Friday, August 7, 2009

True Conviction: The Key to Victory in 2010?

Here is my latest WND article True Conviction: The Key to Victory in 2010?. Take a look, then leave a comment here to let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Keyes,

As you wrote in your article, so-called "conservatives" lack true conviction.

I watch and listen to conservative TV and radio hosts and none of them seem to have the backbone to refer to Obama as a Communist when he has made little effort, if any, to hide it. Time and again, Obama and his co-horts lay the groundwork for tyranny and totalitarianism (such as yesterday's snitch alert on the Whitehouse website) and yet no major conservative voice, other than yours, has the courage to call it what it is.

Just yesterday, Judge Sotomayor was confirmed to the Supreme Court and certain Republicans were concerned that a vote against her confirmation would draw the ire of hispanics. Therefore, instead of following their convictions, the Republicans cave to majority opinion. I say, no guts, no glory.

Thank you, Dr. Keyes, for remaining true to your convictions and identifying Obama and his regime as what they really are...Communists!

Joe A. said...

A well-written article as always.

Governments have caused the financial, economic, and healthcare catastrophe by suppressing the free market. Only the free market, and not the government, can end it. One can only hope that the current times have shed enough light on the subject where the American people can see things as they are, and put their support behind the free market, as any informed person should.

Lou said...

As a former Republican, I have to say that I disagree with you, but only on one minor point. It was the GOP who accepted the constant threats, antagonism and name-calling of the liberal left. And they were supposed to be an organized party.
I am now an independent conservative among an ever increasing number of independent conservatives. And, even though there is a significant number of my like-minded compatriots with the courage to stand up to this communist regime, it is not enough. The rest of us need to be bound together, before we are strong enough to be heard. We need a leader like Alan Keyes.

Eric said...

Please forgive me as I realize that this is entirely the werong forum to be posting this in. But since I do not know of any other way of getting this information to Dr. Keyes, here goes. When linking to this website, I was interrupted by that big red page that warns the user that the website contains malware and could damage your computer. Please look into this because it hasn't done this to me at this site before. Thanks.

Nelson said...


Alan Keyes is obviously the most articulate, pro-life, moral conservative in our country. However, you may also want to listen to Michael Savage. He's also a true conservative voice as well. I do not think he's as articulate as Dr. Keyes, but I do think he's another passionate, conservative voice that exposes Obama for what he really is - a Communist. I've listen to Dr. Keyes and Dr. Savage and both of them are extremely intelligent individuals who expose all of Obama's lies and communist-intentions. They are my two favorite conservative voices. But I would give the edge to Dr. Keyes based on his staunch, pro-life convictions. In some ways, Dr. Keyes is a modern-day Dr. MLK Jr. If only people were not so blinded by the manipulative media!

Anonymous said...

That's because Google is flagging sites presenting evidence that Barack Hussein Obama may not be an American citizen, let alone President. They keep updating the flags too, pretty much every day so far. You can browse Taitz's site all you want, there's none of the horrible malware Google claims to find on over half her pages every day.

Unless, of course, they mean information about the inquiries into Obama's history. That is, how do you say, "going viral". Eventually "birthers" might outnumber those willing to mock them.

The real issue isn't majority-minority, though. Even if you regain the majority, these people aren't planning to stop what they're doing. They easily resort to violence and intimidation, and feel not the least compunction about it. If you would resist them, it will not be enough to vote against them. Trying to stop the advance of totalitarianism by merely voting against it is how you came to this pass.

I feel no moral superiority in making this observation. I have, after all, reached my own accommodation with the inevitable. It is hardly becoming for me to pretend that this is because I am virtuous.

Mary Ann said...

I think Dr. Keyes is spot on as usual. I had an old pastor in my childhood who told me that one plus God is a majority. I have never forgotten that phrase. I've never forgotten the pastor who told my sister (dying of cancer) what God's telephone number was: JE 33-3 (Jeremiah 33:3).

