Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Challenge to Debate Obama Eligibility Issue

With permission I here post a copy of an email Greg Sabine of Massachusetts sent to CNN personnel. He is one of the many people who are dismayed at the unwillingness of the manipulated media to report the facts and pursue actual and conclusive evidence regarding Obama's Constitutional eligibility for the Office of President of the United States. Needless to say, I would happily participate in the debate Greg suggests. However, my guess is we'll be safer whistling for a wind than holding our breath waiting for a positive response from CNN. Like the cowardly back-shooters of the Old West, the manipulated media propagandists have no stomach for a fair fight.

To the Following CNN Suppressors of Free Speech:

Jim Walton

Susan Grant

Jon Klein

Rena Golden

David Payne

Mitch Gelman

As a history teacher and civic educator I endeavor to get my students to think logically - with the ultimate goal of discovering the truth. This means that they must be able to read critically, ask penetrating questions and examine facts in an open and non threatening environment. They must be able to both follow the evidence wherever it may lead and acknowledge the truth when it is discovered.

That is the essence of free and open inquiry. And it has for over two centuries separated us from the tyrannical rule so cruelly manifest around the globe.

Until now, sadly. It sickens me to say that you media nazis do not even accord your own Lou Dobbs the same freedoms allowed in my middle-school classroom.

Here is my proposal:

Lou Dobbs will moderate a high publicized, nationally televised, two-hour, commercial-free debate on the monumentally important constitutional issue of Barack Obama's citizenship.

The suggested topic will be, "Proposed. Barack Obama should immediately provide the American public with all the documentation necessary, beginning with his true long-form birth certificate, to prove that he meets the constitutional requirement to hold the office of president of the United States."

The CNN Team will consist of any three individuals you choose.

The Full Disclosure Team will consist of:

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily

Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes

Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz

No such forum has yet to be conducted on this monumentally important issue. Here is your chance to atone for the incredible constitutional crisis created by your willful suppression of the truth.

This issue is not going to evaporate. We won't go away.

Greg Sabine

Brockton, MA 02302

P.S. - Many freedom loving Americans await your answer.


Anonymous said...

I would love to watch that debate. Of course we know that CNN isn't interested in the truth. They are simply interested in ratings. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But perhaps they should just tell people upfront they are more interested in ratings than truth. Oh, that would hurt their ratings, wouldn't it?

Alan Keyes said...


Good point. I wonder though, whether in this case they aren't actually more interested in thought control than ratings. The proposed debate would garner viewership from all sides of the political spectrum. Therefore, it would probably get excellent ratings. But CNN is part of the Manipulative Media, and this would run contrary to the MM's effort to control public perception by repressing the public's exposure to people who are demanding the proof the Constitution requires. I think that's why they won't agree to the proposal.
Alan Keyes

Anonymous said...

You are a such brave man!

Jackie Smith said...

Greg....Great idea.....CNN did a number on Orly and Dr. Keyes when they were on the first time....all of these MEDIA PIMPS are afraid of the truth....that's all there is to it!!!

Anonymous said...

many people would not even take this debate seriously. people are not lovers of the truth anymore. I'm afraid we've reached the point where multitudes call good evil and evil good that the bible speaks of. nothing can snap these clones out of it until utter destruction comes forth. and out of those multitudes, very few will repent of their sins and acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus Christ) as Lord. The only revival I see is the resurrection of the dead as our Lord will be set to rule the earth for 1000 years with His faithful saints along side Him.

pbunyon said...


Indeed it would hurt their ratings. The overwhelming tide of conservatives tuning in would make them look bad to their political bosses. The balance would shift out of control for two hours and that is too much for any media cartel to tolerate.


Anonymous said...

Well, who even cares about CNN? Fox News has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined and is increasing in popularity with younger viewers. If people are watching the news at all, they're watching Fox.

So this challenge should be directed to Fox, which does care about ratings. Given that their general position on the issue is similar, they deserve to be challenged on this issue as well. The difference is that they might actually be able to scare up some good opponents.

Or not. After all, the Fox News position on Hussein's birth citizenship (and subsequent voluntary renunciations of any U.S. citizenship) is driven by ratings and perceived credibility, not logic or evidence. Ratings and respectability aren't even as high a motive as blind ideological allegiance when it comes to effective debate. Still, with Fox News I would bet they'd find someone who at least doesn't immediately seem like a complete fool. CNN can't do that.

gilbertabrett said...

