Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moral renewal-turning the key

[This third and final installment in the series Moral renewal, key to ending U.S. debt slavery should be read in conjunction with Part I and Part II]

If, in addressing the challenge of economic and social security the politicians simply meant to "second the motion" of God's intention for the family, things might have worked out differently.  (The same could be said of using public money to support education.)  I think, however, that the socialist mentality has at its heart a spirit of rebellion against God, not cooperation with His will.  So the purpose is to substitute government action for the activity of the God ordained institution of the natural family, and ultimately to exalt human will and control above and in place of adherence to God's will.

The key evidence of this intention is the promotion of so-called "gay-marriage."  Once that idea is accepted, the natural (i.e., Creator ordained) basis for the family is necessarily discarded.  The duties and attendant rights arising from the bonds of family are left with no legitimacy except what they derive from human legislation.  The state may then claim the power to define the duties and rights connected with the family without regard for any natural (that is, Creator ordained) limits upon that power.  This allows the state to claim the primary role in the upbringing and education of children.  It makes parents at best agents of state power. But once the upbringing and education of children are taken over by the state, the possibility of government of, by and for the people cannot be sustained. Those who control the government simply brainwash new generations to be servile subjects of state power.

Respect for the God-ordained family as an expression of the natural law instituted by God makes it imperative to preserve respect for each individual's responsibility to God, which the state cannot lawfully supersede. This imperative runs counter to any claim by the state justly to usurp from parents primary authority for the upbringing and education of children. It obliges the state to respect the unalienable right arising from each parent's responsibility before God.  Therefore in order to consolidate state power, the doctrine of unalienable rights arising from the natural law must be cast aside.

Not all of the politicians (in both the Democrat and Republican parties) who promote socialist schemes do so with this intention, aware of the full implications of what they do.  At present, however, I believe leaders in both the Democrat and Republican parties serve people and forces (e.g., George Soros) that are fully aware of, and committed to, the goal of discarding the natural law ideas articulated in the American Declaration of Independence; completely overturning the constitutional republic; and emancipating the institutions of human power (chiefly represented by government) from all not merely expedient moral constraint.

Because this escape from moral constraint is the desired result, there is no incentive for the government to live within it's means.  Money isn't put aside to meet needs or address crises.  Needs and crises are simply convenient excuses for claiming control of more and more money. Those seeking unlimited power covet unlimited control of all available resources.  Anyone who accepts the supposedly "pragmatic", money centered framework of the current discussion of government policy plays into their hands. The irresponsible policies that threaten the American way of life do not arise from bad fiscal practices. The bad practices arise from an ideological agenda intended to destroy the American way of life.

