and 'liberals' to want to lie to children on a DAILY basis, telling them that they come from apes and such, and then when you call one of their ancestors out, you are termed a racist.

WELL... which way is it? You can always tell a 'liberal' or a democrat, because as long as they are profiting from the outcome, truth is relative to their pocketbook or their seat in 'government'...


Gracious Sir,

The outstanding difference between yourself and the miscreant Obama, is that you possess something called culture. In order to conceive the posted essay on Lincoln, let alone realize it with eloquence, one must be (a) educated, (b) literary, (c) intellectually engaged to the highest degree, (d) a life-long student of human letters and philosophy, (f) a veritable aesthete, and e) a gentleman of supreme refinement and graciousness. At the same time, one is forced to admit that the American liberal, in order simply to be what he is, must by definition possess none whatsoever of these qualities.

In short, you are not simply raising a political bar, but dare I say that you are flying the standard of a true and manly intellectualism in the very best, most noble, and most elevated sense of the term.

You are now my definitive choice for the 2012 presidentials.

gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes, in watching the videos of Dr. Taitz's presentation to the Citizen's Grand Jury, I am wondering could we get the name of the clerk who decided this case was not important enough to pass on to the justices? Could we get ALL the names of the clerks? These people should be put out in the media and scrutinized. I know Shep Smith, in all HIS authority, says we are crazies (?) but I am wonder if the more we expose this fraud on all levels of government will we get someone to either slip up or open up. I want to help turn the fire UP!!!

Anonymous said...

The same argument can be used by saying that perhaps the Italian Government should apologize for the Roman invasion and slavery of Britons. Obama clearly introduced a race discourse in his campaign in order to win over votes and therefore perhaps James Manning was right when he says that Obama encouraged and promoted "white guilt" for sympathy votes. Interesting thought!

kid said...

chiu_chunling said...

Why should America apologize for slavery anyway?

Is slavery really so wrong, given the alternative (which was pervasive on both continents of the New World before Europeans arrived and imposed their own values)?

Do the descendants of American slaves really think they would be better off today living in Africa?
You are a bigot.If slavery is so good why don't you come and work at my house FOR FREE. James Manning and Keyes deserve each other. They live in a world where they can perpetually pray to the white man.They can constantly praise racism.They won't be happy until ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE DEAD.

kid said...

lanceaguiar said...

The same argument can be used by saying that perhaps the Italian Government should apologize for the Roman invasion and slavery of Britons. Obama clearly introduced a race discourse in his campaign in order to win over votes and therefore perhaps James Manning was right when he says that Obama encouraged and promoted "white guilt" for sympathy votes. Interesting thought!


If you can use that as a excuse to validate slavery you can use the same excuse for the holocaust.Blacks got the right to vote in'65.

You're worried about white guilt, stop being guilty.You treat the President like a dog. Keyes running mate PRAYS for his death Every Day.

BTW, Manning is a SLAVE. He's paid to tell white racist that he likes them, JUST LIKE KEYES!

The President didn't encourage white guilt. You are guilty of 400 years of PAIN.

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. Kid, what you write makes you sound like a buffoon. Maybe that is what you want people to think so they will be sympathetic and handle you with kid gloves. No one is approving slavery, but for people of African descent in the USA, it is no longer something they HAVE to live with. Many, like yourself, choose to live with it because it makes it easier for you to hate and blame the "white man" for all your problems.

It is certainly most stupid for our Congress or the faked out trick who sits in OUR White House to apologize for things that they did not do and to people who were not there. It is 2009; not 1865. If you cannot see the difference, get your calculator out...

You, and people like you, are EXACTLY why some idiot like Eric Holder can call people in this country cowards. Anytime someone says anything that YOU do not agree with, you cry racism, bigot or try to use physical intimidation (PURE ANGER & RAGE) to make yourselves be in the right. You do not get to be correct because you put someone under your physical constraints. That is what tyrants do. If your arguments were valid and reasonable, you would not have to be so angry.

