Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama’s Bow- Protocol nod or wink of appeasement?

An article on the games of the ninth Olympiad in the Encyclopedia of the modern Olympic Games takes note of the following: "The American team was also watched closely for their etiquette as they marched passed the reviewing stand. Led by AOC head MacArthur, the Yankee squad continued the American custom of refusing to bow to or salute any foreign monarch…"

Since he is no Olympian, when Barack Obama met with the King of Saudi Arabia recently he proffered what might be interpreted as a deep and unmistakeable bow. Whatever the eventual excuse given for this apparent obeisance, I doubt it will accompany the photo as it is reproduced in publications throughout the Islamic world.

Some people ascribe this alleged faux pas to Obama's ignorance of the proper protocol between Heads of State. Yet when he met with the Queen of England, he shook hands and nodded slightly, a correct and inoffensive greeting under the circumstances. (See the Youtube videos now playing under the heading "Did you Catch that?" to the left.) It appears that the State Department's Acting Chief of Protocol may have briefed him after all.

The difference suggests not ignorance, but an intentional application of Obama's special knowledge.

Thanks to his years of Muslim schooling as a child in Indonesia (from 1967-1971 he lived there with his mother and Indonesian step father, who was like his Kenyan sire, of the Islamic faith), Obama is certainly aware of and sensitive to the special religious status and legitimacy claimed by the Saudi Monarch "as guardian of Mecca and Medina, the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and of the Islamic faith." While we citizens of the American republic mull over the possible insult to the sovereignty and republican mores of the people Obama is supposed to represent, his gesture of religious fealty sends an unmistakable message to Muslim millions around the world. Could it be the proverbial wink that a con artist uses to communicate his real identity to those who are in on the sting?

Just another episode that, taken by itself, may mean nothing. But in the context of all we know, and ominously don't know, about the background and policies of the present occupant of the White House, it is as Arsenio Hall used to say, one of those "things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm."

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't the "Messiah" at least have chosen a better angle for that picture? I have a hard time telling whether he's bowing to Mecca or mooning America. I suppose he intends both gestures equally.

Swaineadeney said...

You raise an important point.
The Obama bend-over to the Saudi Monarch
is nothing short of 'frightening'.

Christinewjc said...

Good post and excellent point, Dr. Keyes. I may have missed it, but I do not think that the video showed any of the other leaders bowing to the Saudi king.

How frightening it is to see how far we have come from "the American custom of refusing to bow or salute any foreign monarch" symbol of allegiance to America and the sovereignty policies from the past.

So many Americans are ignorant (unfortunately) about how certain acts look to the Arab and Muslim world. They might dismiss your very valid concerns here and claim that Obama was just being "respectful." Yeah...right.

When Obama made the mistake of saying he had visited "all 57 states" while campaigning for the presidential election, how many people in America realized that there are 57 Arab/Muslim states? And, recall his interview with George Stephanopoulos (sp?) where Obama stated, "my Muslim faith." No Christian that I know would ever have made such a mistake. Not even close. It was dismissed as a "slip of the tongue," but was it really?

If you have time, I hope you will consider reading a post at my Talk Wisdom blog: These Are Not Frivolous Matters.

HistoryWriter said...

This is almost as absurd as that "Obama's not an American" nonsense about a month ago. Seriously, isn't it time you got over this. After all, he's in the White House and you're --- well, nowhere at all.

The Silent Consensus said...

Data is not the plural of anecdote

The Localmalcontent said...

Or, could all these faux pas be a single form of Secretary of State Hillary's Revenge?

Lungfungus said...

This is so infuriating, I am lost for words... As an individual who has witnessed the monstrosities that Saudi Arabia sponsors, who has seen his own brother riddled with bullets, bones shattered, immobile in a gurney; who has lost GOOD FRIENDS fighting for those who Obama is supposed to represent, who has attended funeral after funeral after funeral of OUTSTANDING MEN, who has seen the tears streaming down the faces of mothers and wives...


Anonymous said...

I frankly don't care whether or not Obama's an American, the thing that gets me is that he's anti-American, and rather stupid to boot.

"American", used as an adjective, describes certain characteristics having to do with love (and understanding) of the principles of freedom, independence, potential, and all that Founding Fathers stuff that some people obviously don't "get".

groovsmyth said...