I do tend to agree with Chiu-Chunling...those in control today are not going to give up easily, even if we vote them out (the "fair elections" in Iran come to mind). We must be stronger mentally, AND physically. We must out ACORN, ACORN. We must defend against the thugs sent our way. We must, as our conscience will not allow us to do otherwise.

Mary Ann Hartzler

P.S. Oh, I'm so excited, it finally worked, it finally worked! :D

Derek P. said...

"Alan Keyes is obviously the most articulate, pro-life, moral conservative in our country. However, you may also want to listen to Michael Savage. He's also a true conservative voice as well." (Nelson)

While contemplating a response to the above, I happened to glance to left side of this page:

"THOUGHTLET-The Enemy of my Enemy is ?"

A thought provoking read.

Just recently, Dr. Savage had Dr. Taitz as a guest on his show. By my account, Dr. Savage provided Dr. Taitz with the best audience that she has had to date.

Dr. Keyes rarely, if ever, makes mention of Dr. Savage. Dr. Savage rarely, if ever, makes mention of Dr. Keyes. Why is that? If ever there was 'a match made in heaven', wouldn't this be the one? The potential upside of a regularly occuring pairing of Dr. Keyes and Dr. Savage would be very significant in my view.

Dick said...

As I read Dr Keyes WND story I could not help but identify the Republican party with the plain belly Sneeches in the Dr Seuse children's book. You may recall:

The Star Belly Sneetches, born with a yellow star on their stomachs (Democrats), and the Plain Belly Sneetches, born with no stars (Republicans). The Star Belly Sneetches flaunt their belly stars as proof of their superiority and refuse to mix with the "inferior" Plain Bellies. They snub them at every occasion and prohibit their Star Belly children from playing with Plain Belly kids. The Plain Belly Sneetches, for their part, feel inferior to the Star Belly Sneetches and envy them their belly star status symbols. Everything changes when a clever man named McBean or in this case Mc Bama arrives with his Star-On-Off machine.
I believe everyone knows what happens next after McBama absconds with all the money. Anyway the end of the story indicates that McBama fails. We will just have to see if we have a similar happy ending.

pbunyon said...

Dr. Savage is a radio personality. I don't think Dr. Keyes really is. I rarely get to catch Savage but the last time I did I had to turn the radio off. He went on and on about himself and then on and on about that espn woman who was secretly taped. Something tells me Dr. Keyes would have stayed away from those actions. I thought it showed Savage to lack some very important convictions which would have discredited him that day...imo....


Anonymous said...

Michael Savage...appeals to a fairly narrow segment. Generally, it is the anti-intellectual (in the most technical sense of that term) nationalist crowd. Sort of the heirs of the Know-Nothing Party. In most societies this would be rather a large portion of the population, in America it is a very small minority, and thus even more powerless than is usual for that class.

I don't want to be too dismissive of them as people. Anti-intellectualism may not be the best of traits, but American nationalism has certain good qualities that can't be wholly erased by anti-intellectualism. The innate rationality of traditional American values is such that they tend to redeem those who adopt them, whatever their motives.

But, Michael Savage and Dr. Keyes (I am aware that Savage also has a Ph.D., and were he to stick to the topic of nutritional anthropology I might well accord him the respect of that title) are not going to get along, even if they both champion American values. They approach the issues using fundamentally different methods, even though many of their starting and end points are the same. They appeal to fundamentally different audiences. And they have fundamentally different ideas about honest discourse and intellectual integrity.

If you look at the "happy median" between Dr. Keyes and Michael Savage, you can more easily see the problem. In between principled American intellectualism and reactionary American jingoism, you have the wasteland of the RINOs and moderate conservatives (those who merely want to slow down the pace of America's "social evolution"). There are those who want to try and turn back the clock, and there are those who want to advance America towards the original goal of the Founding Fathers. They may be united by opposition to those who want to radically alter the fundamental vision of America, but in the end they are irreconcilably divided by their actual goals.

