Friday, July 31, 2009

Requiem for TheObamaFile

Read my latest article at, then return here for comments or further action. The article is a sad commentary on one of the many casualties being caused by the tendency of too many grassroots friends of liberty to give nothing but lip service to support the efforts of those on the front lines. The way things are going, Loyal to Liberty, and the efforts it's part of, have one foot in the same grave. Enough said.


Nelson said...

Great article, Dr. Keyes. The Obama dictatorship will do anything to supress those who shine light on the truth. If we as a free people do not stand up to Obama and expose his lies, than we are only assisting in helping his dictatorship grow more powerful.

The following quote which you cited in your article is though-provoking, "He who plants and he who waters are one and each will receive his wages according to his labor" (1 Corinthians 3:8). I think this applies not only to what one gives, but also to what one does. I will continue to fight on the side of truth. In the end, truth will win!

Craig said...

Nebuchadnezzar took God's people captive, God called him, "my servant" Jeremiah 27:6

The tyrant, Caesar, took the liberty and the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus said God the Father gave Caesar that power over His Beloved Son. John 19:11

Thousands of 1st century Christians were crucified, on fire to light the streets of Rome.
God told them to honor that king, 1 Peter 2:17

But, because of special permissions, supposedly granted by their creator, American 'Christians' may make war if and when they are persecuted.

If that supposition were true, God would be a respecter of persons. He is NOT a respecter of persons. Acts 10:34

Someone is lying.

God says, "persecuted, we suffer it" 1 Corinthians 4:12
America says, "persecuted, we KILL it" 1776 - 2009

America always has contradicted Jesus Christ.

Alan, what happens to persons that contradict Jesus Christ?


HistoryWriter said...

Nelson: Did you say "suppress"? Did you read the article? The man who runs the site says nobody in the administration strong-armed him into discontinuing it; that there wasn't enough interest to generate financial support. That's understandable. As the saying goes: "A fool and his money are soon parted." Of course there will always be die-hards and crazy conspiracy theories, but you have to give the general population credit for intelligence on this one.

Doc Farmer said...

Frankly, this was the first I had even heard of Had I know of it sooner, or if he would re-open it, I would happily contribute!

gilbertabrett said...

I came across the mention on WND the other day. I was saddened to read it, but hope maybe this is a catalyst into something bigger for him, his work AND the truth about King Hussein.


Anonymous said...

The site had a wealth of information as well as documentation and links to back it up. Not to mention all the archiving. There really was no better resource for finding out all you could possibly need to know about the Obamas and their followers.

I would visit the site everyday, but honestly many sites have a Paypal button and without knowing "why" I need to contribute, I'm certainly not going to hit that button. And if you are not in it for the money, then why stop doing what you CHOSE to do because noone contributed?? That doesn't make any sense.

If in fact Mr. Shannon/Beckwith needed the funds to keep going, then you have to ASK for it, not just assume people will donate money.

I hope he reconsiders and comes back because I think it's beneficial. I had even created a twitter account to direct traffic to his site.

John K said...

Let's believe that someone can come back from the dead and that the webiste is restored. Like others I think having a more visible donation system will keep the website funded for the future. This can include the bumper stickers, lawn signs which drive more traffic to the website. Follow the WND model or others that are successful. I am ready to make my contribution and know the value Mr. Shannon provided to us everyday.

Jackie Smith said...

One of the real problems we are having is that now there are so-o-o-o many of these Patriot sights that in the end none of them are getting the financial support they need. Some of the first ones to pop up still have the loyal followers and are able to survive. Now that there are so is hard to decide which one deserves your support over another!!! My opinion!

Audacity17 said...


Righteousness exalteth a nation. Proverbs 14:34

America has been the most powerful, wealthy, free nation for over 100 years.

America has contradicted Jesus Christ?


Anonymous said...

Well, in more recent history....

I would have hoped that Americans would be more willing to give financial support to those who are attempting to prevent the destruction of your nation. But as circumstances actually transpired, I didn't hope for such a thing. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I cannot permit your success. On the other, I admire your efforts. In between these is my hope that Americans will survive what is coming.

I don't know. When I accepted this job, I knew it would be difficult at times, but....

HistoryWriter said...

Since when is an unauthenticated copy of a copy considered "evidence"? You folks are getting desperate, but I suppose this "evidence" is enough to keep the conspiracy theorists interested. Have fun. Meanwhile, life in the real world goes on.

Joel Lehman said...

I have never heard of the obamafiles so I have not donated to it. I have donated to LoyaltoLiberty and encouraged others to do so. Alan Keyes, however, needs to try to be more humble and professional in his solicitation for donations. I have received no Alan Keyes signed email notes stating accomplishments, goals, and needs for additional funding. I have donated to Tom Tancredo in his fight against La Raza. I have donated much to Food For The Poor because they send me emails and letters showing their progress, humbly stating their cause, and politely reminding me of my christian calling to help those most in need. Alan Keyes should humble himself and take some lessons from Tom Tancredo and Food For the Poor on how to raise funds for his and our efforts.

Anonymous said...

It is, perhaps, not a matter of humility.

The essence of the virtue known as humility is to recognize one's own standing in God's perspective. Thus the good of it is in aligning oneself with truth, Truth as it exists only to an Omniscient Being. It is only through access to and acceptance of truth that any being can be sentient or free. So obtaining truth, including the truth about oneself, must be the first prerequisite of any benefit. This is, perhaps, a difficult thing to understand, since it is recommended with great energy for something that seems almost trivially obvious.

I believe that Dr. Keyes feels uneasy about the general presumption of "charity". Certainly, the term has been terribly abused, and lost almost all it's original meaning. I would say that it is his contention that the system by which modern Christians purport to "do good" is fundamentally broken, he does not lack the knowledge of how to exploit such a system, but rejects the idea of doing so himself out of hand.

"From each according to his means, to each according to his needs"...there is apparently something very seductive about such an idea. Many make the claim that this is somehow a Christian notion, or at least not utterly incompatible with what Christ taught. But I don't think Dr. Keyes wishes to become one of them.

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