Clearly the first step in thwarting this agenda is to recognize the mainly ideological character of the threat. Then we must:
  • Refresh and restore our understanding of the ideas and principles that provide the moral and practical basis for constitutional (justly limited) government, including especially the natural law basis for the doctrine of unalienable rights and its dependence on acknowledging the existence and authority of the Creator, God;
  • Think through and apply the consequences of this understanding of America's ideas and principles as the basis for our approach to all the policy issues we face, beginning with the treacherous failure of the existing political system and the elites that control it, as well as the issues of national and economic security arising from that failure;
  • Give priority to addressing the aspects of this failure that most directly assault the moral and practical foundations of constitutional government, especially:
    • Imposition of a false doctrine of "separation of church and state" intended to impose government control of all religious belief and activity rather than to protect them from government interference and domination;
    • Abrogation of the doctrine of unalienable rights through abuses of executive, legislative and judicial power in order to promote abortion, gay marriage, and wholesale infringement of the right to keep and bear arms;
    • Material starvation of the right peaceably to assemble and seek redress of grievances being perpetrated under the guise of so-called "campaign finance reform" laws, and other legislation aimed at stifling the political activities of the people;
    • Erosion and confiscation of the independent material resources of the people through the imposition of a tax system that requires the surrender of fundamental constitutional rights and fiscal policies that virtually enslave this and future generations of Americans with debts to foreign powers and international banking institutions;
    • Dilution of the sovereignty of the American people through lax surveillance of the borders of the United States, lax enforcement of immigration laws, and careless extensions of the privileges of legal residence and citizenship to illegal aliens, thereby promoting a demographic invasion of the United States intended to subvert the sovereignty of the American people.
  • Support proposals to address the crisis of national and economic security that aim to
    • Reestablish the just limits upon government power imposed by the U.S. constitution, including the exclusion of the judiciary from any share in the legislative power of government;
    • Abolish the Federal income tax, and repeal the 16th amendment thus restoring to the people control of the first claim to and use of their property and resources, including especially such income as they derive from their labor or other economically valuable capacities.
    • Fund the Federal government using tariffs, duties and excise taxes as provided for in the Constitution prior to the imposition of the Federal income tax;
    • Restore the Federal character of the Constitutional republic by restricting the activities of the U.S. government to the use of those powers explicitly delegated to it by the Constitution, leaving all others, not explicitly prohibited by the Constitution, to the States and the people as the 10th Amendment requires.
    • Reestablish the Constitutional provision for enforcement of the 10th amendment by repealing the 17th Amendment, and thus returning the election of U.S. Senators to the control of the people as constituents of their State governments, through which they exercise the residual powers of sovereignty reserved to them by the 10th amendment.
    • Base efforts to address the social and economic challenges facing the American people on approaches that fully respect the prerogatives and responsibilities of the natural family; preserve the private sector as the primary and preferred engine of economic activity; and protect the material independence and national security of the American people by reducing the national debt and pursuing trade and other international policies that preserve the industrial capacity of the United States on a competitive basis.
    • Maintain the moral and material capacity of the United States to pursue the most effective strategy for national defense, including the capacity to comprehend, influence and where necessary appropriately respond to, threatening international events and situations;
    • Reject the false national security policy that seeks to compensate for ineffective or incompetent national security measures by targeting the unalienable rights and constitutional liberties of Americans.

    Note that this strategic outline includes both a clear understanding of our situation, and a summary of specific priorities and related policy goals. We need to find and back people who are willing and able to represent both, first as candidates for office, and then as our representatives in government. Because the threat does not come exclusively from this or that particular element of the assault on our way of life people who are good on one or even several issues, but who do not subscribe to or cannot articulate the understanding and priorities that inform our overall purpose, won’t get the job done. Such people could be useful members of the forces needed to renew our liberty, but they will not succeed without general leadership that effectively unifies them in articulate pursuit of the overall strategic plan.


    gilbertabrett said...

    I agree with your outline Dr. Keyes and now all we need is for some statesmen to step up! Of course, I would suggest public hanging for those that think taking advantage of almost 400 million people is something that is alright to do. I am sick of the traitors we have in public office that go around smiling all over the world, kissing and bowing to people that would obliterate our entire country given the chance. Get 'em to the gallows I say! Of course, my suggestion of just getting rid of everyone we have in government now (including all the illegal government departments) and starting over with the original founding documents would work just as well and then we would have been through with taking out the trash...

    Anonymous said...

    Now all you need is someone to put the bell on the cat....

    Well, at least now most of the mice have woken up to the fact that there is a cat. That represents a huge amount of progress from even a year ago.

    Dawg_em said...

    As Dr. Keyes so definitively illustrates, the "key to ending debt slavery" is not a single issue rooted in economics alone. It is systemic. It is a mindset. Just as tyrany has many tentacles attached to the same slug of a beast, liberty encompasses many aspects of our lives. The two are mutually exclusive, regardless of a seeming ability to coexist at different levels and at different times. One must (and will) give way to the other eventually. Liberty, if left to the slothful, cowardly and morally bankrupt. Tyrany, if opposed by the blood, sweat and tears of the Godly. The former needs only indifference, the latter requires dilligence.

    Those in politics who promote some liberty on the one hand, yet help establish bigger government on the other, are hypocritical, if not at least delusional.

    gilbertabrett said...