I have more sympathy with those who would pursue the original promise of America, and in truth I believe that reality may eventually become something like that vision. But my adopted agenda contains a significant detour. Perhaps Jefferson understood it when he said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." I will leave it at that.

pbunyon said...


I just notice your comparo of Dr. Keyes and MLK.... I can't say what Dr. Keyes thinks but I were him you'd have one large size hard sole on the way! I think Obama and MLK are much more alike! They both have talked of social justice and left devestation in their wakes. No one will touch the hot button of Obama's fidelity but I am sure it will come out one day. MLK however cheated on his bride with an underaged girl and was surrounded by thugs. I could go on for days about all the things MLK did wrong. Of course, much of that history has been attempted to be erased. Especially that MLK was a communist, just like Obama.


Derek P. said...

"Dr. Savage is a radio personality. I don't think Dr. Keyes really is." (pbunyon)

Nevertheless, both offer something to the other that they would not otherwise be able to attain individually. Dr. Keyes offers added credibility. Dr. Savage offers added exposure. That is a significant combination in my opinion.

Whatever differences that they may have should not be their overriding concerns. Whatever differences that they may have should be set aside for the sake of pursuing what is truly important to them. Their "True Convictions". It makes no sense to me that two powerful allies in a fight against what they do not believe in would turn their backs to one another instead of combining their strengths to achieve a common goal.

Jackie Smith said...

I think if Dr. Keyes and Sarah Palin got together on the same ticket as Conservatives they would take this country back to its true pride and glory.....Keyes/Palin 2012

gilbertabrett said...

Wow... what a weekend... I learned a lot.

First, as to King Hussein's fidelity, or lack (or CRACK) thereof... why am I JUST hearing about Larry Sinclair this past weekend????????? Dr. Manning is a TRIP on You Tube!

Second, I heard Michael Savage on the radio tonight talking about the Conservatives and their lack of a leader. I though to myself, he must be really caught up in his sadness about his problems in England... he has forgotten about Dr. Keyes?

I am sorry, but besides Dr.s Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, I am not too sure of any other Conservative leaders.


Not big mouths on the radio and TV... I had to get rid of my Ann Coulter subscription tonight because I am sick of her after the stupid things she said about the people who have enough sense to realize there is a serious problem when a person HIDES every document about themselves from birth on... and they think we are crazy? What a puppet she is. I would mail her books back to her sorry behind if I had her address and am ASHAMED to admit I read them... a big mouthed loony tune...

And then we have the other pretendabees... conservative wannabees... Sarah Palin's and other office holders...

These people are going to get it when the truth comes out about this African King we have sitting in OUR White House.

Has anyone seen the fights across the country about these 'health care' "debates?" Oh... excuse me... TOWN HALL MEETINGS... (puke)... I saw the one representative in Florida had to be escorted out by police so the people did not KICK HER BEHIND!!! HA! YES! I AM LAUGHING!

And what is wrong with Hillary Clinton over in Africa? Who slapped her onto the wrong side of the bed? She was right evil in her answer today to that person. Doesn't she have enough sense to know if you don't SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, the least you could do is remain POLITE?

We have a mess on our hands people. I do not know about the rest of you, but in my neck of the woods, people are getting fed up. And King Hussein is going to have to do more than advertise for jobs for people to work internment camps... does he really think the people serving in the US military are going to come back to the USA to put their own fellow citizens in concentration camps for simply disagreeing with his madness?


Ooppss... I guess Janet Nefoolitano is putting my name on the naughty list...

Anonymous said...

There is, it seems, a certain tension between following one's own beliefs and respecting the honest beliefs of others. But if we are serious about our beliefs, then we must be willing to examine the reasoning and evidence that supports such beliefs, and thus should be capable of extending that same examination to the thoughts of those who express different opinions.

