Friday, January 15, 2010

Why workers should hate Obamacare

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gilbertabrett said...

HEY! Are you back from the middle of the ocean? YOU WERE MISSED! Wish I could have gone and hope to read much about it.

As for your latest - I think there are a few ULTRA wealthy in this country (AND around the world) that have their hands up Obama's back. That is why every time you see him he is running off at the mouth.

To me, these people do not really care about anything or anyone as long as they can retain their wealth and gain more power and exercise more control over the rest of us AND our lives. That is why all along I have said that anyone who argues this spectacle calling it "health""care" does NOT understand what is going on.

It is all about how to assume more power and attain more wealth. As long as they can scare people, they can manipulate them to think whatever they determine. You know the majority of people in this country do not use 2% of the TRUTHFUL information available to them.

Most people I know hear a soundbite for the news during some stupid TV show like "1/2 a man" (or whatever that woman beating freak's show is) and make up statistics as they go to smoke break at work. By the time they are through spreading their "wisdom" around to the rest of the poor hard working, bill paying, taxpaying CITIZENS of this country, NOBODY knows what is going on - much like the people they vote for. And we wonder WHY we are in such a pickle...

I know if Obama has his way, we will have great health care for real, though. Muhammadans have EXCELLENT health care. What better way to solve the abortion problem in America than to stone women in the streets? A lot less STD's too... I never see that many old people when they show the Muhammadans in the Middle East. I guess being a suicide bomber has its limits?

Also, since the majority of children and their SORRY excuse for parents do not appreciate education in this country, but lean towards indoctrination, they will not have to fear under Muhammadan health care because we will not have to worry about wasting money on sending girls to school anymore or paying for "free" lunch! YEAH! And since the girls will have all that extra free time, we can put them to work making medicine and having them wash our sheets and change our bedpans.

People in THIS country better wake up. We are sending money as fast as we can to Haiti - a country that for MY lifetime has squandered BILLIONS of dollars - to be given to the elite in that wretched nation. The amount of people that will be saved will be just enough for Diane Sawyer to get an Emmy. Even ole Hillary said she is coming back today just as QUICK as she can. If Obama REALLY wanted to help, why did a few hours trip take several days - and the people are STILL not getting what they need. I know JESUS waited to go to Lazarus for a reason, but THIS is sickening!

Next time people decide to spend their hard earned money to make noise in Washington DC about giving more of their hard earned money to the lazy folks who sit in their momma's house all day, they should take something with them besides hats and poster board!

Derek P. said...

The term that comes to mind is "between a rock and a hard place."

Left untouched, healthcare in this country would continue to increase in cost. Insurance premiums will continue to rise in order to compensate for those who transition over to Medicare. Our tax burden will increase as a direct result of the ever increasing number of Medicare recipients.

Obamacare!? I won't go so far as to say that it will seal our fate as a nation. But I will say that it will further intangle us in a condition where the common citizen is compelled to serve the government.

So, is it better that we double the national debt through deficit spending on endeavors other than healthcare? I guess it does make a difference depending upon what side of the fence one resides.

Doublee said...

I retired from a computer company 3 years ago where I worked as a programmer. The company provided health insurance which, if I recall correctly from their annual statements, cost about $7200.00 a year for individuals. As an individual, I paid 15% and the company paid 85% of the cost.

That amount is dangerously close to the $8500.00 limit for "Cadillac" plans. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if today my company's cost has reached the Cadillac level.

With the escalating costs of health insurance, most everyone will be on a Cadillac plan sooner or later. And this will not necessarily be due to increases in real costs, but due to the inflation of the money supply resulting from all of Obama’s proliferate spending.

Either way, the professional worker or the union worker are going to pay dearly.

This madness has to stop!

Rachael M said...

I am most worried about the "Cadillac" plans that Obama is using to separate those that have these plans from those that don't. This, to me, places people in groups and treats as if the American people are livestock. I agree with you on how some people have worked for less pay with the benefit of having good health insurance. However, I do believe that insurance companies are a problem. Since they have been used, the price of health care seems to have jumped. So the idea of adding more government to bring costs down seems inherently flawed. What I would like to see something that is more logical, rather than using that which is strictly emotional to solve a problem.

Doublee said...

Rachel M writes:

"Since [insurance companies] have been used, the price of health care seems to have jumped."

We have to be careful with statements like that. Most of us have not been direct consumers of health insurance policies. The conusmers of health insurance have been the companies we work for. At one time, I had a choice of at least 3 companies. As the size of my company decreased, I eventually had a "choice" of only one company.

It remains to be seen what the health insurance market would look like today if the hundreds of health insurance companies had to compete with each other directly for the individual's business.

Another thing affecting the health insurance industry is the number and the nature of the government regulations controlling it. I am not suggesting that regulations are not necessary. I am suggesting that even though we may have read about a new regulation placed on the industry and be in favor of it at the time, we cannot know -- and do we even bother to find out -- how that regulation affected the cost of insurance. The regulation may or may not have been worth the cost, but it is out of sight, and out of mind. And in our ignorance, we blame the "nasty" profit-seeking insurance company for the increase in our premium rather than the government regulation that is the potential real cause.

Other factors have affected the cost of health care and thus the cost of health insurance. One is the cost of liability insurance that medical professionals must include in the cost of providing their services. I personally have wondered about the billing costs that are incurred by any medical pracitce that has to deal with many insurance companies, each with different deductibles and different reimbursement procedures. What if we, the health care consumers, were responsible for payment, and had to seek reimbursement from the company we chose? The medical practice would accept a medical debit card, which would be equivalent to a bank debit card.

Health care is indeed in need of reform. Government takeover of the health care system is not the answer.

Dawg_em said...

Nelson compromised his beliefs so his state won't have to pay for this monstrosity known as National Socialism death care. The latest reports say that provision will not be in the final bill. He sold his soul, and for what?

Union leaders long ago sold out by supporting politicians who shipped jobs to other countries. Because the membership would rather slit their wrists than vote for a Republican, now is the time for a second political party to emerge with support from the blue-dog, blue-collar unionists who need an alternative and the Christian right, who need to leave la-la land and accept the reality that the GOP is a farce.

Unless and until Americans stop being the self-centered, self-seeking whores we have become, this asinine practice of asking "what's in it for me?" is going to destroy us. There is a light at the end of the tunnel called the Tea Party movement, but it, too, can be derailed if the likes of Palin and other GOP charlatens take over the reins.

Here's to hoping the grass roots are done with being played for fools.

*Another excellent point, Dr. Keyes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you are done being played for fools, then stop playing the fool's game.

Who holds elected office won't matter if the American people are ready to defy any illegal and unconstitutional impositions on their freedom. That you obsess about the results of elections shows that you are not able to daunt tyrants.

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