Friday, November 13, 2009

Do we Americans still care to be free?

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nail-in-the-wall said...

Some Call it Freedom,..

The struggle only sharpens the thirst for Justice. –Alan Keyes “Does America Have a Future”

The basic struggle,… today is not between individualism and collectivism, free enterprise and socialism, democracy and dictatorship(totalitarianism) . These are only the superficial manifestations of a deeper struggle which is moral and spiritual and involves above all else whether man shall exist…for the state, or the state for man, and whether freedom is of the spirit or a concession (compromise) of a materialized society. It has not been given to every age in history to see the issue as clearly as it has been given to our own, for we have a double incentive to work for peace and prosperity of the world: the first is the Gospel in its fullness, the second is the communism of the (Soviet) state. The first teaches us that happiness comes from living rightly and just; the second misery comes from acting wrong. [Preface end-Communism and the Conscience of the West-1948 - Fulton J. Sheen]

If you want peace, work for Justice.- P. Paul VI

Some call it Freedom,... some call it Equity,... some call it Justice,... we call it the Just Third Way.

A citizen ownership movement, of growth and prosperity.

Started with Homesteading,
Moved to Employee Stock Ownership,
Now, Own the Fed,.. with Capital Homesteading.
(Ron Paul say's End the Fed. We say Own the Fed- With 'Declaration of Monetary Justice')

Yours in Justice
Guy c.

Just a nail in the wall – Isaiah 22(be a nail for Justice)

* * * * *

"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."- Winston Churchill

"The basic moral problem that faces man as he moves into the age of automation, the age of accelerating conquest of nature, is whether he is really fit to live in an industrial society; whether his institutions will adjust rapidly enough; whether he will rivet himself with an absurd institution like full employment in the economic order when it is not only unnecessary but unadministratable in anything but a slave society; whether freed from the necessity to devote his brain and brawn to the production of goods and services, he can address himself to the work of civilization itself." (pursuit of virtue-Happiness)(Louis O. Kelso, 1964)

Alan L. Keyes is a friend of "Expanded Capital Ownership" and so am I.

Tammy said...

I care to be free. I care that my children grow up free. Free to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Free to pave their own way in the world. Free to live a private of cameras monitoring their every movement.

Hell yes, I care.

What bothers me is that I see so many conservatives being worn down by national events. They are in overload...and while they care....they are burned out. They have turned the light off, changed the channel...checked out.

I am sure it part of the progressives plan....and for many it is working. Not working on me...or my family.

Freedom is not something to ignore or take for granted. You lose.

Dawg_em said...

The question has been put forth; "Do we still want freedom?" And who will step forth? Both very important questions. Unforunately, the collective mindset is to look to others to represent our wishes. The "others" being the professional pols. It is demonstrably a failure. Both wings of the bird of prey are owned and controlled by the global elitists.

While the tea party movement is encouraging to see, it must be remembered the technical infrastructure is compromised. Not only are there wolves (neocons) in sheeps (conservatives) clothing, attempting to co-opt the "peasants with pitchforks", but the voting machines are a major obstacle to realizing true change in DC. Both must be scrupulously observed and monitored.

What is sad is, regardless of those deficiencies, we are fast approaching our last, best chance at a peaceful resolution. And those who put their faith in the present regime in Congress will be dismayed at how the country has been sold out. Will it be too late? Will we see foreign troops on our soil? Or will China or some other power disrupt our power grid and force us into complete dependency? Will the police and military stand with us or betray their oathes?

Personally, I am at the point where I am ready for whatever must come to pass. I am fearful however, of the death and destruction which will be visited upon the defenseless and innocent, as is the case in all war.

Come on, America. Awake from your slumber. Lest the nightmare begin.

Anonymous said...

Well, realistically speaking, we're already in nightmare land. I mean...five years ago, could you even imagine it being as bad as it is now? Could you even have imagined it a year ago?

Whether or not this is your last chance, or even a realistic chance at all, it probably isn't the best chance. The final remaining option is rarely the best in any way other than being the only one left.

By all means, let it be tried. But do not place all your hope in the survival of your nation. Be ready to face the unthinkable, because it is more than likely to come to pass. A good bit of it already has.

IONU said...

Historically, republics and democracies have an average lifespan of little more than 200 years.

Whether or not the intentionally dumbed-down "sheeple" awaken won't matter. The current inertia of the masses is being overcome by the unstoppable momentum of communist tyranny, so it won't make any difference (in terms of outcome) if you succumb to state control willingly and enthusiastically, or go down fighting.

Pessimism - or historic realism?

DixHistory-dot-com said...

If our government can make anyone buy health insurance, we are no longer a free country!

Lloyd said...

after Israel wondered in the desert for forty years a generation of people crossed the Jordan River who were strong in the Lord and took the Promised Land. Then as we read later on a generation who did not see the miracles in the desert and started behaving like liberals and little by little lost the promised land and became slaves to the Philistines.
The corporations, the Federal Reserve, and the government have rocked we the people to sleep with cars, boats, mp3 players, cellphones,and jewelry, with the help of rock and roll, and hollywood. They will not give up this power they have gained without a fight, just as the Philistines didn't give up their Hebrew slaves without a fight.
All Obama had to do to get elected was to promise that he would bring back the good times. Now that the grim truth is taking hold most of his former supporters are abandoning ship. Most of the people I talk to say that they made a mistake voting for him and regret it.
We the people are like a bunch of spoiled children. If Obama could just manage to bring back prosperity his landslide in the next election would be insured. In short we the people have forgotten that with liberty comes responsibility. Mr Keyes you have hit the nail on the head by asking do we really want liberty, or maybe you should have asked do we really want liberty or just prosperity?

Anonymous said...

Well, you know what they say.

"They may take our lives, but they'll never take...our FREEDOM!"

Unless, you know, they use necromantic powers to reanimate us as their undead minions. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

At least, not very much.

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