Those who choose to ignore or minimize the issue of Obama's birth citizenship, rather than deriding it, are generally motivated by one or more of several pragmatic concerns. The simplest to understand and least serious is simply that it is likely to be a waste of time from the perspective of legal process--there is simply not a strong possibility that either Congress or the Supreme Court would be willing to hear the case and act on the evidence. Second, and also somewhat superficial, it has been effectively cast by all three branches of government and the media as a crack-pot theory, on par with alien abduction claims and such. Thus anyone espousing investigation, let alone prosecution, is taking severe risks with their credibility. The third concern is the inverse proposition of the second, if Obama can be proved to be illegitimate in the court of public opinion, then the credibility of the entire government and the media will have been destroyed. Combining all these considerations, we can predict with confidence that the result of all these factors is likely to be some form of popular revolt.

Popular revolts are sometimes great advances in the cause of freedom and national integrity...but often they are not. While I cannot respect the spirit of dishonesty nor lack of courage that may attend the decision to ignore the issue of Barack Hussein Obama's legitimacy, I can understand and respect the reasoning that leads many to be cautious about embracing it.

Indeed, I respect that caution more than I do the vociferous instigation of prejudicial sentiments which Michael Savage represents, and yet I am not willing to wholly condemn him either. Michael Savage does not necessarily reject the idea of advancing towards the American ideals, he simply advocates returning to an earlier social consensus first. I judge this retrograde direction to be unworkable and unpopular, but not wrong in principle. Dr. Keyes favors a more direct approach, to clearly and logically promulgate the fundamental basis of American ideals, and strive to move the country in that direction with a clear and compelling vision of the future in mind.

I like that way of thinking, even though I estimate it to be impossible under the current circumstances. Whatever those who would avoid it might wish, the de-legitimization of the American government and popular culture has gone too far. Patriotic Americans today have far more grievances and far less benefit from their government today than the Founding Fathers had from the British Crown. And...there are certain other factors in play which I will not explain.

Suffice it to say, principles, reason, and courage will always be in season...far more so in the time that is coming upon you. But there may also be room for respect and civility...if you are sufficiently prepared to afford it.

gilbertabrett said...

I find it odd that in the midst of all this political nonsense going on, we seem to have forgotten that we are in the midst of a war with no particular country IN several countries.

During President Bush's last few years in office, EVERYDAY the evening news would spend a fair amount of time talking about the number of deaths of our service people, especially in Iraq. Now, it is rarely mentioned, even though we are still fighting and our people being killed. No one remembers all the promises King Hussein made on the road to OUR White House???

Yeah, we are getting ready to go through it in this country. I have to write that I understand looking at others opinions and not judging too harshly where they come from in their rhetoric, but I also must believe that anyone on the national stage who operates with an OUNCE of prudence must consider that many causes of today require personal AND PROFESSIONAL sacrifice in order that our posterity HAS a tomorrow.

I believe it is better to tell the truth and shame the devil. That is because I believe there IS life past the first death. I do not think that many who espouse conservative beliefs REALLY believe that because they maneuver conversations to have no impact past their lifetime. They SAY they believe in GOD, but they do not LIVE it. And I am one who believes if you truly have conservative values, they come from GOD, not some man-made, feel good document, book, letter, speech or lecture.

A lot of people in this country are getting ready to get their feelings hurt and are going to have to make some swift decisions. They, like some of these so-called conservative leaders (speakers) are getting ready to get knocked off the fence. I just hope they fall on the side that they have pretended to support for so long...

Anonymous said...

Ah, the war.

Have you seen the movie "Apocalypto"? Mel Gibson said something about the idea that the villagers (including the main protagonist, Jaguar Paw) brought in to be ritually sacrificed for the benefit of the decaying urban culture represent American lives being sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It brought him a good deal of condemnation from conservatives at the time (and no praise at all from the left). But perhaps he was on to something.

While I believe Bush to have been a better man than his later policy decisions would indicate, I don't believe those betrayals of American values and Constitutional government happened by accident. And however sincere Bush's desire to engage and destroy the forces of Islamist terrorism after 9/11, I am certain that his determination did not penetrate too deeply into the bureaucracy entrusted to coordinate and direct the military in executing his orders.

