Friday, March 6, 2009

House Divided: GOP's Leadership Crisis Sharper than Steele

Some people, now including a National Committeewoman from North Carolina, have expressed the view that Michael Steele is unfit to be leader of the RNC. I think this assessment is only partially correct. What is left unsaid of course is that the GOP is unfit to claim leadership of the conservative base that is the mainstay of Republican electoral hopes. Steele's erratic performance isn't a matter of personal inadequacy. He's a capable and generally well-spoken individual. He suffers however, from the fact that the Republican Party has ironically become a perfect illustration of the "house divided against itself", the Biblical metaphor Lincoln immortalized in our political history the last time the United States passed through a period like ours. The unprincipled materialists in the Party's big money base, and the otherwise insubstantial politicians who depend upon it for survival, are at war with the grassroots conservatives. Both love America for its freedom. But when a grassroots conservative uses the term, he means liberty, the chance to do as much and go as far as talent and/or hard work will get you; the opportunity to live under laws that reflect your sense of decency; and the character that takes the responsibilities of self-reliance and citizenship seriously. When the unprincipled materialists speak of freedom, they mainly seem to mean freedom of action (the opening to do whatever it takes to preserve what you've got and get more.) Taken in the latter sense, freedom has no substantive meaning or value. When it's useful it's good. When it's not useful, it's expendable.

Confronted with someone like Obama, the grassroots conservative recognizes by instinct and reasoning, that liberty is under threat. The materialist, on the other hand, considers what can be made from the tidal wave of government spending; the flood of cheap labor across unenforced borders; the profitable acquisitions available as prices fall and cash flow problems ripen otherwise undervalued assets for the taking. Any times can be good times for those positioned to take advantage. Money's never lost but when it's also gained, by someone. "O'er forms of government let fools contest", whatever makes a profit, that's the best.

The Obama faction is synthesizing communist goals and political tactics with means drawn from the playbook of National Socialism (translated as "globalism" these days). This gives the materialists lots of room for calculation. For all the talk of negative markets and depression, not far from the surface they have a pretty shrewd hunch that this guy Obama is someone they can work with. He has to throw sops to the leftist populists, of course. But eventually, as he uses the rhetoric of populist hope and change to gather the reins of control into fewer and fewer hands, the burdensome complexities of American politics will be streamlined and simplified. It won't be quite as straightforward as bribing the vanity of self-important tyrants in Africa or the Middle East, but it will be far easier than riding the ornery and unpredictable currents of a really free electoral process, and laws made by representatives who do more than rubber stamp the party line.

Into these and other such practical calculations, intrudes the clamor of people concerned about the Constitution, the moral principles, the loss of control over income and livelihood, and the surrender of self-respect involved in becoming slavish dependents of government and corporate bureaucracy. The materialists think that talking about these concerns is all well and good if it gets votes from well meaning people who care about them. But that 's only so long as none of it really determines actions or policy. When push comes to shove, human achievement consists in a few people doing what they do best, while the others do what the best ones tell them. Once upon a time they called it aristocracy (from a Greek word for the power of superior people), and the privileged few were called, "the nobility" and "the quality." The ugly abuses it involved took the shine off those fine words, however, so now they call it progress, change, globalism, the new world order. The privileged ones are stars, decision makers, or celebrities. Actually it's the same old story, though now equipped with better technology and relieved of any real regard for conscience by the pseudo-scientific ideologies of evolution and behaviorism.

Sometimes in the course of a bureaucratic or corporate power struggle the one who was in charge realizes that others are no longer talking to him, but to each other. The outcome may still seem undecided, but a perceptive player recognizes it as a moment signaling defeat. It's not so much that he has lost. It's that he just doesn't matter anymore. For some time now, on issues like border security and immigration, the massive bank bailout, the push for same sex marriage and the like, the people have been in that position. They thought they were in charge, but now the elites talk only to one another, working out the terms on which the end of constitutional, democratic self-government in America shall be unveiled to the entire world.

This is what really makes the Steele-Limbaugh match-up a distraction from the main event. While they appear to mix it up, the Republican Party stands quietly by as the Constitution is shredded, the country run to bankruptcy, and the people turned from sovereign citizens to bleating subjects, grateful for admission into the electronic presence of their betters. And as cover for it all so-called Republicans, like Mel Martinez, flattering the power of the people with the false notion that their will is superior to the Constitution which alone perpetuates their sovereignty.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still believe the overthrow of the republic can be undone. But the turnaround will not begin until the conservative grassroots abandon the dead end goal of saving the Republican Party. Let the so-called leaders play out their charade, while the citizen leaders, instead of watching, set to work on the achievable miracle of saving the Republic. Visit

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Anonymous said...