As I have said before, you can blame the Democrats and the abolitionists who were so anxious (and do to this day) to use your ancestors for political power, if YOUR ancestors were even slaves - do you KNOW? Maybe you are just riding a train that makes you feel like you a part of something... They made no plans AT ALL for the release of millions of slaves. Certainly you do not think the Southerners would have done that? That would be pretty foolish - to think that someone who wanted slaves, fought and died to protect their right to have them, would now turn over a new leaf and make friends because 'the North won?'

You should really seek more education on history and find out how many black people back then OWNED slaves themselves. AND refused to give them up... it was not a this color and that color thing. It was about the same thing it is now. Money, power and control. If that were not the case, then there would be no records of slaves of European and American Indian descent. When is the last time you have helped to free a slave in this country (sexual slaves, 'adopted' children from third world countries, etc.) while you're talking about knowing what people pray. The last time I checked, the BIBLE says only GOD can know that. And I am sure if you were GOD, there'd be no white people left on Earth...

Terry Morris said...

They won't be happy until ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE DEAD.

Yes, yes, you've said this forty-eleven times already. You're still getting your thrills by doing so, or what?

Btw, is there something wrong with your keyboard? It seems like your "cap lock" button keeps getting hung up on "racism," "black people," "slavery," etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying, if the alternative is death (which it was, historically), and you'd rather not die (which I don't necessarily understand but oh well), then is it really such a bad deal?

I know that it's a raw deal for the slave-masters, which is probably a lot of why so many white Americans were willing to kill and die over it way back before the whole "Racism is bad" thing got totally out of hand.

There's also the fact that it wasn't American's who enslaved blacks in the first place. It was Islamic and pagan Africans who did that. Why not ask them for reparations? Why blame the people who brought blacks to a country where they had a shot at life, and eventually freed them (at considerable cost)?

Isn't that just to indulge your own racism?

gilbertabrett said...

Go to Google and type in 'kidnap African children' and you will find plenty of articles on modern slavery. Most people know about the horrors a child faces in parts of Uganda.

It is sad to think what they go through EVERYDAY. Then I have to grow up in a country where a HOMELESS person has more then them and hear junk from people who have a lot GIVEN to them because of their race. And it is STILL not enough. Pathetic and sad. NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER for their ancestors and the life of slavery they endured. AND I DID say endured. You cannot even find that in a lot of folks nowadays, white OR black.

If someone is SOOOOOOOOOOO bad off because they are black in the USA, then do something about it. I know too many black people that find ways to make something of their lives and do not sit around crying, when they are almost 50 years OLD, about coulda, should, woulda.

It is time to grow up and let go of "Rev." Al & "Rev." Jackson. Besides, they are WAYYYYYY too busy pandering to the Jackson clan right now...

Anonymous said...

Please join me in donating $5 to erect more "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?" BILLBOARDS around the country.


click on "Latest updates on Obama" and look for link in that page

Anonymous said...

Kid, I am disappointed to see that you view the world as black verses white. Personally speaking I have never disliked someone because of color. I am married to an African Peruvian lady, and apparently considered Jewish according to the Jewish religion (mother's side), so your holocaust reference is out the window!

kid said...

lanceaguiar said...

Kid, I am disappointed to see that you view the world as black verses white. Personally speaking I have never disliked someone because of color. I am married to an African Peruvian lady, and apparently considered Jewish according to the Jewish religion (mother's side), so your holocaust reference is out the window!
June 30, 2009 5:09 AM

So you can be a racist because you have sex with a black woman? People at Stormfront LOVE Keyes. They call him a good boy.That's not me saying that , go look for yourself.

You're tired of people putting the world in black and white well take FOX off the air.

Jesse Lee Peterson "Thank white people for slavery "

John Gibson "We need more white babies."
..."I knew the shooter was white because a "hip-hopper" would reload and shoot again."

Liz Trotta Made "joke" about assassinating the President.

Rush Limbaugh "magic negro".

People at Palin rallies brought stuffed monkeys on nooses to the rallies.

A Glenn Beck supporter shot and killed three policemen in Pittsburgh because Beck said the President was going to take his gun and put him in a FEMA camp.The RIOTS have already started, and minorities are the target.

Did the FBI kill your civil rights leaders ? Did the government put crack cocaine into your neighborhood to finance Iran/Contra ?Ever heard of COINTELPRO ?