    I totally agree with you Dawg em. I was employed at a Christian facility a couple of years ago and many of those people's mentality was "GOD has everything in control." Hence, they felt VERY comfortable voting for Barack Obama because he is a "black" "man." I question both of those adjectives when describing that traitor, but that is another comment I have probably left more than one time.

    People who read AND BELIEVE the Bible know exactly what is going to happen to the world one day, and according to most, within our lifetime. BUT, that does not mean (& I have commented on this too before) that you have to take it lying down without a fight for what is right. If that is the case and that IS what we should do, then there is no point to any of this discussion and we should just turn ourselves and our children over to the government NOW with our head (literally) on a silver platter.

    I know GOD did not give us individuality AND will to do what everyone thinks or says we should do.

    As I told my mom a few minutes ago, that is why I do not feel any compassion for the "legal" baby murderer that was KILLED, or his family or his friends OR HIS COWORKERS, NEIGHBORS OR "CHURCH" FAMILY. They, to me, are SICK people. Who am I to say whether GOD DID use the man that killed him as vengeance? My mom says because I KNOW what the Bible says about vengeance and murder. I just see a big problem by humans saying it is alright to stab babies in the back of their necks while they are hanging half way out of their mother's womb.

    No one is that close to GOD nowadays to say what someone has heard from GOD (in most cases). There IS NO Moses around or we would surely know of him, his great works AND HIS GOD. JESUS said you will know my disciples by greater works than I have done. When is the last time you saw any of our great Christian leaders raise someone from the dead, much less heal them? Maybe I am just jaded...

    It's kinda like Dr. Manning said on one of his shows. Billy Graham is bowed down to the world over. He has entertained every president and most of the great world leaders for a generation. BUT YOU DID NOT HEAR TO MUCH OUTTA HIM BACK IN THE 70'S WHEN ALL THIS ABORTION STUFF STARTED. "Christian?" And people have to wear a bracelet to think about what would JESUS do? Comical or sad?

    Anonymous said...

    There are people getting healed or raised from the dead all the time. True, the 'mainstream' Christians don't have much faith in that sort of thing anymore, but the core of Christianity has never been really 'mainstream'.

    After all, that's just a different way of saying 'worldly'.

    Tim said...

    If the leadership of our great country continues on it's downward spiral then it is my belief that God will lower His hedge of protection from America!

    gilbertabrett said...

    Agreed, Chiu. I get the Voice of the Martyrs magazine and I have read before where people in Africa and Asia have been raised OR VISIBLY healed in front of witnesses. I am just saddened by the number of people that profess their beliefs, but do not live them OR allow the HOLY SPIRIT to perform that which HE is able. Especially in this country where we have "leaders" on pedestals. I try not to be cynical and prefer the words cautious and observant, but I really wonder where this all is going to lead.

    We have a "man" who sits in OUR White House, pretending to be president, refusing to give any credentials, and signing destructive international documents with foreign countries and organizations that our "news" media does not report on (I have to go to Canada, Israel or another country) and very few of our citizens are slightly even concerned. To me, they behave as if this is not serious.

    IF this creature is not legally supposed to be in that office and he is allowed to remain there for the entire four years, then how easy will it be when the truth comes out for a border jumper with some dead person's SS# to become our NEXT president?

    I wonder how many people that travel to third world nations from America would like to live in the places they visit. That is what it will be like in another generation or less if we do not protect our Constitution.

    I get so tired of the stupid ones who say it is just a document. They have no regard for the blood, sweat and tears of the people who fought so hard for us to have the wonderful lives we have. I hear so many cry in this country about how the white man has kept them down, but I venture none of those crying would want to be in Haiti right now.

    Angelopeter said...

    It seems as though the United Sates of America ( If the current administration continues on its path of soviet style communism with no resistance) will find itself in the midst of civil war, or worse military rule.

    The eternal law of Objective Truth, which of course is the foundation of natural and human law, has been rejected by leaders and politicians, and frighteningly by the majority of the general public. Without the eternal law,
    the natural and human law have no basis, and cannot be protected from corrupt judges, slippery politicians, progressive unions, and God hating liberal academia. The modern world of moral relativism, and its “ ministers of light,” are building ( or I should say,.. completing) the social, economic, and educational infrastructure that will indoctrinate the masses of the blind and ignorant into utter destruction on earth and in eternity, and what better place to solidify this Luciferian indoctrination than in the incubator of childhood education?

