Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glenn Beck helps to destroy US Constitution's authority?

I know that by now some of you have seen or heard about Glenn Beck's deceptive tirade on the issue of Obama's constitutional eligibility for the office of President of the United States.  I will respond in my appearance tonight on Stan Solomon's show (cpnlive.com at 7:30 PM EST.)  Join us.


MaryAnnH said...

Yes, I did notice Beck's transgression. I emailed him and every email address I could find for Fox Snooze outlining my displeasure for their lack of understanding and lack of investigation. They all need a civics lesson on the difference between "citizen" and "natural born citizen."

Stogie said...

I am surprised to learn that Beck has jumped on the anti-birther bandwagon. Obama has never released legally acceptable proof of his natural birth. So from that absence of proof, many have doubts about Obama's birth place. Those who have doubts are somehow construed as crazy nuts or extremists. This doesn't make any sense at all.

I am a "birther." I want to see the long form. If it shows he was born in the USA, then that's good enough for me. So far, however, he hasn't released that proof and that's his fault, not mine.

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Derek P. said...

"So from that absence of proof, many have doubts about Obama's birth place." (Stogie)

Doubting the doubters. Absent any proof of either of his parents leaving or entering the country during that period in question, that very same doubt is extended to those who question Obama's place of birth.

(P.S. - Dr. Keyes, I hope that you will see fit to remove the 'shoe advertisement' from the comments.)

gilbertabrett said...

One thing is for sure. Glenn Beck, knowingly or unknowingly, got the legitimacy issue a lot of attention! When is the military going to step in? It is hard to believe we don't have any men with backbones enough to confront this issue in our military!

I hope and pray this issue comes to a head and soon before this usurper is allowed to continue (along with our crooks in Congress) destroying our country.

Geketa Holman said...

It is not very surprising to me at all Glenn Beck is both a Ron and Rand Paul supporter so as the ole saying goes, "birds of a feather folk to together"! here is what he said on an interview he did with Ron while he was campaigning and on the Glen Beck show:

In fact, Beck finds himself quite aroused by Ron Paul.

GB: What is your proposal?

RP: Mine is to get rid of the IRS and not replacing it with anything by cutting a lot of spending, because we lived without an income tax before 1913, so I’m not interested in the flat tax or the…or the sales tax. Although anything would be better.

GB: Yeah. Just what you’re saying. I mean, you’re speaking, you’re speaking…you know. If we weren’t both men…you know. I’d like to french kiss you on the whole abolishing the IRS thing… You had me at hello.

Nemisisduavocat said...

Glenn Beck is a master at deception. He is constantly shifting, bobbing and weaving. He claims to be all things wonderful and patriotic, yet is bereft of principle with regards the underlying conspiracies associated with world corporate tyranny.
Glenn Beck does take marching orders from a corporate entity, he is obviously not his own man.
My motto:Never trust anyone that serves multiple masters

ericraper said...

Have any "birthers" personally gone to Glen and told him why his statements are wrong?

wsspradling said...

I don’t like it but Obama is president and unless a lot more evidence than we have comes out that he is not a natural born citizen he is going to stay president. Just having doubt is not enough. The courts have refused to hear the case; the birther movement is it is going nowhere, stop beating your heads against the wall, move on to a battle that we can win. Obama is laughing at birthers for wasting their time and energy instead of using it to effect the real changes that the country needs. The best we can do is change congress and then they can put into place more stringent requirements that presidential candidates prove their birth place so that this won’t happen again.

Anonymous said...

Like many I am disappointed in Glenn Beck attacking birthers without any substance plus he did not have an advocate for the birther movement. My inclination is Beck is looking to increase his ratings and/or he has received orders from Fox. We can't forget that Lou Dobbs was silenced and many opposing Obama blogs and websites disappear never to return.

gilbertabrett said...

OK Geketa! That's nasty!

Anonymous said...

This isn't exactly news. Glen Beck is very determined to avoid being marginalized, and there is a reason for this. His perspective is that stressing differences in beliefs about basic facts tends to further polarize and divide Americans, and that this is dangerous to the nation. He is hardly alone in taking that position. I have to grant that this point of view is not entirely irrational...but it is deeply flawed.

For years, the totalitarian-progressive groups took it as a matter of dogma that there were never any WMD's in Iraq, while in fact coalition forces discovered large quantities of WMD's and significant evidence that even more had escaped capture. But engaging in a war over the facts was considered too dangerous and thus Americans were, by and large, allowed to believe a blatant and obvious falsehood.

One could list many other instances, but the overall trend is clear. If no one is willing to speak up for the truth when it is under direct attack, then the deceivers can and do win the war of ideas. Yes, there are dire consequences to admitting that the other side is either lying or insane. But there is nothing to be gained by trying to reason with those who are clearly either dishonest or delusional.

Glenn is desperate to maintain the consensus reality which he regards as an essential ingredient of bringing the nation together. What he forgets is that the reality is far more important than the consensus. A consensus unreality is nothing but a recipe for mass suicide. And the current 'consensus' is not based in truth.

I can hardly regard the birth certificate issue as being of real importance compared to everything else Obama has done. And yet, it has captured the public imagination in a way that those other issues have not. After all, I have no reason to oppose bringing out the truth of the matter, even if I think there are better reasons to eject Obama from office.

smrstrauss said...

Glenn Beck has joined Ann Coulter and O’Reilly in letting the birthers down.

Maybe they believe, along with 69 million American voters, 365 Electoral Votes, and every member of the Congress that confirmed Obama last January, the Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, as his official birth certificate from Hawaii shows.

Dawg_em said...


Youv'e seen the original birth certificate?

Please show us all so we can put this issue to rest. World Net Daily has been investigating this and can't seem to find it.

Or perhaps you can explain Obama spending upwards of $2 million to hide this when $20 would settle it.

Beck is a ringer and Dr. Keyes makes an excellent point. If the simple requirement of natural born citizenship isn't important, then pray tell what part of the constitution is? Obama and his policies are an excellent example of why it is important. Beck sounds like the liberals; only those portions of the document he likes and agrees with are important. Otherwise it's a living document. And common sense should tell you all living things die.

RIP America.

Oh, and let's not forget. Even if he was born in Hawaii his father had duel citizenship with the UK and his mother wasn't old enough to confer citizenship on him. The fact he is hiding everything from the long form birth certificate to adoption papers, school records, college theses, visa records, etc. Well, to a thinking person this raises a red flag. Har har. (Pun intended.)

Derek P. said...

"I accuse you of a crime. Now prove to me, to my satisfaction (to which there will not be) that you didn't commit it." (Add signature)

Is that about right?

gilbertabrett said...

Please show us that birth certificate since you are the ONLY person on the face of the Earth that has seen it?

Dawg_em said...

What crime, pray tell, is being asserted? And no one is being asked to prove a negative.

The Constitutional requirement is clear. John McCain was vetted for citizenship qualification. Why the exemption for the Anointed One?

Why spend millions to hide a $20 document?

Why hide ALL records, from birth to college?

And why the blind faith in him?

Joe said...

In your haste to separate yourself from Mr. Beck, you have done a dandy job giving those trampling the constitution a pat on the back.

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