I have to agree. I have found it odd that recently people give lip service to this thing called the consitution, but they do not even know what it says, or means.

This is clearly seen in both parties. We have no more statesman, statesman are a thing of the past, and if there are any they are being silenced.

We are living in momentous times. I think it ranks up there with the situation before WWI, and the October Revolution.

Soli Deo Gloria
Reformed Baptist

Amy Su Anne Jones said...

If our salvation, as conservative, constitutional patriots, is to come about through a party other than the GOP, we must not underestimate the apathy and ignorance of the average American voter. We cannot reason with, nor can we persuade, those who cast votes based on emotional reactions to a candidate, or pre-formed party biases. If a third party is to carry us, it must be constructed in a way that will appeal to the most uninvolved, uninformed voter, in addition to a knowledgeable base.

In other words, a successful alternative party would have to employ a public relations machine that would be powerful enough to overcome the influence of the corrupt media and the leftist indoctrination of the public school system. In addition to substance, a third party would have to have superficial appeal, in order to appeal to the superficial.

I am no longer confident that the Republic can be saved, not because I have lost faith in politicians, because I never had faith in them, but because I have lost faith in the American voter.

Thank you Alan, for having the guts to stand up and say the things that need to be said. Alas, there are not many left who have the mental machinary to appreciate what they hear.

Amy Su Anne Jones
Deo duce, ferro comitante

Visualwave said...

Alan thanks for telling it like it is. Unfortunately both the republican and democratic parties have just acted like 2 different factions of an overall communist party. Republicans have spent what was then record amounts of money and grew government more than Clinton during the Bush years . People hated the betrayal and Obama was set up to swoop in like some sort of savior. I picked up a couple of children’s books at borders and they are at toys are us and even babies are us had them as well as other book stores.
They portray this man as a new savior etc. The New York Times book which is much thicker is the adult version of this propaganda.
It follows a precise pattern all dictators like Stalin Mao and other follows with their pictures everywhere and stories depicting them as saviors of the people. It is pretty clear and stark communist propaganda and I hear in the schools educators have gotten huge discounts to give these out to the kids.
By contrast I see very little of the founding fathers indeed that day I so no book about them or the principles our country is based upon. I have seen in the past children’s books about them and they were less than flattering. Pointing out that these men were slave owners etc. they fail to recognize the efforts of Jefferson to end slavery with the birth of the nation. It was too big of a political step but they set the ground work for it.
Books about the government explain that we are a democracy etc. we are not we are a republic and it is very important for freedom that we are a republic. Also they all seem to promote a socialist role as a proper role of government.
This is a big part of the reason these guys get elected. For years educators have promoted socialism not true liberty and freedom. Education for years have been manipulated to be an indoctrination system not and educations system. In order to get young mind to buy into this bull, they can’t be taught critical thinking skills. It’s the reason why children are coming out uneducated and unable to compete.
1. It creates a class of people who are dependent and have a victim mentality
2. Since critical thinking is not taught and neither is true history or proper civics, the youth today have not been challenging the socialist bull. I include the republican collectivist agenda in that as well.
The Republican Party has not been conservative at all. They have had to move left. Why, because the youth in this country for generations have been subject to and ever growing collectivist agenda in the schools. Older republicans die off and younger “conservatives” grow up poisoned with collectivist ideas. As a Result the republicans have to overcome poisoned ideas in it’s own party and try to educate others as to why the left is plainly wrong. They have a lot of mind control to overcome from within and without. Fortunately there are allot families out there that have educated their children with conservative ideas, but still it is an uphill battle.
The communist through place like the Ford Foundation effectively took control of the education in the nation over a period of many years. To be effective and to re take this country we have to know WHY we are taking it back and the reasons WHY we are in the mess we are in.
For instance, hardly anyone outside Ron Paul in congress talks about why the federal reserve needs to be abolished. How the monetary systems today is set up to corrupt the government and steal our wealth away. “The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the federal reserve” explains why it needs to go and how it is a tool of the socialists.
I have asked people upset with what is going on to imagine we took back the government for a second. What would it look like would there be a Fed for instance. A department of education, ATF etc? I get responses of Oh well we need those things. Wrong answer. Those agencies and the Fed especially are the SOURCE of the current problems. The FED is the SOLE reason Congress can go spend trillions it doesn’t have by printing up the money!!!!
So as a suggestion I would go to read and link to the pdfs and articles there and read them . I would then link to them and also include in your blog the things we truly need to change in this country to return to prosperity and to a true republic.
Republicans need to jettison the socialists in it house and stand for principles and explain clearly why those principles will work. Why if returned to power, they will cut agencies and start returning to a constitutional form of government. We need to focus on those issues first and foremost and literally ignore Gay marriage etc. It is not the role of Government to tell you who you can marry. Since the IRS needs to go there will be no reason for laws regarding tax deductions etc.
This will also free churches from government control and influence via the IRS and nonprofit status etc.
We have become used to the fact that government is everywhere and they drilled in to our heads that we need them. We don’t what we “need” are the chains they have on us cut. It will not be easy.
People want “change” they voted for it but ignored what the Democrats wanted to change us to. They ignored the fact that they will say anything, promise anything and only deliver slavery and tyranny and totalitarianism.
So when we want Change again, we must have a clear idea of what we are changing to and WHY we are doing it. Otherwise we will replace one collectivist state with another because that’s all this generation knows. We think we are a free nation and yes we have been better than most, but we are not a free nation and haven’t been since 1917 with h the Federal Reserve act..
The New republican Party has to reject all Collectivist ideas and show a clear plan to purge them from this nation.

