Friday, February 12, 2010

GOP elite: liberal, not moderate

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Anonymous said...

Your explication of this particular aspect of the corruption of American electoral politics is quite correct, so far as it goes.

But the elimination of real choice from the ballot itself is not the full extent of the problem. Even if the great majority of voters were to write-in an acceptable candidate, it is certain those votes would not be counted.

Just as the real debate of Constitutional issues is systematically ignored by the 'legitimate' press, so too the actual votes cast in elections are filtered to remove 'artifacts' and 'voter errors'. This means that it is fundamentally impossible to rectify America's government through the electoral process.

MaryAnnH said...

Chiu, I hope and pray that you are wrong. I have not given up--yet. Most certainly the road ahead will be rough, uneven, and sometimes overwhelming. But I will not give up my country without a fight--and I'm talking about a fight at the ballot box. Not for GOP's "sanctioned" candidates, but for true conservatives who just happen to be using the GOP's ballot access. The real battles in 2010 will be fought in the primaries--not in the general election. The time to begin is NOW, the time to start working is NOW, the time to organize is NOW. We must never be silent again, and we must never be caught as unprepared as we were in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I cannot advocate giving up. That would be illogical.

I do advocate serious contemplation of what you will do when a government that is utterly unrestrained by respect for morality or law refuses to accede to polite requests for relief.

If you are unwilling to take your opposition to tyranny beyond an entirely symbolic participation in an event sponsored and totally controlled by the very people who seek to enslave you...that would strike me as nearly unconditional surrender. Perhaps there is still some difference between easily silenced protest and mere silence. But I do not know what it could be.

In the end, you must make a hard choice. Either America will be again divided by civil war, or it will fall into simple anarchy. The general respect for law which could have preserved the nation whole has been fatally undermined, you have no choices left which do not involve great loss.

All you have left is the choice of whether to defend what remains of your country.

Dawg_em said...

Chiu, you are absolutely correct. Given that the software for the electronic voting machines is withheld even from congress, there will be no opportunity to review "inconsistencies". Especially if our beloved leaders have given a pass in law preventing lawsuits from spreading the light of day on any errors. Small differences in exit polls with the announced end result will be easily remedied by the tyrants. Likewise, large differences will not dissuade them from making needed corrections. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

As to the article, Dr. Keyes does make mention of Pat Buchanan. The one-time hero of the pitchfork brigades, he now appears to be politically dyslexic. He says the members of the Tea Party movement delude themselves into believing they have power while warning the dems and republicans to watch out lest they be removed by such as these.

Sad. So sad. What motivates so-called conservative pundits to dismiss America's last best hope of a return to liberty? A massive political awakening that regards the present system as antithetical to American liberty is our last chance for a peaceful revolution. Without it the vultures that presently run many nations will amp up their pecking and nibbling on the carrion that this nation will become.

Many will die and many more will be enslaved. But the Becks and the Limbaughs can blame the radical element for bringing this on. And as long as they don't rock the boat they can stay in their comfort zones and bloviate about woulda, coulda, shoulda. Blah, blah blah. "Third parties will only guarrantee a Dem victory." Scare tactics that are eerily similar to the health reform and war crowds.

Anonymous said...

Prayer, sacrifice, good example, good works and not being silent in the face of evil are the ammunition that Our Lord Jesus gave to us-these are what He used in confronting the works of the devil and those choosing to do the devil's work. Martyrs throughout the ages picked up the same cross that Jesus carried,followed Him to Calvary and by their blood goodness in this world became nourished, faith and more goodness were the product. Life in this world is temporal, what we do in it will determine how we spend eternity. Looking at how George Tiller lived his life: he lived by the sword-a sword of violence against innocent helpless pre-born humans, he also died by the sword of violence. Unlike the murders that Tiller committed, the violence against Tiller was not a violence committed against someone who was helpless or innocent, not after having openly admitting that he killed over 60,000 babies in around 30 years. (What is the definition of a serial killer?!) Was Scott Roeder justified in choosing violence to end Tiller's life? Have any more babies been slaughtered for profit by Tiller? Was this the way God desired for Tiller to be stopped? There were saints who did take up arms against evil, St. Joan of Arc, for example. God's will? God's permissive will? What course should citizens of these United States take to rectify the injustices and wrongs perpetrated by the corrupt "elected elitists" sitting in high offices who legalize murder of the helpless and the innocent, enslave us and our future generations with tremendous burdens of debt? Almost 40 years of legalized abortion. Legalized murder of God's human creation! Like the Israelites after 40 years in the desert, we cry out; "How long, Oh Lord?"
Whatever we do, as an individual, as a group. . .whatever we do! we must first pray, pray and pray some more, and seek God's Holy will above our own, keeping in mind that phrase printed on T-shirts and wrist bands:WWJD(what would Jesus do?), always considering the temporal, short-term repercussions, and the long-term and eternal consequences of what we choose as our course of action in the face of evil.

ClayBarham said...

Since the founding in 1620, everyone "nullified" any law anywhere that intervened in the jurisdiction of the local government, usually the county. Government was to be no further than one day's horseback ride from the governed, and they took it seriously in voting, town hall meetings, even vigilante movements if all else failed, something that justifies today's Tea Party movement, as cited in The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon as well as 19th century Democrats were the libertarians following Jefferson and Madison who stood firmly on the State's Rights issue to preserve local government. It was the Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt on up to McCain, minus Reagan, Republicans who stood for nationalism and Washington over the counties, and modern Democrats who follow Rousseau and Marx.

Sue said...

Well stated as always Dr. Keyes. I'm feeling especially broken hearted today, as the reality of thier true objective settles in. I suspect that they will cram through the amnesty bill before November and all efforts to elect fresh candidates to office will be moot, as millions of compliant "new" voters join in lock step at the polls. It is obvious that our nation has already been forever changed, whether we give up or not, we have very little control over what is coming upon us. It's a time to mourn.

tjmarz said...

"There is not much use for legs . . . when you have wings"
-tj marz

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