Racism is now high tech. Just use post-racial and reverse racism and racism will go away, bull.People every damn day on this site call the President Arab and Muslim as if they were bad things to be. You are not married to a black woman. Only a racist mentions what color the person they are sleeping with.Real people don't.

kid said...

chiu_chunling said...

Why blame the people who brought blacks to a country where they had a shot at life, and eventually freed them (at considerable cost)?

Isn't that just to indulge your own racism?

I am not thanking damn white people for slavery. I'm not Jesse Lee Peterson or Keyes.I'M A MAN !

You right I could be stuck in Africa like MOST OF THE WORLDS BLACK BILLIONAIRES ! I could be married to Rupert Murdoch daughter, again a black billionaire from Ghana.There are several countries on the continent of Africa I could choose from.

America is not a racist place.It's the neo-cons that make it seem like a fascist, racist, bigoted , hateful, nasty sick place.

Forget about owing us for slavery, you owe us for yesterday and today !

kid said...


Dr. Paul L. Williams, with the shrieking title, Obama's Census Castrates Caucasians.

The so-called Op Ed has the kind of language you'd more likely find in a supermarket tabloid than the website of a cable news channel, especially one dedicated to "strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity."

Here's the kind of material Fox Nation puts forth in its efforts toward "strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity:"

Beside a graphic that reads, "Obama Census Bureau," is the text:

It’s invasive.
It’s corrupt.
It’s rigged.
It’s unconstitutional.

Its purpose is the legislative transformation of the United States of America into a land where conservatives, Christians, and Caucasians will become political castrados...

Farther down, it reads,

To assist in the hiring of census takers, the Obama Administration has opted to partner with... special interest groups (not one of which represents the despised race of whites who settled this country)...

The Obama budget serves to ensure that the United States will be broke.

His foreign policies will serve the cause of the Muslim world to the detriment of Israel.

And his census will make sure that the time of the Judeo-Christian standards and culture in the land of the free and the home of the brave will come to an end.

gilbertabrett said...

Mr. Kid,

You continue to prove exactly why the people you purport to dislike so vehemently act the way they do. And you give them the ammunition. YOU are the one on THIS SITE who promotes hate and racism.

For some people, I will speak for myself here, it is understood that racism and hate is not just a problem in the USA. It is worldwide and it WILL be that way until AND AFTER Christ returns. But you seem to enjoy rolling around in the VOMIT that the 'leaders' YOU gain your 'knowledge' from use to keep people, like yourself, in bigotry centered existences. And it is just that - existence, not a life. Aren't you tired of being sad, angry and bitter?

And to disrespect another man's wife because you derived some undertone of meaning because he mentioned her racial ancestry - something you LOVE to do every time you come on here ranting? As usual, with people like yourself, your arguments always use the tactics you purport to dislike in others. And yes, there IS something wrong with Muhammadans. They are worshiping A ROCK!!! In it are MAN MADE IDOLS!!! If you are fine with that though, you can do it... we are still a free nation, until King O'Drama finishes destroying OUR Constitution.

You know, I have been watching the lunacy surrounding the death of Michael Jackson and it is laughable how two of your so called leaders have been flying all over the country pretending to be such devoted and loving members of the Jackson clan. I heard "Rev." Al call Michael the 'prince of hope' at the Apollo tribute. SICK people... And then you act as if you have NO idea WHY people who are JUST LIKE YOU but a different color are racist...

You ALL are the same...

Anonymous said...

I don't think racism is bad as long as it stays within reasonable limits. Having a theory which allows you to rank your instinctive preference for "your own kind" against other considerations in a rational order makes it possible to get along with people of other races. But if you promote a theory that assigns all possible virtue to your own race and all possible evil to another, then it serves no purpose in helping you make rational decisions.

Well, that's not too big a problem since blacks are a relatively powerless minority in the world. That's not about to change, particularly in America. Obama is nothing but a token, African billionaires and dictators invariably gain their assets on by exploiting blacks, as do black 'leaders' like Sharpton and Jackson. Preference schemes and such are a never ending treadmill which constantly devalues the accomplishments of all blacks (unfortunately including the really able).