You keep giving them agony Dr. Keyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick and TIRED of hearing some of these radio hosts saying the 'birthers' are crazy, or living in the past, or mad they did not win (which sounds pretty stupid since this is not a game of dodge ball). One on the "conservative" station even talking bad about Lou Dobbs because he said it needed to be resolved. I would love to slap the man through the radio...

These people are idiots...

I told someone I would get some sleep so I am going to bed. I hope and pray that this movement KEEPS gaining momentum and I look forward to seeing someone in the "news" media grow a backbone and have you all speak nationally on the subject.

beache9 said...
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beache9 said...

Fox is "the fair and balanced" news station of the four or so major ones. CNN, MSNBC, and ABC are more Republican. Since this argument is one leaning more towards a liberal view (Meaning, outlandish to the more general public, mind you), Fox would be the best choice for you to work with.

I'm not saying this is a Democratic viewpoint, by far. I'm simply saying that the general american public would automatically dismiss the thought and commit no action of resolution.

I'd like to work with you in any way that I could, Dr. Keyes. Best regards.

HistoryWriter said...

When are you going to give up this silliness and begin concentrating on more important things? You "birthers" are becoming a laughingstock. Even Bill O'Reilly thinks you're absurd.

Nelson said...

I would love to see a debate on Obama's eligibility issue! I believe the media has caused great harm by willfully ignoring this important topic. I also fully support the efforts of Dr. Keyes, and many others like him, who will not let themselves be manipulated by the mainstream media.

And for those of you who think us "birthers" are becoming a laughingstock, answer me this one question: Why is Obama choosing to ignore this issue? Anyone with common sense can easily recognize that Obama is hiding something. It's as simple as adding 2 plus 2.

James said...

You've gotta go beyond the Certificate.
Question his father's citizenship and thus his eligibility.
Why are all his college and other records also covered up? There are TONS of records that won't be released? Why?
Don't let them paint you as a crackpot, UFO freak.

pbunyon said...

Dr. Keyes,

So, Eric Holder just made a statement saying he is concerned about Americans that go overseas (learning skills and ideology) and come back intending to harm America(ns).

Isn't that just exactly what Barrack Hussein Obama did? Does Holder not hear himself? What do you think?

beache9 said...

the biased opinion of ignorant america (bill o'reilly) does not count.

Anonymous said...

You know...I'm a little tired of the whole "UFO conspiracy" comparison. I mean, even if I didn't have pretty solid reasons to believe that extraterrestrial life does exist, it's not like it would be idiotic to accept the fairly high probability that Earth is not unique, among the trillion or so planets in just the Milky Way, in having given rise to intelligent life. I mean, if humans are smart enough to bombard other planets with their probes, what is the basis for believing this would be impossible for some other species out there?

The very best argument against believing in extraterrestrial visitors is that they haven't made open contact with humanity at large. Which depends on the premise that people smart enough to travel interstellar space would necessarily think telling humanity all about themselves would be a good idea. Which I personally think is a stupid premise, but I'll leave it as a matter of opinion.

On the other hand, there is a certain pathetic silliness about bothering to try and do anything about extraterrestrials. I mean...if they can travel interstellar space and don't want to reveal themselves...then it's probably useless to look for them. And you gotta know that if anyone can kill you and make it look like an accident....

Anyway, that probably doesn't have much to do with the conversation.

IONU said...


Good luck with Saudi controlled Faux News, it's no better than CNN. O'Reilly/Hannity/Beck et al value their careers (and safety) too much to incur the wrath of the Obama mafia.

Friar Matt said...
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Friar Matt said...

This issue is much different than the case of aliens for one simple reason. Those who do not believe in aliens do not have proof that they do not exist.
In the case of Barack Obama, the birth certificate is proof that they claim to have, but will not release.

Anonymous said...

There is not a shred of evidence that life in any form exists now or ever in the past anywhere else than on our planet.

"It is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whasoever for believing it to be true."
Bertrand Russell

There is also no evidence that "debate" ever settled anything.

The facts speak for themselves. Obama refuses to release his records because they damage him, perhaps even disqualify him from his office.

He has already established that he is a charlatan. I am confident that he is destroying himself and his congenital ultraliberal colleagues. The notion of a challenge is admirable and could be set in motion, but hasn't that altready been done? Hasn't he already proved he is unfit to be President? Hasn't the Supreme Court already proved it is corrupt?

I think we should rely on Oscar Wilde's analysis -

"If you tell the truth you can be certain, sooner or later, to be be found out."

I speak as a convinced determinist. There is nothing that can be done to alter the future.