Anonymous said...

You are the only one leading the way. We have been sold out. I tell people to repeat after me... Barry Soetoro was born British. His own website admits it. He has been very lucky or very shrewed to cloud this issue with the certificate issue. The real fact of his ineligibility is so clear, it jumps out at a person. Thank you for leading. I am behind you all the way.

JohnADavison said...

Dear Alan Keyes. This is to let you know that as a scientist/citizen I fully support your efforts to protect this nation during this time of crisis. You are welcome to paticipate on my weblog -

James said...

I think that until America wakes up, we have no chance of turning things around. Personally, I don't think it is possible, but with God, all things are possible. We ceased to be a nation under God decades ago until today, this country is one of the most depraved countries on the face of the earth. Society holds up homosexuality as a moral and noble way to live. We murder 8 babies a minute and think that we can escape judgment by calling it by another name, abortion. I won't lift a finger to take America back to the status quo. That is no longer an option. I will, however, fight and die to go back to one nation under God. What are the odds of that happening?

Darla said...

Good to see this blog! The census people(under demonrats) have already begun hounding me for information. There's no reason for them to make house calls to get the information on the census, which is NONE OF THEIR business. Just more information for them to USE against the people...

JohnADavison said...

Comments from anonymous sources are meaningless. A person whom cannot sign his views should not offer them at all. Anonymity is a block to rational discourse and is implemented only by those lacking the courage of their convictions. Imagine a scientific, cultural or technological literature with unknown authors. Unfortunately that is exactly what much of internet communication has become. It is unacceptable.

tjmarz said...

the swords that heal

the men with beards are coming
riding on heavy hoof
i can hear them
in the distant
castle grey dusk
yes sister
they are near
these are men of virtue
like granite chiselled
out of ancient tombs
their swords will soon
bear the blood
of man's infection
& scourge our minds
so sick
they will cut thru
this pestilence
that infested
among us
so thick
these long-haired men
are beautiful
beyond language
look sister
i do see them now
Jesus Christ
has a brother
& He is a

-tj marz

Dianna said...

Dear Alan,

I totally agree that the Republican party has moved away from the constitution and the people.

I am leaving the Republican party and joining the Constituttion Party.

I came across the Constitution Party via the Missouri Action Group on we the people web sit. I have been a former President, treasurer, election judge, precinct chair and several other things for the Republican party. I want change and I want change back to our constitution. After reading the information on the CP site it appears like the Constitution Party is where I need to begin devoting my time and resources.

Would you consider running for president for the Constitution Party (CP)? I think you and Palin could turn this country around.

People interest in information on "The Plan" go to

We need a party that represents our conservative and Godly principles.

Alan Keyes said...

When I first left the Republican Party in April 2008 I too looked into the Constitution Party. In fact they approached me and asked me to consider competing for the CP Presidential nomination. I did so. However, though I received a good reception from many members of the Party at their Convention, and spent many hours in conversation and dialogue, in the end the leadership of the CP demanded that I take positions on national security and foreign policy issues not unlike those that Barack Obama is now implementing. I think they are suicidal for America. We tried to suggest compromises that would allow us to work together, but every effort was rejected, often without a fair hearing. Also, though I believe the CP platform is strongly pro-life, some CP leaders seem tempted to follow Ron Paul's wrongheaded "states' rights" position on the unalienable right to life. This also represents an impossibly destructive violation of moral principle (much like the position Michael Steele is trying to get away with among the so-called Republicans.)
I have joined forces with faithful and principled people, who also believe in defending our borders and national security, to build a political vehicle that reflects the true principles and methods of republican self-government. Visit to learn more. This evening at 9 pm (and every Tuesday and Thursday evening) we have a national town hall conference call. Come join us and see for yourself. I think it will be worth your time.

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