So who really cares if black racism is virulent and dooms blacks to remain a criminal underclass? Nobody but men like Dr. Keyes.

The thing I'm more concerned about is that whites, world-wide but particularly in America, have divested themselves of reasonable pro-white philosophies. They may have thought they were doing a good thing at the time, but the results have obviously been absolutely terrible. And the reason is simple. You cannot abolish an instinct which is universal in all vertebrates (and nearly all other animal life). The problem is that you'll end up spineless (though that would be a necessary result). The problem is that you cannot do it at all. It is as impossible as learning to subsist on mercury (the metal, not the planet). There may be life-forms that can do it, but humans are not among them.

Which means that, rather than having even the slightest effect on their real impulses and behavior, whites have merely discarded the means to subject those impulses to rational consideration. If you try to avoid thinking logically about the natural benefits of associating with those more genetically similar to yourself, you will only insure that all such impulses and behavior remains sub-rational.

As a non-white, I'm find significant cause for alarm on the subject. Whites, especially liberal whites, refuse to think about their impulses to prefer whites. Since this means suppressing a great deal of factual information which obviously indicates the benefits of associating with whites (which black racism also denies), it makes them irrational on a huge variety of subjects. Irrational people are significantly more dangerous than rational people, all else being equal. And, all other things being equal, whites (unlike blacks) are already an enormously dangerous race.

Whites are being pushed into a corner, in American and world-wide. Very soon, whites will have to decide between survival of the white race or acting on their instinctive desires to preserve their race. It is impossible to fight instincts if you don't even admit their influence, and if one admits that one wishes for racial survival there are very few compelling arguments against it.

Anonymous said...

So whites, no matter what you or I say or do, are going to choose racial survival. But are they going to pursue it rationally with a limited and sane theory of the benefits of white culture and genetics, or are they going to pursue it without any such theory? If white people continue to deny that there are legitimate arguments in favor of their own race, then the vast bulk of the world's weapons and resources will be employed without rational consideration.

Reestablishing a positive theory of white community and culture is of concern to everyone, of course, but non-whites can only do so much. White people are going to have to start recognizing and respecting the advantages and inclinations that have brought their race, beginning from origins as humble as any other racial group, to become one of the great races on the Earth.

Whites are more naturally adventurous, independent, and innovative than most other races. They more readily discard old traditions and adopt new ideas, they have a natural affinity for the novel and complicated. They are highly adaptable, both in response to the physical and social environment. Their sub-races provide more dramatic variation in physical features than most races (particularly hair and eye color). It may be true that none of these traits is always beneficial, some of them are rather dangerous. But they are clearly evident traits which mark whites out from other races. Whites need to recognize the legitimate differences between their race and other races in order to make rational decisions about race.

Remember, it is a myth that anyone can possibly avoid making decisions based on race. But let them be rational. For the sake of all the rest of the (mostly non-white) world. Only by recognizing the positive abilities of your own race can you be able to perceive that a person of another race shares those abilities. Only by recognizing how different races actually differ will you be able to see the positive traits of other races.

It is a shame that the relationship between American blacks and whites should be like it is. One of the best qualities of the white race, their natural individualism and iconoclasm, has enabled them to embrace a racism against themselves (possibly unprecedented, certainly unusual). One of the best qualities of blacks, their native intensity of belief, has combined with their more developed communality in hardening an ever more insane degree of anti-white bigotry.

This situation cannot continue forever. It is fundamentally a mass denial of reality, and time is running out. If there are to be any blacks left in America ten years from now, people must start breaking out of this destructive pattern.

gilbertabrett said...

If you don't teach or lecture Mr. Chunling, you should. I am a novice and do not mind admitting it, but I know when I see foolishness. You do not write foolishly.

I remember back in the 80's watching the Geraldo Rivera Show. (Yes, i admit it...) He had on Muslims. They were saying THEN that they were going to have a race war in America. AND NOT ONE OF THEM WERE ARABIAN, MIDEASTERN OR FROM ANY OTHER COUNTRY WHERE THE MUSLIM RELIGION ORIGINATED. They were ALL black Americans.

I have NEVER forgotten as a teenager thinking what kind of world am I living in? I went to an integrated school and had always had friends from all kinds of backgrounds. These adults were hateful, bitter and ready to kill people. I did not know anything about their religion then.