"EVERYTHING is forces over which we have no control."
Albert Einstein, my emphasis.

Dick said...

Someone once observed that they would get to the bottom of the JFK assasination when the last man involved was dead. I would hope that it did not take that long with respect to BHOs birth certificate and personnal records. Now I am hearing that the state of his alleged place of birth may be setting up news stories in order to justify destroying his original BC. I think Orly Taitz et al should be filing an injunction to make certain that this never happens.

HistoryWriter said...

Don't you "birthers" see how you're marginalizing yourselves by continuing this foolishness?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're so marginal that you've returned to grace us with your presence--and repeated assertion that we should just give up.

John K said...

A great idea that needs to be shared with others to gain support and pressure CNN to have the debate. Dobbs as the moderator is ideal but CNN elite will oppose because Dobbs is considered an enemy. Ratings should skyrocket for CNN. Another debate forum is to have it similar to a court where the moderator acts as a judge, PBS had a format where public issues were discussed pro and con.

RickK said...

One fact that cannot be denied is that Barry is trying to hide something, actually many things.

I believe he was not born in the USA, but in Kenya. I suspect he also attended college as a foreign student which is the reason these records are sealed. If he had nothing to hide he would not have his files sealed.

Barry is a black nationalist/communist which was ignored by the mainstream media during the presidential campaign. If the American people knew the facts about black nationalism, most never would have voted for him.

We need to get to the bottom of this problem and producing the requested documents will be the only way to do it. They have had time to counterfeit and create new documentation so maybe it is too late, but we must keep trying to seek the truth.

The televised debate is a great idea. The presentation of the facts and evidence would allow the people to form an educated opinion. Now we have the MSM and the White House telling us we must believe them or we are mentally ill. Obama has not produced any evidence whatsoever. One phony birth document is all they have produced. All other files have been sealed including those in Kenya.

UFO's do exist, my ex-wife and myself personally witnessed two totally illuminated flying craft larger than 747's in South Dakota early August 1990. At first they were stationary, then they began moving. One was following the other and we were within 1/4 mile of them. They were traveling slowly at approximately 30MPH. Then all of a sudden they took off and were completely out of sight within 2 seconds. We have nothing here on earth that can maneuver and travel as fast as these craft did. Our government has evidence of their existence but have sealed the files from public view because they don't think we can handle the truth.

gilbertabrett said...

Who is a Bill O'Reilly???????? And a Historywriter?????

Bill O'Reilly is a LOUD MOUTHED know-it-all ENTERTAINER who gets involved in anything that gives him ratings and secures his paycheck. And I sometimes think that is the ONLY reason he got so involved with the Megan's Laws. He never allows anyone to complete a sentence and really would do good to TALK to himself the entire show.

He is certainly nobody's Allen Keyes...

And for you poor sheep who felt so sorry for us that you had to come up with a sophomoric catch phrase, GUESS WHAT? We feel even more sorry for you all because not only do you believe what you have been herded to believe, but you will also do the same for your children - creating another generation of idiots... BAH, BAH...


The types of games these people are playing should have been learned through childhood and into adolescence. You all remind me of the people the old folks in the South say don't have sense to come in from the rain...

John K said...

Another approach is to setup a debate using a community cable channel which are free of charge. Often these programs are distributed around the cable company network thus a larger audience. The tape could also be place on UTube and other venues. If it gets a large audience they Fox, CNN, will notice.

Anonymous said...

RickK brings up a good point about UFOs, anything that you can't identify which flies is an Unidentified Flying Object. A large number of identifiable airborne objects used to be UFOs, and back when they were UFOs their existence was denied or actively obscured by agencies of the United States government.

Many of these later turn out to be simply weather-related phenomena or other terrestrial but rarely observed entities. But as long as the object remains unidentified, the USAF and NASA would rather you not know about it. This behavior pattern is a matter of proven fact.

In other words, the controversy over UFOs is not whether or not there exist atmospheric phenomena which humanity does not have the knowledge to identify with confidence. Anyone so loutish as to supposed that humans can explain more than a tiny fraction of what happens in the planet's atmosphere isn't worth the arguments they ignore. Nor is it about whether extraterrestrials exist and visit Earth. If they do, there's not much you can do about it even if you happen to see one. The real issue is whether or not you believe that government agencies ever act to suppress information they find inconvenient or embarrassing.

To that address, try clicking on the links in the most recently posted entries on this blog.

Welcome to the tinfoil-hat crowd. Membership isn't a matter of what you happen to believe, but whether or not the government approves of you believing it.

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