    So ( God forbid) America is thrust into civil war, it is due to the rejection of the eternal law, for peace is “ Tranquility of order,“-St. Thomas Aquinas, and when the order of Law is inordinate, then chaos, war, and madness are the effect. But as our Lord said, “ Fear is useless,” God will not abandon those who seek His face, He will not abandon those who love truth, justice and peace. In this time on earth, the saints shall be the greatest, for greater lights are needed in overwhelming darkness. God bless you and your country.

    Christe eleison.

    IlĂ­on said...

    "Reestablish the Constitutional provision for enforcement of the 10th amendment by repealing the 17th Amendment, and thus returning the election of U.S. Senators to the control of the people as constituents of their State governments, through which they exercise the residual powers of sovereignty reserved to them by the 10th amendment."

    I agree with repealing the 17th. And, I’m fairly sure I understand what you mean in the quotation ... but I’m also sure that most citizens will not understand. After several generations of miseducation about "democracy," few understand "constitutional federal republic."

    Dawg_em said...

    Isn't it sad, gilbertabrett, how so many can be deluded into believing "God has everything under control"? That's not to say He can't. But you have pointed to the essence of the issue; we can either choose life or choose death. God doesn't want us under His thumb. He gave us free-will and there are consequences for our choices.

    I heard a phrase that went something like "work as if everything depended upon you and pray as if everything depended upon God". (I also heard it inverted but I have yet to make sense of it.) In any event it is a copout to say, in essence, we don't determine our destiny.

    As to the 'end times', I once was intrigued by the prognosticators who were predicting the "Great Event". I don't wish to disparage anyone who believes they have the "word" but Jesus Himself said only the Father knows the time, not even the Son. Many people throughout the ages have made their predictions. No, my take is this; when you or I die, that's our end time. We must all prepare for that eventuality, and voting for a baby-killing sodomite will not endear us to the Lord.

    If I could paraphrase the previous sentiment it would go something like:

    "Fight as though your posterity depends upon you; and pray as though your soul depends upon the mercy of Almighty God."

    Dawg_em said...

    I agree, Tim. I don't believe our God wants us to suffer. But because He respects the free-will He has given us, when we turn our backs on Him we leave Him no choice but to leave us to our own devices. He won't force us to love Him. When we obey him His graces are bestowed upon us and we are blessed. When He withdraws those gifts what he is saying is, "Fine. If you think you can do better, have at it."

    The result is predictable to those who know how He works in our lives.


    Anonymous said...

    I already got through the hedge, though.

    gilbertabrett said...

    Speaking about "end time" events, I am not sure what is going to happen OR when it will, but I know just as sure as a boil on your skin comes to a head, SOMETHING is going on in our world that is culminating in an event that many are unaware of and unprepared for. I appreciate your final thought in your one comment Dawg em: "Fight as though your posterity depends upon you; and pray as though your soul depends upon the mercy of Almighty God."

    As I commented, because we have a pitiful excuse for "news" in this country, I have to read elsewhere. There are MANY things happening across our world that are prophetic signs being fulfilled. Whatever happens, it is ALWAYS best to be prepared. I learned that as a young lad in the Boy Scouts AND Royal Rangers.

    I was well known for my quick retorts concerning political & religious topics at my previous two jobs. I was termed as acerbic at times, even by my "Christian" co-workers. I found that most of them were ignorant concerning history and therefore thoroughly unprepared to carry on a meaningful conversation without getting their feelings hurt. Even with someone like myself: two years of college and curious enough to read from many sources to have some facts to present in a debate.

    If our forefathers had applied the "principles" some of today's "Christians" use in their voting, we would HAVE no America. And yet so many purport to understand what these men were thinking in that time. And how they would have made such a difference if they had lived then. We would have been chewed up and spit out...

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