What I do know is that because of the STUPID, I mean ABSOLUTELY FOOOOOOLISH legislation that our Congress has passed for the last 50 years, MANY white people have gone undercover with their racism. They network very well and are VERY secretive. They are not loud, obnoxious and foolish like Wright, Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson. And they have something the black people who wish their demise don't have - someone in the White House. He may be an undercover Muhammadan (I don't know, but he ACTS like it), but it was the WHITE people in this country who put him where he is since he came out of his WHITE momma's womb. And the billionaire WHITE people who bought his kingdom will NEVER let him forget it.

So for me it comes right back to what Dr. Keyes said in his post... we have ALL been put into slavery in this country and we have our government and the idiots that voted them into office to thank for it.

I admire the Hondurans...

Anonymous said...

What, the previous posts weren't a lecture?

I jest, not because the issues involved are less than serious, but because one must keep one's spirits up. The dire problems with America's current racial theories almost pale in comparison with other dangers. I am, in point of fact, not disposed to examine racial characteristics too closely other than when some racial theory is making claims which are ludicrous (and dangerous) on the face of things. White people are not devils or vermin (at least not more so than the rest of humanity), Black people are not beyond reproach.

Various intra-Asian racisms are sometimes amusing for their irrationality. I myself used to think very poorly of Japanese people, I now believe that their subordination to America is sincere and honorable (though it perhaps does not cover all sins). It is amusing to see how the Japanese or Koreans perceive the Chinese (or each other). But the key point of these racisms is that they are balanced against each other. In sum, they largely cancel out.

They are also less prone to absolutely ludicrous claims. If other nations are upset about what the Japanese did in World War II, they limit protests to how Japanese people choose to represent those events today. There isn't a widespread claim that the Japanese are inherently evil or particularly vicious, the great villains behind every bad thing that has happened in the history of the world. If other nations are concerned about having a giant communist empire around, they make rational security arrangements and defense policies. They don't try and pretend that China has never produced anything of value.

It would be simpler if everyone could be a lot less racist. But this is simply not realistic. A bias in favor of genetic similarity is inherent to all humans. Trying to stomp it out is like trying to stomp out a mother's special love of her own children. Pointless and prone to evil effects. It is wonderful for a mother to love all children as if they were her own. But you aren't going to get there by decrying her love for her own children.

I don't want the Nordic, Germanic, and other Caucasian peoples to stop with appreciation of their own good qualities. But to honestly appreciate other races, they are going to have to relearn rational approval of their own. And I'd rather not get shot because someone doesn't have the mental equipment to make a rational decision about race.

gilbertabrett said...

AMEN. And shooting where I live is a DAILY occurrence. BUT usually one is shot by someone in the same race.

I grew up thinking of people as people - maybe I was strange? As I get older, I see that within each race that I happen to know by living with or around them, there are certain traits (psychosocial, I guess?) that are prevalent. I just take it as they are taught that way by their parents, church leaders, community leaders, media they choose to watch and government 'officials' they choose to believe. I still think though, once you get to a certain age, you have a choice to believe everything you hear, believe what you WANT to hear because it makes you RIGHT or start learning for yourself. And in my case, asking GOD to SHOW you what's up.

Sadly, I must confess, that today is one of those days. My dad passed away last year. He worked 30 years faithfully for a company which is worth BILLIONS of dollars. He did top secret work and risked his life and his health to do so. Today my mom got his benefit package - all of maybe $550 a month. She could do better to go on welfare, food stamps and the like. Then the feds get their 20%...

So I asked GOD this morning what is this place I am in and give me an honest way to help my mom out. My dad did what he was supposed to do and THOUGHT he was providing for her in case of his early death and all that hard work for ???????

Slavery in America... we are all in the same boat. I am just concerned about who is steering the boat...

Anonymous said...

Someone who is very close to (unintentionally) turn it into several smaller boats and a lot of not very boatlike pieces. I'm just glad that there are going to be more boatlike pieces than I once thought.

Anonymous said...