The soldiers want to win the war. But the elitists, both party hacks and bureaucrats, have entirely different objectives. Yes, a military composed of the kind of Americans that volunteer for service, equipped with the fruit of American innovation and productivity, can hardly be expected to fail in any objective they're given...but they can be given pointless objectives and denied permission to take actions necessary to secure actual victory.

And there can be little question that this was done with more than slight effect, even when Bush was supposedly in charge. Now that Obama is in power...have no fear. He fully intends to pull the military out before they really accomplish anything, but he does want them demoralized and bled first. Afghanistan is a perfect place to engage in expensive and comically counterproductive nation-building efforts as well. Inane rules of engagement, like not contesting Taliban occupation of civilian population centers or even houses, are perfect for destroying the confidence of those unruly jingoists who actually want to fight Islamists.

Although my brother seems to like it. Apparently, the U.S. military still provides a standard of living a good bit better than what we enjoyed growing up. I sometimes miss the Army myself, but I do have other commitments now.

In any case, by all means, tell the truth. But remember that not everyone knows what is true. Even when it should be perfectly obvious.

John said...

I hate to be a defeatist but the chance of retaking our country is slim at best.

Every member of the House and Senate, to a man, turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the mandates of our Constitution. The Supreme Court is doing the same. The Supreme Court is denying citizens due process. We are not being allowed to bring our grievances to the court. They dismiss cases on trivial, questionable, technicalities and do not address the assault on our Constitution. The same Constitution that gives them legitimacy in the office they hold. The mainstream media, freedom of the press, etc. I guess freedom of the press means the freedom to sell out to the highest bidder. Make no mistake. All of the above amounts to a conspiracy. And they have unlimited funds.

gilbertabrett said...

No one has any more money than GOD and as I have said before, I am glad HE told us what is going to happen. All I know is that there are many in this country who are not gonna just sit around looking stupid while everything we hold dear is stolen from us.

Just looked at an MSNBC clip w/Chris Matthews (puke) where he interviewed a man who brought a gun to King Hussein's "town hall meeting" - because he COULD. Chris Matthews did everything he could to make the man angry but it backfired on him (which is easy enough to do with people who foam at the mouth for a living and take the LORD'S name in vain on INTERNATIONAL TV) and made him come across as stupid (which I thought he was anyway). The man knew his history a little better than Chrissy AND knew his rights too.

Too bad so many of us do NOT know what we have until we lose it...

And yes, I have been noticing that what little bit they are telling folks about Afghanistan is that the Talibans are kicking our behinds. Nothing on Iraq though except a roadside bomb exploded occasionally. I do not care what kind of accords, treaties, or whatever we signed or how much sand there is over there (in Iraq) or mountains (in Afghanistan). I will NEVER be convinced that we could not have done what we needed to do in HALF the time with HALF the people and WAY less than 1/3 of the money. Just like everything the evil idiots in our government did in the Vietnam War (along with the hateful media and drug using perverts chanting peace that are all in our government now) to sway public opinion even though the military could have ripped 'em a new one had they been allowed to fight.

Going to read the new post by Dr. Keyes now...

Dawg_em said...

Back to the subject at hand...

There is absolutely no conviction on the part of any so-called leader in our national government. The closest one comes is the congressman who is presenting a bill that will mandate certification of "natural born citizen" status prior to the 2012 election. Too little, too late. The issue in regards the birth certificate is paramount to an increasing number of citizens because 1) the Constitution says so and 2) unless this is settled soon what lies ahead after many bills are passed, international agreements signed, etc?

No. There is absolutely no way I will vote for a Republican or Democrat again. The Hannity's and Limbaugh's etc should be screaming from the rooftops, "Third party! Third party!" Instead they are hacks who contribute to the status quo. Ture leadership puts country before party. That's why I will not vote for Sarah Palin unless and until she leaves the GOP. That goes for Ron Paul and anyone else who still believes you can change the party, either one, from within.

We need another revolution in this country, a political one, or else we will have blood in the streets. That political revolution will not be found in the present 1-party system.

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