This is almost as absurd as that "Obama's not an American" nonsense about a month ago. Seriously, isn't it time you got over this. After all, he's in the White House and you're --- well, nowhere at all.

...*winks* one complicit in the *sting*

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, why didnt he bow before the Queen of England? But he does obeisance to a muslim leader? This man is a bonafied FRAUD of a president, not to mention a traitor.

Thanks Ambassador Keyes

Madas said...

Frankly, this incident shows two things. The first is that Obama, like many leftists does not believe in symbolism. I highly doubt that he bow before the king thinking that he was subjecting American authority to Saudi Arabia. He probably thinks it's silly that bowing even means anything at all. Secondly, it shows that he's willing to sell out American values if its convenient. Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Wait...if leftists don't believe in symbolism then just what do they believe?

Or are you saying that they don't understand symbolism?

Really, all I can see here is Obama making a (rather more literal than usual) ass of himself. Admittedly, I think that there is some method behind much of the apparent madness, but a lot of it is just stupid, and this bow fits into that category. If there were really any thought behind the gesture, I...would like to believe it would have been better executed.

It's not that I don't believe that there is a literally fiendish intelligence orchestrating Obama's actions. It's just that, in my admittedly limited experience, real fiends aren't actually all that intelligent. This looks like an impulsive action to me. While I feel that the impulse was anti-American (I have yet to see Obama show any American impulses), that still leaves us with nothing beyond the obvious, that Obama has no deeply felt love of American values.

Worth pointing out, certainly. A dangerous signal to all enemies of freedom, not just those who pray facing Mecca. Certainly not something he even tries to hide from the rest of the world. But not part of some grand plot either.

A "knowing" wink is an apt comparison. The real artist doesn't resort to such a crude gesture. Only the buffoon who'd like to pretend he's inside does something like that.

Alec Rawls said...

Almost all of Obama's longstanding mentors and confidants are not just Muslim, but Islamofascist. Count 'em:

William "Abu Zayd" Ayers; Obama "cousin" Raila Odinga, who pretends to be a Christian but was outed at the end of 2007 as a secret Islamo-fascist; "ex-Muslim" Jeremiah Wright, whose phony Christian church embraces the Nation of Islam; the Nation of Islam racist who got Obama into Harvard law; etcetera. Longer list, with links to documentation here.

DebinFlorida said...

We have been like FOOLISH and stupid(sottish)children. Jer 4:22

Obama is a usurper and to those with eyes and ears that are operational we are many watchman who have been sounding the alarm to those who will listen and look. The trojan horse is within the gates...

DebinFlorida said...

Obama is a Trojan Horse like (Allah a Deceiver a schemer and devious planner.sura 3:54)
Quran promotes lying especially to infidels and actions speak louder than words sometimes! Kinda like faith without works is DEAD and we will KNOW THEM by their fruits!

gop solution architect said...

Obama's reckless behavior overseas may have lead to the attack in Binghamton. Just got this alert from Homeland Security from twitter.

"Terror Chief Baituallah Mehsud Claims Responsibility For Binghamton Shooting: Pakistani Taliban militant leader.."

This would be the first attack on American soil since 9/11.

DebinFlorida said...

Just look up the meanings of the name Barry the spear (of destiny,) who "changed" his name to Barak a lightening flash, Hussein a handsome prominent royal ISLAMIC one, Muhammed who is praised and glorified, Obama a crooked and zig zagging (serpent?)

Any Questions left as to who he represents in Babylon? The war and jihad is not in Iraq, Afganistan or just in literal physical Israel folks. It is right here in the USA which is also right in the middle of Jer usa lem...spiritually speaking for who is really Israel? Think about it...Global Social-Islam is like Terror-Islam for if you look up Terrorism in Marriam Websters it says "a systematic use of terror as form of conversion, terror as a state of intense fear. Add that to Tribulation which is EXTREME Pressure literally or figuratively (to press or oppress) and you get GREAT TRIBULATION! The entire world is caught in Great Tribulation wouldn't you say?

tjmarz said...

words from
the beak
can wound
the flesh
shake hands
w/ the claw
then bleed
from the palm
wish that
forearms had
wings at first
is the darkness
then the bright
light an
albino eagle
an angel
of white

-tj marz

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