You remind me about a Nigerian Professor who taught community drama at my University in the UK. Every lecture involved racism awareness discussions until I made a comment challenging his way of thinking. He made a claim that some English Nursery Rhymes have racist connotations. He gave the following example:

Baa Baa black sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes Sir! Yes Sir!
Three bags full.

One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Now after he made a comment saying it referred to black slavery and that it should be banned from Nursery Rhyme books, he then asked if any student had a comment. I replied, "I have a comment, so what is the meaning behind this nursery rhyme if as you say some Nursery Rhymes have racist connotations."

The example I gave was as follows:

Mary had a little lamb
Whose fleece as white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
The lamb was sure to go!

It followed her to school one day,
which was against the rules.
It made the children laugh and play,
To see a lamb at school.

I continued, "So then according to your theory should this Nursery Rhyme also be banned because it could also be seen that it has racist connotations that maybe offensive towards white people. So does this Nursery Rhyme refer to white slavery?"

He was speechless!

pbunyon said...


I have said in here before and may say again many times before it is over.

When the world revolves around you, be it yourself or your interest group, nothing you do or say has to make sense. These people (the professor, kid, etc) are not at all free because they are looking for a certain result. They do not live with any ounce of faith.

It reminds me of the nonsensical ideology that is common in the muslim world where you as a muslim man can do or say whatever you wish and it is like the Word of the Moon God, Allah. However, everyone else, including your own muslim women, are simply stepping stones.

Therein lies the problem in Africa today. You have muslim militants and sypathizers razing Africa to the ground. Buying and selling into slavery anyone especially non-muslims.

For such a great religion with such high morals I find it rather tragic that islam makes up the largest percentage of consumers of pornagraphy in the world.

What about that professor? He must have been at the very least a humanist. They don't make sense either.

gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes and friends of Loyal to Liberty!


Even though we now have a dictator, king, comrade, usurper, whatever he is... WE still have a wonderful history to celebrate.

AND... if it weren't for the freedom we once had, we could not have people like Mr. Kid either.

SO, GOD bless you all and have a safe holiday,

Gilbert in VA

Anonymous said...


The professor is now a director at one of the top US Universities. I've tried to contact him, but I think he may be avoiding me for some reason...;) More importantly though he promoted freedom of speech, open dialog and constructive criticism.

Jack said...

Wow really very nice and good information you share here. I read your entire post and really superb information you share here on funny stuff thanks for your information.

pbunyon said...


Your post was a good one though I did not take the idea that the professor promoted such freedom. In my experience, especially in college, the leftist professors simply made outlandish assumptions and approached teaching with a language controlling policy.

Sherry said...

First time on your site. Very interesting and thought-provoking post.

Sherry at Lipstick Election
and EX Marks the Spot

gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes, Just hoping you had a wonderful 4th of July and anticipating your next post. You know some of us get nervous when you do not post in more than a week... sorry... I will lay off the coffee..

gilbertabrett said...

Dr. Keyes, Maybe you could help me on this one when you get time...

I was doing some surfing on the web looking for conservative sites which I had not read before. I came across Right Wing News. An article by John Hawkins, "3 Reasons to Stop Obsessing Over Obama's Birth Certificate" caught my attention, so I checked it out. Seems as though this enlightened individual says that all the proof we need was found last year in a newspaper clipping. In it, a precious baby boy was announced by a Mr. & Mrs. Barack H. Obama in August 1961. He also stated that the certificate of live birth would be enough to get a passport. In Hawaii maybe, but ain't NO way in VA! They would laugh you out and especially if you tried to use a NEWSPAPER clipping as evidence. Funny thing though, he did not mention the fact of Obama's suspicious travels into Pakistan or his citizenship in Indonesia...

What I am wondering is if these reasons he gave are logical in determining that there is no case, then WHY would O'Drama spend just as much, if not more than you, to hide so much about himself? Is it because he wants to financially ruin you and all the others who look to expose the details of his life or to further alienate people in this country against conservatives, easier labeling them loons?

Derek P. said...

1961 Passport application records. Are they applicable?

gilbertabrett said...

Oh... and whatever happened to that passport mess which occurred right before the election? You know one of the guys that was involved in that mess was 'murdered' in DC? Of course, in DC it is not as if murder is unusual...

Anonymous said...


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