Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Defeating the Obama Faction's Personal Threat to Freedom

Tom Sowell's article "Is 'death panels' charge over the top?" is one of those concise, factual, faultlessly logical pieces that make his work a consistently indispensable intellectual resource. He cuts through the deceptive phrases being used to disguise the unpalatable truth about the Obama faction's drive to take over the health sector of the U.S. economy. He uses Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel's own words to make clear that when the Obama faction's apologists say their proposals target the "over-utilization" of Health care services what they have in their sights "is not quantity but quality."

"At one time, it would have been none of Dr. Emanuel's business if your physician prescribed the latest medications for you, rather than the cheaper and obsolete medications they replaced. It would have been none of his business if you preferred to have a nice hospital room with "amenities" rather than being in an unsanitary ward with inadequate nursing care, as under the National Health Service in Britain. The involvement of government gives Dr. Emanuel the leverage to condemn other Americans' choices- and a larger involvement of government will give him the power to force both doctors and patients to change their choices."

Sowell's analysis reveals the takeover strategy that informs every element of the national socialists' policy agenda. Under the guise of compassion and a desire to help people in need, they propose approaches that rely on tax funded government resources. The involvement of those resources naturally leads to the assertion that a larger government role is both logical and necessary to guard against waste and malfeasance. This government role leverages its control of the activity in question, removing choice from private entities and individuals to political bosses and government bureaucrats.

The Obama faction's bid for control of the health sector has for a moment opened the eyes of many Americans, allowing them momentarily to glimpse the true nature and goals of the national socialists (so-called "liberals" among the Democrats, so-called "moderates" among the Republicans.) But will these awakened Americans think through what this flash of perception has allowed them to see?

According to the old saying, 'the devil is in the details'. And it's true that the threat to our health care freedom has been revealed by careful attention to the details of the voluminous "reform" legislation. (Like the so-called 'stimulus' bill it was purposefully made long and involved to discourage attention to those details.) But the legislation isn't threatening because of its details. The details are threatening because the real purpose of the legislation has never been to improve health services, but to subvert and ultimately eliminate America's freedom.

The health proposals ultimately deal with matters of life and death personally critical to many Americans. In this context, the threat to freedom feels very personal, the danger it poses very real and intimate. But is the national socialists' takeover of the banking system any less so? Is their takeover of education any less so? Is their bid to eliminate the right to keep and bear arms any less so? Is the so called 'cap and trade' legislation to allow a national socialist government monopoly to ration pursuit and distribution of energy resources any less so? Is the national socialists' surrender of our sovereign control of the nation's borders any less so?

We should feel personally endangered by each and all of these supposedly well-intentioned "reforms". How can any of them be well-intentioned when all of them arise from the intention to impose government control. They use tax funded government resources, and/or the rhetoric of "progress", "equity" and "reform", as baited hooks with which to entice Americans toward the fatal surrender of their choices, their responsibilities, their freedom.

But the greatest personal threat arises from the suppression of the very idea that we are "persons"- individuals whose existence represents the assertion of intrinsic worth, and whose lives cannot rightly be regarded as mere objects for scientific calculation and administration. This disregard of human personality is the deep perversion of moral conscience that lies at the root of the Obama faction's embrace of child murder through abortion and infanticide. It lies at the root of their effort to create a regime that pressures older people to surrender their will to live. It lies at the root of their abandonment of the American principles of justice that recognize unalienable human rights. It lies at the root of their disregard for the just requirement that government be based on the liberty of the people, not the will of supposedly enlightened elites arrogantly acting as if elections make them our rulers rather than our representatives.

If the Obama faction's bid to take over health care has truly opened the eyes of the Americans who feel personally threatened by it, then in the months to come they will unite- not only in opposition to this or that proposal with which they disagree, but in a simple, unyielding determination to reject the strategy for socialist tyranny all these proposals represent. The devils may be lurking in the details. But we won't find safety by joining them there. To find safety, we must cast them out.


dddfield said...

This morning I wrote a similar thing to a friend.
“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington. We should not let the fire out of the fireplace.

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Anonymous said...

Your point that "reform" equals "control" is right on the mark. ole uncle sam would be able to continue givng benefits to the illegal aliens that cross their northern border. Dont see to many of these "reformers" crossing our northern border for their government controlled health care though. my health care is fine.
It is time for political "reform" which equals We the People "control" in the 2010 elections. vote for no incumbents that vote for government "reform". get rid of these career politicians and let us elect some statesmen to serve our God and Nation.

jephfree el

Larry Walker Jr said...
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Larry Walker Jr said...

I agree. We must reject the false premise off the top, and not get bogged down in the details. That really pisses them off, which is not the intent, but they must know that we reject their entire warped vision.

Larry Walker Jr said...

[we are "persons"] - Man did this term catch flack. "We are men and women" was suggested by those feeling the boot on their necks.

gilbertabrett said...

Hopefully these people will remain awake longer than they did after 9/11, or we are doomed. I just saw a "report" on our news (in Southern VA) that people are more worried about the KKK than the Muhammadans setting up camp (mosques and "schools") all over the country. We ARE a SILLY bunch of people... Our founding fathers would be sick to their stomachs AS WELL AS THE SLAVES, were they to wake up today and see what a MESS we have allowed our country to be turned into...

Dawg_em said...

Sadly, an insightful point of this article is to illustrate how Americans get up in arms when their "personal" health decisions are affected. Yet the genocide continues. I wish it were indicative of an awakening but to me it shows a degree of selfishness. These same folks seem content to keep the status quo while "health care" is being used to slaughter 4,000 of God's Little Ones every day.

Hopeful, in that a light has come on. Perhaps at the present time the bulb over their heads is dim but there still may be a chance for the self-absorbed to connect the dots. As Alan has so ably pointed out the Nazi's (national socialists) want control of everything in order to destroy the largest obstacle to global hegemony. These things are all connected and cannot be disputed with any degree of honesty.

Ultimately, we need to become more self aware. Pointing our fingers at the federal government, we should realize three other fingers are pointing at us. We are not in our present situation after having given our all.

"Lord, forgive us for what we have done; and for what we have failed to do."

Mea culpa. Mea culpa.


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