Friday, November 6, 2009

How GOP Party bosses betray grass roots

Here is my latest offering at It's best read in conjunction with Monday's post, NY 23-Orgy of self-seeking reveals GOP void of statesmanship. As always, you're invited to return here to share your comments.


Dawg_em said...

I recall when Pat Buchanan left the Republican party and was the nominee of the Reform party, taking over where Ross Perot left off. The Power Elites who control both the Dems and the GOP saw to it he was not included in the debates. The Peasants With Pitchforks, today's Tea Partiers, were left without representation. So today, we have the Gingriches and the Boehners showing their true cameleon colors. Which, of course, means they can't be trusted.

Anyone who remains a Republican ought to have their head examined. Same goes for blue-collar democrats who refuse to see the backstabbing that continues unabated.

Derek P. said...

"Anyone who remains a Republican ought to have their head examined. Same goes for blue-collar democrats who refuse to see the backstabbing that continues unabated." (Dawg_em)

Change will have to come from within the parties. Standing on the outside complaining about what is taking place on the inside will not change the mindset and direction that both parties are taking us.

That being said, I'll stay a Republican and vote my conscience. Or, I can register as a Democrat and vote my conscience. Either way. My vote will be the same either way.

As it stands right now, I choose to vote in the Republican primaries. I want a say in who (and what) moves forward to the general election. Should you choose not to participate in that manner, then more power to me.

Anonymous said...

Never been a Republican, not about to start now.

It's probably true that if the Republic is to be saved, the changes have to come from within the existing parties. Which is the same as saying that if the Republic is to be saved, the magic pixie dust will have to come from dancing pink elephants.

gilbertabrett said...

I don't think there is enough pixie dust in the world... we are too far gone without some major event to bring us back - LIKE GOD!

It is possible, but not probable.

I was a Republican, but after the treatment they gave Dr. Keyes, ESPECIALLY in the last election (and then pushed for Senator "stick your foot in your mouth" and "give them the ammo to shoot you with" McCain) - I have NO USE for the Republican party until they grow some, shall we say, pertinent body parts! And I have sent them more than one letter telling them that. I will be happy to support a candidate who clings to neither party NOR INTEREST GROUP, save that of the American PEOPLE! And I mean AMERICAN! Not African American, or Hispanic, or American Indian, or Asian American or whatever else stupid names people can come up with. You are either an American or you are a fake and a fraud!

Anonymous said...

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth."

By God's will, what was once founded by His aid may soon be restored. I do pray for it, because of my love--however imperfect--for America. But before that day comes to pass, there will be sore afflictions. Such as myself.

gilbertabrett said...

Chiu, there you go being foreboding again. Do you need to confess something and stop it before it turns from thoughts and words in to actions? I pray GOD with strengthen and comfort you if you are struggling with something over there. But on the other hand, I do believe it is going to take a serious jolt to wake GOD'S people up and get them out of the prosperity mode...

Anonymous said...

Well, if there are Christians still running around in prosperity mode at this point, I think they might be lost to basic reality.

I will confess that I have no intention of submitting to the 'authority' of this government should they seek to deprive me of my life, liberty, or anything else whatsoever without due process of law (and, given that they have no legal legitimacy left at this point, I probably don't even need to mention it except to be all Constitutiony). I should hope that most Americans at least feel the same way, whatever their individual capacities for effectual resistance to the blatantly illegal importunities of those now pretending to administer the law.

I don't feel to confess any particular reason why my personal resistance to their assault should be particularly a cause for concern. After all, isn't it sufficient to note that there are millions of American patriots who will resist also? The biggest non-story of Obama's presidency is the exact extent of the revenue shortfall that occurred in conjunction with the TEA parties. Perhaps the second biggest was the dramatic increase in 'preparedness' nationwide.

I will admit that--whether in the eyes of men, or God, or even my own--I am not righteous. It may yet be that God will grant that I should become so. But for now I prosper at the expense of all humanity. Even if it is the least of your afflictions, I do not justify myself in it.

The joy and happiness I should have obtained from America's prosperity and righteousness has been denied me. But I will not therefore claim what I receive instead is rightfully mine.

Rightly or not, it is mine. That is enough for me.

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